Newsletter – 2 October 2016

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17/18 Sep 2016 – Equinox24 

Last weekend saw the 4th annual Equinox24 race – a 24 hour event held over a hilly off road 10k course in the grounds of Belvoir Castle. Starting at midday on Saturday runners compete either in teams, pairs or solo – all looking to get as many laps in as possible before midday Sunday. Around 250 teams and a similar number of solo runners meant around 500 runners out on course at all times of day and night, lit only by their headtorches through the hours of darkness.

With six teams, five solo runners and one 10k entrant from Stilton Striders and friends and family from MRC and Melton Mowbray parkrun, there was a great spirit in camp all weekend. Many runners clocked up their furthest distance ever, some also whilst pushing for their fastest 10k, or just enjoying a weekend camping with friends. Everyone pushed the boat out and baked enormous scones, lemon cake, apple, rum and raisin cake, flapjacks, brownies, cheesecakes and Marie brought a huge chocolate cake to celebrate her birthday. With the kettle on almost permanently, a couple of gazebos and some bunting, you just need to imagine the GBBO (Bake Off) with a bit of running on the side and you’re more or less there.

The course led runners around tracks and across undulating fields, then past cheering marshals and up “Not That Hill”, a 2-3k gradual climb to the water stop half-way. In the hours of darkness, glo-sticks lit the course and the marshals handed out jelly babies to keep everyone going. With spectacular views across the Vale of Belvoir, there was a challenging off-camber descent to the beginning of “That Hill”. Strategies varied to ascend this short-sharp, much maligned bank of fear and loathing. Only, it wasn’t as bad as all that! Once over this, it was a smoother descent back to and down the road, over the bubbling river to the lake. The mists on the lake at dawn set a spectacular scene with quacking ducks, swan and the sound of rubber on tarmac. John Houghton was one notable casualty of “Houghty’s Muddy Corner”, which took runners into the circuit of the camping field. The course went right past the Strider/MRC Basecamp, with cheering and Elaine’s chocolate distribution going down well with the solos on course. Then eventually to the final straight, where slap-bands were handed to the next runner in teams, or soloist could sign-off and recalibrate before doing #onemorelap.

Stilton Striders A team pushed the pace from the beginning and after 22 hours were neck and neck with the second placed team. There was still time for the lead to change hands at least twice in the last three laps before the Striders emerged victorious for the second time in four years! A wonderful result for the team and the club, which led to enthusiastic celebrations in front of the double-decker bar bus and high morale as we cheered in the final (last but by no means least) solo runner – an awesome guy who did the whole thing in hiking boots whilst carrying a heavy bergen!Once again a highlight of the running calendar and next year’s event (23/24 September 2017) is sure to sell out in record time again.  [Jenny]

Solo runners:

Ben Pickard and Richard Gray 83rd/84th with 110k each,

Shane Sharkey and Dan Moult 174th and 185th with 70k each, and

Marie Gray 208th with 50k.


Stilton Striders A (Matt Atterbury, Jason Barton, Mike Bryan, Luke Eggleston, Matt Gayton, Jim Hatherley, Stuart Shaw, Natalie Teece) 1st with 340k,

Wolfpac (Mick Atton, Simon Bottrill, Katie Hateley, John Houghton, Clive Kent, Greg Pettingill, Dan Valencia, Jon Wilson, managed by Matt Chalmers) 8th with 290k,

Stilton Striders zzz (Mike Brighty, Wayne Hackett, Iain Howe, Ian Mason, Andy Nicholls, Sarah Procter, Brian Walkling) 42nd with 260k,

The Hateful Eight (Joe Cliff, Alex Dulewicz, Clare Marlow, Kate Morris, Tom Peacock, Calum Walker, Seb Walker, Ray Walker) 55th with 250k,

MRC Wonder Women (Elaine Bottrill, Sarah Lawrence, Jenny Kent, Kaye Mead, Sue Pettingill, Jacqui Riley, Debs Wilson) and MRC Wonder Women Too (Celia Bown, Nicky Durrance, Liz Parkinson, Laura Peacock, Laura Pickard, May Øvstegaard, Vanessa Walker) 210k each for 127th/128th.

Matt White 41st.

27 Aug 2016 – Zoot Triathlon Relays

2 Striders (Matt Taylor and Andy Nicholls) and their other halves (Amy and Kristy) – together the “Melton Misfits” took part in this popular event which mimicked the triathlon relays from the Commonwealth Games a couple of years ago.  Each person does a short triathlon (250m swim, 5K cycle, 1.5K run) then passes the baton (a rubber band!) to the next team member and so on.  Many teams come from all over the country for this.
Our preparation was patchy at best, with Kristy fearful of cycling following a crash, Amy spraining her ankle running and Andy cricking his neck swimming.  Luckily Matt was on top form and ensured we didn’t come last!  [Andy]

29th Aug 2015 – Runner Bean 12hr

Not formally a race so doesn’t really count; this initiative was seen as a celebration of 30 years of our neighbour club Barrow Runners.  The idea was to use the grounds of Prestwold hall and test run a 12 hour event, totally free to enter (with proceeds to charity) not serious in the slightest with people running either all day or a lap (5 miles) when they chose at anytime during the day.

