Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL)

25th March 2024

Yesterday (Sunday 24th March) Stilton Striders Running Club (SSRC) competed in the first of the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) road race – The Kibworth 6. A circular road route that started and finished at Kibworth, passing through Smeeton Westerby before taking a clockwise loop that incorporated the challenging and lung busting Gumby Hill. 539 runners representing 26 running clubs from across Leicestershire completed the tough course with Mo Hussein (Roadhogs) being first male back in 30:59 and Claire Frankland (West End Runners) first female home in 35:51. SSRC currently have teams in the following divisions Mens (Div 2), Ladies (Div 1), Vet Mens (Div 2), Vet Ladies (Div and champions from 23/24) and Mixed (Div 2). The league consists of six spring races followed by six summer races which will determine the overall standing of the teams and individual positions following the final race on 29th September. The next race in the series will be the clubs own ‘Stilton 7, staring at 1030am outside The Stute, Asfordby Hill, which incoporates a two circuit circular route along Welby Road until turning left down Welby Lane, up past Welby Church when at the top of that hill they turn left down to Asfordby  Valley to turn left up towards Asfordby Hill before passing The Stute to complete the second loop. 550 runners are expected to turn up at the start line and there are plenty of vantage points to watch these top club runners compete.
Back to Sundays Kibworth 6 Andy Mackay ( 38:18) was first Strider back in 57th position followed by James Sutton (79), Josh Dadd (80), Ian Bickle (93), next was Rhiannon Baxter (41:47) first Strider lady in 111th place . Next was Mark Tyler (124), Kurt Wilson (137), George Wilson (144), Joe Foster (151), Andy Nicholls (156), Mark Preston (174), Rob Mee (176), Wayne Hackett (186), Nicola Taylor (202), Mike Williams (208), Ian Craddock (215), Vicki Lowe (226), Andrew Wilson (269), Michael Cooke (292), Katy Hill (297), Kirsty Black (3810, Anne Craddock (459) and Suzzane Skelton (497). Great running by everyone and well supported with finished runners supporting fellow runners as they finished.

3rd September 2023

It all started earlier in the year with SSRC hosting the Stilton 7, the first race in the LRRL series of nine races for 2023. Today it concluded with the final race, being the Rotherby 8. In between we competed in the Kibworth 6, Bosworth Half, West End 8, Swithland 6, Prestwold 10k, Steve Morris 5 and Joy Cann 5. Each race was well represented by many club members, with a few racing all nine (individual tables will be posted in due course).

This year the club saw an influx of new members keen and able to record tremendous times, many achieving LLRL standard times ranging from platinum through to copper and pewter – again individual achievements will be posted once the league have compiled the final standings as will the final league tables.

In the meantime it has been confirmed that the Vet Ladies (VF35) team has pulled off the remarkable  achievement of becoming champions of the Vet Ladies Division One for the first time in the clubs history. In addition the senior ladies finished top of their respective Division Two and next year they will be competing in Division One Senior Ladies.

When the league confirm the presentation night we’d like as many members to attend to add our support for their incredible  achievements.


Bosworth Half Marathon 7th May

Today at the Bosworth Half Marathon we had a fantastic 24 runners slowly baking in the unseasonably hot sunshine.  Tan lines are interesting.  Rich P lead home the men with Rhiannon B first lady but fantastic performances across the field and a great team atmosphere.

Summary of times below together with a small group before and after photos. Sorry a few missing as they were either warming up or cooling down.

Stilton 7 LRRL race one of nine.

With perfect weather condition 476 ( out of 550 pre entries) lined up outside The Stute to race the first LRRL race of the 2023 season. As usual the anticlockwise route provided a tough and challenging test of the runner’s stamina with both Welby Lane up past the church and Asfordby Hill tackled twice before finishing back outside The Stute. Mohammed Hussein (Roadhoggs) came in first in a brilliant time of 35:31. First female home was Amber Lester (Barrow Runners) posting 42:37

Twenty eight Striders ran and competed against the best runners in the county. Josh Dadd ( 44:37) lead the men’s team home in 51st position overall with Rhiannon Baxter ( 46:50) leading the ladies home in 81st place overall.

Summary of Striders results below

A big thank you to Katie Hateley-Houghton ( Race Director) with  Andy Nicholls and John Martin forming the sup group who between then set up the race. A big mention and thanks are made to the happy and cheerful teams of volunteers and marshals who made the day happen. There have been many thank you and compliments made by many runners who have said that your encouragement has made this race one of their favourites.

Mention should be made thanking The Stute for hosting us again and Saint-Gobain PAM UK for providing the carparking.

