Club standards

As an extra motivation for those members who like to race from time to time, the club introduced the club standard awards a few years ago. The rules, together with mens standards and womens standards are attached below. In essence, the challenge is to achieve three race times in the year that are better than the standard level you are aiming at – those who achieve either their first award, or the next standard up, will then receive their award at the club’s annual awards dinner.

Attached below are the rules and qualifying times (the qualifying ‘year’ currently runs from 1 December to the following 30 November).

Striders Club Standards rules

Striders Club Standards Male

Striders Club Standards Female

2023 Club Standards

Rhiannon Baxter, Mark Stoneley, David brook, Adam Hawkins, Dan Kelly and Christian Heerey: Gold Standard

Rob Mee, Rachael Wade, Julie Ashby, Kurt Wilson, Ian Bickle, Ian Craddock, Luke Knowles and Katie Houghton: Silver Standard

Chris Page, Suzie Skelton, George Wilson, Mark Preston and John Houghton: Bronze Standard

Emma Gardner: Copper Standard

2022 Club Standards

Josh Dadd and Rhiannon Baxter: Gold Standard

Dan Kelly, Mark Tyler and Vanessa Walker: Silver Standard

Rob Mee and Mike Williams: Bronze Standard

Anthony Ison and Emily Howett: Copper Standard

2021 Club Standards

Vicki Galbraith, David Brook and Mark Tyler : Silver Standard
Martin Hanson and Kathy Walsh: Bronze Standard
Anthony `Ison: Copper Standard.

Note that due to Covid 19 restrictions commencing March 2020 no Club Standards were awarded during the 2020 Season.

Club Standards Awarded for 2019

Gold: Greeba Heard, Vicki Lowe, Paul Jacobs, Julie Bass, and David Hall.

Silver: Simon Dolphin-Rowland, Nicola Taylor, Rebecca Forester, Chris Genes, Liz Taylor, Jacqui Riley and Ian Craddock.

Bronze: Don Ainsclough, Sarah Lawrence, Robert Mee, Mike Williams, Anthony Ison, and Rachel Wade.

Copper: Kristy Nicholls, Kathy Walsh and Ashley Jackson

Pewter: Amelia Fisher and Sharon Mee.

County Standards

Diamond: Julie Bass

Gold: Vicki Lowe,  David Hall and Greeba Heard.

Silver Distinction:  Vicki Lowe

Silver: John Robinson, Jonathan Wilson, Nicola Taylor, Liz Taylor,

Bronze: Robert Mee, Andy Nicholls, Mike Williams, Ian Craddock and Chris Genes

Copper: Anthony Ison and Ashley Jackson

Pewter: Kathy Walsh

Club standards were awarded in 2018 to:


  • Anthony Ison
  • Dan Giblett


  • Alison Wilson
  • Chris Genes
  • Jacqui Riley
  • Marie Kennedy
  • Nikola Dolphin-Rowland
  • Rebecca Forrester
  • Tom Boden


  • Mark Stoneley
  • Nicola Taylor

Club standards were awarded in 2017 to:


  • Christie Jones


  • Sharon Eshelby


  • Jon Wilson
  • Andy Nicholls
  • Liz Goodbourn
  • Tam Nicol


  • Julie Bass (also Diamond County Standard)
  • Natalie Teece
  • Alan Thompson
  • David Hamdorff

Club standards were awarded in 2016 to:


  • Mike Williams


  • Sarah Procter
  • Ray Walker
  • Vanessa Walker
  • Jon Wilson
  • Brian Walkling
  • Dan Valencia
  • Wayne Hackett
  • Michael Cooke
  • John Hudson


  • Rob Beers
  • David Hall
  • Greeba Heard
  • Luke Eggleston
  • Alan Thompson
  • Katie Hateley


  • Darren Glover

Club standards were awarded in 2015 to:

  • Greg Pettingill (Gold, M55)
  • Iain Howe (Silver, M50)
  • Will Blythe (Silver, M40)
  • Mark Stoneley (Silver, M40)
  • Tony Allen (Bronze, M50)
  • Andy Nicholls (Bronze, M40)
  • Clive Kent (Bronze, MOpen)
  • Luke Eggleston (Bronze, MOpen)

Club standards were awarded in 2014 to:

  • Jason Barton (Gold, MOpen)
  • Neil Jaggard (Silver, M55)
  • Vicki Lowe (Silver, F45)
  • Shane Sharkey (Bronze, MOpen)
  • Ben Pickard (Bronze, MOpen)

Club standards were awarded in 2013 to:

  • Mike Bryan (Bronze, MOpen)
  • Iain Howe (Bronze, M45)
  • Shane Sharkey (Pewter, MOpen)
  • Richard Angrave (Pewter, M50)

Club standards were awarded in 2012 to:

  • Mike Brighty (Bronze, M40)
  • Dan Valencia (Copper, MOpen)

Club standards were awarded in 2010 to:

  • Chris Southam (Platinum, M45)
  • Christian Davidson (Gold, MOpen)
  • Darren Glover (Silver, MOpen)
  • Neil Jaggard (Silver, M50)
  • Phil Douglas (Silver, M50)
  • Julie Jaggard (Silver, F50)
  • Theresa Coltman (Silver, F45)
  • Vicki Lowe (Silver, F40)
  • Gary Postle (Silver, M40)
  • Pat McNeight (Silver, M40)
  • Wayne Hackett (Bronze, MOpen)
  • Richard Gray (Bronze, MOpen)
  • Helen Widdowson (Bronze, FOpen)
  • Abi Arnott (Bronze, F35)
  • John Stares (Bronze, M60)
  • Ian Mason (Copper, M40)

Leicestershire standards

In addition to our own system set out above, the Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network, of which the club is a part, has also now introduced a similar system.  Striders can now claim a county standards certificate – deadline for qualifying races is 31 December, with applications by 31 January.  Details are at the Network website.