Three Club Challenge

The Three Club Challenge is an informal event that has been held annually between ourselves, Wreake and Barrow.

The emphasis is on participation and is suitable to all seasoned and new members of all abilities and is considered as one of our principle social events as well. In this event – unlike the league races where only the top 8 (or 4) runners count, the score is driven off the number of runners in the smallest team.  As an example, if Barrow had 30 runners, Wreake 25 and Stilton 22 then the first 22 runners from each club would be counted. So with teams taking along more runners than the others they have an advantage as being the most likely to score highly – and win.

When Stilton AC formed in 1982 they were in effect a ‘breakaway’ of Syston based Wreake Runners and it became logical to hold an annual challenge race between both clubs which each hosting in turn.

The rapid growth both in numbers and running abilities of Stilton AC led to continuous whitewashes of the Wreake efforts and so members of Huncote Harriers were drawn in to balance things up. However, this move turned the tables with Stilton AC now being the poor relations. It was agreed later to change to format to what it is today with it being a three-way race with the club having the least participants being the deciding factor as to how scoring was recorded. Over time the event took Barrow Runners into the fold to replace Huncote Harriers.

The format of today’s event is to move away from a sharp end full-on race to one that encourages and encompasses members to participate in what is often their first experience of running in a team event against others. In the last event (2019) we had thirty eight Stilton member participate and hopefully if we can resume  again this year we can have a bigger turn out. Further reminders will be sent out on Facebook and we will encourage car sharing.

However, due to Covid-19 restrictions the event was not run during 2020 & 2021.

SSRC have contacted both Wreake and Barrow to see if they want us to reschedule the event again this year with The Grange Garden Centre being the venue. It would be nice to get the three clubs involved again. Once confirmed details will be sent out to all members.


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Stilton Striders