29th Aug 2015 – Runner Bean 12hr

Not formally a race so doesn’t really count; this initiative was seen as a celebration of 30 years of our neighbour club Barrow Runners.  The idea was to use the grounds of Prestwold hall and test run a 12 hour event, totally free to enter (with proceeds to charity) not serious in the slightest with people running either all day or a lap (5 miles) when they chose at anytime during the day.

The event started at 8am with the Husband/wife team of Clive and Jenny Kent (known as “Time for Tea”), Rob Beers’ multi- Club team (“Five in a Bed”) and the Melton Running Club collective (“Just scoff more cakes”) of future Striders representing “Meltonium” .

Rather wet and dewey underfoot initially but the offroad course around the grounds is very scenic and well thought out, dare I say a fair bit of undulation and some very steep climbs up bankings. From watching the Porsche racing on the driving circuit to almost navigating the equine course to the wooded bit near the Church which comes out nr the Hall a pleasurable course indeed.

I’ve no idea how well everyone did; I left having done five laps as had a fell race the next day and ever improving Jenny Kent was on her fourth! No idea how many she got in the end but ultra Clive managed seven! The MRC contingent all managed at least 3 laps each also that’s 15 miles, offroad!

I really hope that Barrow Runners do put this on next year even if it’s used not a competitive event, even as a hippy festival with running it worked brilliantly with lots of friendships made over the weekend and a good sum for the charity.  [Rob]