The event started at 8am with the Husband/wife team of Clive and Jenny Kent (known as “Time for Tea”), Rob Beers’ multi- Club team (“Five in a Bed”) and the Melton Running Club collective (“Just scoff more cakes”) of future Striders representing “Meltonium” .

Rather wet and dewey underfoot initially but the offroad course around the grounds is very scenic and well thought out, dare I say a fair bit of undulation and some very steep climbs up bankings. From watching the Porsche racing on the driving circuit to almost navigating the equine course to the wooded bit near the Church which comes out nr the Hall a pleasurable course indeed.

I’ve no idea how well everyone did; I left having done five laps as had a fell race the next day and ever improving Jenny Kent was on her fourth! No idea how many she got in the end but ultra Clive managed seven! The MRC contingent all managed at least 3 laps each also that’s 15 miles, offroad!

I really hope that Barrow Runners do put this on next year even if it’s used not a competitive event, even as a hippy festival with running it worked brilliantly with lots of friendships made over the weekend and a good sum for the charity.  [Rob]

10 July 2015 – Rainbows 100 Lap Challenge

Rapidly becoming one of the most enjoyable evenings on the calendar, the Rainbows 100 Lap Challenge once again lived up to its reputation.  With mixed teams of 20 or so runners taking on the challenge of completing 100 laps of the Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium, the event has a great atmosphere, with huge amounts of support from all for runners from all the teams.

With intermediate timings being announced over the tannoy, it was clear from early on that 3 teams had pulled away at the head of the field – Beaumont, Striders Seniors and, in an early lead, Striders Juniors.  The three teams exchanged the lead several times and gaps of less than 1 lap of the track remained as the runners approached the 10 laps to go point.

Ultimately, and for the first time in many years, the extra “experience” of our Senior team won through as they finished in first place, closely followed by the Juniors in second.  A great night was had by all – same time, same place next year?

A few more photos can be found here.


A view from the track (by Mr Rob Beers):

My first time running this, in the past it sounded very much like a Scooby Doo type of thing “And we would’ve won if it wasn’t for those darn pesky kids”, in relation to our stunning junior Striders division. The Senior Striders team were up against not only our ultra fast juniors but Wigston Phoenix, Beaumont RC, Huncote Harriers, West End RC, Bowline CC,  Desford Striders, Anstey RC and a Parkrun select.

Just the small task at Saffron Lane Sports Stadium in Leicester of beating ever other team to running 100 lapsof 400 metres first. Started off by our shiny speedster Jason Barton we got the challenge underway, most interesting was thespeed of people who took off like a scolded cat for 250 metres then really felt the burn and tire in their legs. There were so many good runs and heroic moments throughout the night that I can’t chronicle them all here but will mention the forever humble Ian Johnson and Striders Lady legend Nicola Clay who just looked awesome every lap they did. The young showboating but totally speed on legs Alex Riley who may as I believe ran the fastest lap of the night. Michael Atton who found eternal stardom and notoriety with his alter ego “Chris”, it would be Striders and other clubs alike cheering in this wrongly named hero.

I got to run five laps, I must say it gets easier after the first one where you sort of naturally go off too quick then feel like your sprinting up Snowdon the last 100 metres. Special mention to Stuart Gregory representing his second claim club Desford Striders (And running very well may I add) who came on saying we were on course to win the event. Captain Mike Bryan rang the bell for 99 laps as the Baton switched for Jason Barton who started the race for Stilton to run the 100th lap and bring victory to Stilton Striders senior team in the 2015 Rainbows 100 lap challenge!

100 lap challenge – seniors team

The following list of people were first in line to volunteer for next Friday’s 100 lap challenge (7pm start at Saffron Lane stadium). Please can you confirm asap to Mike if you can no longer attend, so we can put a reserve in?

1. Nicola Clay

2. Gemma Brown

3. Laura Pickard

4. Vicki Simpson

5. Katie Hateley

6. Mike Bryan

7. Jason Barton

8. Michael Atton

9. Shane Sharkey

10. Ben Pickard

11. Lloyd Willett

12. Dan Casey

13. Isaac Fisher

14. Rob Beers

15. John Houghton

16. Dan Valencia

17. Simon Bottrill

18. Ian Johnson

19. Alex Riley

20. Rich Gray

Livingston Relays – 3rd May

We are looking to enter teams in the Livingston Relays on Sunday 3rd May.   Run over a 3 mile course, with 4 men or 3 ladies to a team, it would be great to get a few teams of Striders together.  We need to enter in advance, so if you would like to run, please let us know via the usual channels.