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Strider Cup 2017

It has been fantastic year of racing for the Stilton Striders with great results all round as well as mass participation. Every runner who dons the colours has achieved.

The final winner of the Strider Cup is Vicki Lowe! Well done Vicki on a hugely successful year of running and on being a great captain.

Vicki - Strider Cup Winner
Vicki – Strider Cup Winner

Well done all if you managed to score points. Remember, you need to wear club kit and for someone to submit a report for the race to score.

Here are the final standings for 2017 (Use the search to find your name):

1Vicki Lowe260
2Alan Thompson254
3Julie Bass232
4Darren Glover225
5Sharon Eshelby225
6Nick Pryke223
7Andy Nicholls213
8Natalie Teece211
9Michelle Farlow210
10Vanessa Walker206
11Paul Geeson204
12Lou Houghton200
13Kaye Mead193
14Dan Howley192
15Celia Bown189
16David Hall185
17Luke Eggleston179
18Greeba Heard169
19Clive Kent168
20Ray Walker166
21Sarah Lawrence161
22Liz Goodbourn157
23Jenny Kent153
24John Houghton150
25Jon Wilson148
26Tam Nicol145
27Debs Wilson138
28Katie Hateley127
29Jason Barton125
30Michael Cooke125
31Abi Arnott123
32Ian Drage122
33Ben Pickard121
34Rich Gray119
35Simon Bottrill118
36Kirsty Black117
37Helen Plant112
38Kathy Walsh112
39Lynda Harris111
40Matt Gayton109
41Mark Stoneley102
42Brian Walkling101
43Christie Jones100
44Nick Brown99
45Rebecca Forrester99
46Helen Metcalfe99
47Michael Atton97
48Matt Chalmers96
49Emma Hope95
50Laura Pickard93
51Mel Willat90
52Harvey Hopwood77
53Matt White77
54Harris Millar75
55Mike Brighty75
56Alison Wilson70
57Stuart Shaw70
58Liz Parkinson70
59Shane Sharkey70
60Dan Giblett70
61Dan Valencia63
62Jacqui Riley62
63Dan Moult61
64Iain Howe60
65Phil Worth60
66Wayne Hackett57
67Matt Taylor57
68Emma Palmer57
69Sarah Procter52
70Chris Southam52
71Steve Dewick52
72Shaun Staff52
73Neil Jaggard51
74Charlotte Allen50
75Helen Widdowson50
76Sue Pettingill50
77Steph Barlow47
78David Hamdorff45
79Nigel Willat45
80Marc Lupson45
81Mark Ashmore40
82John Hudson40
83Liz Heaton39
84Matthew Daniel37
85Greg Pettingill36
86Janet Hudson35
87Ross Jackson32
88Sean Elkington30
89Ian Johnson30
90Ian Mason30
91Richard Coombs30
92Elaine Bottrill27
93Tony Allen27
94Rachel Heggs22
95Georgina Newcombe19
96Steven Compton15
97Chris Foode15
98Sarah Foode15
99Helen Langland15
100Colin Miles15
101Celina Silver15
102Nicholas Smith15
103Norman Starks15
104Tracey Rochelle15
105Daniel Gray15
106Noel Blake15
107Marie Kennedy15
108Helen Benzie15
109Katie Edwards15
110Charlotte Coltman10
111Theresa Coltman10
112Keilly Rutherford10
113Mike Bryan7
114Rachel Holland7
115Paul Desborough7
116Duncan Greene2

Details of the scoring system for 2017 are below.

What is the Strider Cup?

The Strider Cup is a trophy that will be presented to the winner at the annual awards evening at the end of the year to the club member with the most points.

How do you get points?

You earn points by racing for the club – you get points for racing (in Striders kit), actively volunteering or organising the race. A race run under UKA, TRA, FRA (or equivalent) licence will be counted as long as a race report has been sent in.

How many points?

The number of points scored is driven by the number of Striders there (racing/volunteering/organising) but with caps so that local races will tend to score most highly:

10-15 point races are those with race HQ within 10 miles of Melton, organised by one or more Striders, or part of the LRRL or Derby Runner XC leagues.

7-12 point races are other races with race HQ in Leicestershire.

5-10 point races are other races with race HQ in the East Midlands.

2-7 point races are those races further afield.

For each individual, the two top scoring races in each calendar month will count, and the best 10 months out of the year.

Previous year’s final tables can be found here:
Strider Cup table 30 Nov 2015
2014 Strider Cup table

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