Safe Running

To coincide with National Road Safety Week from November 23rd to 29th, we are trying to encourage the running community of Melton Mowbray to do all they can to stay safe whilst out running.

You may have seen the Melton Times report  and we have also set up this website page dedicated to safe running and will be gradually adding more content over time.  Huge thanks goes to Tam Nicol for driving this initiative.

Tips for safe running in the dark:

  • Be visible, dress bright
  • Run against traffic
  • Run in lit areas wherever possible, consider CCTV coverage in town
  • Ditch the music
  • Respect the weather (fog, ice, poor visibility, etc)
  • Get a running buddy when possible
  • Carry a mobile
  • Carry ICE (In Case of Emergency) details
  • Trust your instinct
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you’ll be back

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