Races for 2023 and spring/summer league structure

The following races are expected to go ahead:

Stilton 7 – 26th February 10:30am

Kibworth 6 – 19th March 10:30am

Desford 5 – 26th March 10:30am (subject to change)

Bosworth Half – 7th May 10:30am

West End 8 – 21st May 10:30am

Swithland 6 – 4th June 10am

Prestwold 10k – 25th June 10am

Joy Cann 5 – 2nd August 7:30pm

Rotherby 8 – 3rd September 10am

Scoring Rules

As there are only 9 races it will be a single league (no spring/summer leagues).

Positions based on ‘Gun Times’ for all races.

Individuals will need to run 6 of the 9 races to score for a prize.

Clubs scores will be based on their best 8 of the 9 races.

Mens teams will need 6 to count

Womens teams will need 4 to count

Vet men will need 4 to count

Vet women will need 3 to count

Mixed teams will need 8 to count (4 men, 4 women)

LRRL 2022 Season as agreed at AGM 15th November 2021
Stilton 7 (Stilton Striders) – 27th February
West End 8 (West End) – 29th May
Swithland 6 (Birstall) – 12th June (moved due to Bank Holiday on 1st June)
Prestwold 10k (Barrow) – 26th June
Joy Cann 5 (Huncote) – 3rd August
Bosworth Half (Desford Striders) – TBC later than usual May slot
Rotherby 8 (Team Anstey and Wreake Runners) – 4th September
The popular Desford 5 has been removed as they cannot guarantee the venue due to building works.
Note two month gap between our Stilton 7 and second race. This was discussed and outcome was to keep gap as other races may come in last minute.
Race entries limits and costs – up to host clubs.
Entires are limited to LRRL affiliated runners only but can open to anyone after one week ( for larger entry races)
Reverting back to 2019 league structure and will be one season, not Winter/Summer races and before.
Individuals can drop two races for scoring purposes across the season.
To allow rolling starts results will be based on chip times and not gun times.
Team structure: 6 Men, 4 Ladies, 4 Vet men, 4 Vet Ladies and 4/4 mixed (any category to count). Note mens teams now reduced from 8 to 6.

Due to Covid 19 and the restrictions the 2021 season only consisted of five races and was called the LRRL Reunion League.

Stilton Strider members were well represented in all five races and after the Leicester Half Marathon the LRRL presented trophies to both team and age category winners.

Jason Barton was awarded two trophies for finishing 2nd in the Leicestershire & Rutland County Championship Half Marathon and also 4th place in the Senior Mens category in the LRRL Reunion Leauge.


Also collecting her trophy for finishing first in the LRRL Reunion League FV50 category was Vicki Lowe. Vicki also collected Liz Taylors second place trophy won in the same category (but was unable to attend.


Well done to everyone who participated – looking forward to the 2022 season.



We are members of Leicestershire Road Running League (“LRRL”), which is a series of around 12 races each year – usually around 5 in the winter league and 7 in the summer league. However, the 2020 and 2021 seasons were interrupted by Covid-19 restrictions.

The LRRL AGM (TBC October 2021) will agree the race dates, host clubs and distances for the 2022 season.

All date will be published snd shared with members when known.

Runners score points based on their finishing position both for their individual score, and towards their club’s team result.  All runners must wear club kit in these races.

For the winter league races many Striders meet at the Wilton Road car park in Melton just before 9am to share lifts to the race.  For 2016, 2017 and 2018, our own Stilton 7 was one of the races, as it will be again in 2019.


For details of changes from 2019, see below (now confirmed by LRRL).

In 2019 the league shall revert to a “split” system of being in two parts for individual competition, and one part for team competition.

The 12 league races shall be split into two groups of six – part 1 being the “Spring” league and part 2 being the “Summer” league.

For each mini-league, for individuals, an athlete’s best 4 of 6 races will count for their final score. This allows a participant to miss 2 races and still remain in contention for a prize.

For teams, to compensate clubs who cannot get full teams out for every race, they shall be allowed 2 dropped race scores across the 12 race series. A team’s final score will therefore be based on a best 10 of 12 races.

In addition, the age category prizes shall be extended above the age of 60 for 2019, for both genders, in increments of 5 years (65, 70, 75, etc).

For ALL age categories the following rules apply from 2019:-
A winners trophy will be awarded for each age category where a competitor has run the required 4 of 6 races in each series (3 for U20 to allow for age restrictions that apply on race licences) for both genders.

Further prizes up to 3rd (6th for Seniors) will be awarded on a minimum 3:1 runner to prize ratio for all age categories.

These changes were proposed to member clubs following the AGM/Open Meeting in November and were met with approval so have been in place since 2019.