Trophy winners

2022 Stilton Striders RC Award Winners

Certificates for first Ultra’s completed in 2022.

Dukeries 30k Leigh Pick.

Equinox 100k Rob Mee, Julie Bass, Josh Dadd and Rhiannon Baxter.

Anthony Ison  Dukeries 40k, Longhorn 60k, Equinox 100k and The Wall 70 miles.

Certificate for 100% Derby XC. 5 races 2021/22 Season . Ian Bickle, Andy Nicholls, John Martin, Jane Martin and Leigh Pick.

Certificates for 100% LRRL 2022 Season 6 races : Rob Mee , Mike Williams and Vicki Lowe

LRRL individual winners:

Rhiannon Baxter 6th Senior ladies,

Vicki Lowe 2nd FV50,

Vanessa Walker 1st FV60

Mens Div 3 promotion: Rob Mee, Mike Williams, Josh Dadd, Dan Kelly, Anthony Ison, Duncan Green, Jason Barton, Mark Tyler, and Jamie Dean (min 4/6).

Club Standards

Copper: Emily Howett

Bronze;  John Martin; Kurt Wilson

Silver Mike Williams; Jane Martin; Mark Tyler; Vanessa Walker; Michael Marston; Daniel Kelly

Gold: Rhiannon Baxter

County Standards

Copper: Anthony Ison; Elimy Howett

Bronze: Mike Williams; Robert Mee

Silver; Vanessa Walker; Mark Tyler; Daniel Kelly

Gold: Rhiannon Baxter; Josh Dadd

Handicap Race: Louise Bridgeman

Individual Club Awards

Most Improved runner:

Female: Rachel Wade     Men:   Robert Mee


Female:  Vicki Lowe        Male:  Josh Dadd


Female: Rhiannon Baxter

Male (Ray Walker Cup)   Jason Barton

Club Person Award 2022: Andy Nicholls

Note that due to the Covid19 pandemic there were no awards presented for 2020 & 2021

2019 Stilton Striders RC Award Winners

Certificates for first Ultra’s completed in 2019

Dukeries 30: Jenny Kent, Deborah Wilson, Alison Wilson, Kaye Mead, Marie Kennedy, Rob Mee, Vanessa, Calum and Seb Walker

Dukeries 40: Greeba Heard

Equinox 50k: Liz Parkinson

Equinox 100k: Mark Ashmore

Certificates for 100% Gritstone Series : Ian Drage

Certificate for 100% Derby XC. Andy Nichols, Chris Genes, Nikola Dolphin-Rowland and Celia Brown.

Certificates for 100% LRRL Spring Series: Ian Drage

Certificates for 100% LRRL Summer Series: Ian Drage and Nicola Taylor.

LRRL individual winners: Nikola Taylor 2nd FV40, Julie Bass 1st FV60 and David Hall 1st VM70.

Club Standards

Gold: Greeba Heard, Vicki Lowe, Paul Jacobs, Julie Bass, and David Hall.

Silver: Simon Dolphin-Rowland, Nicola Taylor, Rebecca Forester, Chris Genes, Liz Taylor, Jacqui Riley and Ian Craddock.

Bronze: Don Ainsclough, Sarah Lawrence, Robert Mee, Mike Williams, Anthony Ison, and Rachel Wade.

Copper: Kristy Nicholls, Kathy Walsh and Ashley Jackson

Pewter: Amelia Fisher and Sharon Mee.

County Standards

Diamond: Julie Bass

Gold: Vicki Lowe,  David Hall and Greeba Heard.

Silver Distinction:  Vicki Lowe

Silver: John Robinson, Jonathan Wilson, Nicola Taylor, Liz Taylor,

Bronze: Robert Mee, Andy Nicholls, Mike Williams, Ian Craddock and Chris Genes

Copper: Anthony Ison and Ashley Jackson

Pewter: Kathy Walsh

Men’s Section: Overall – Alan Thompson; Veteran – David Hall; Most Improved – Ian Drage.

Ladies Section: Overall – Nikola Taylor; Veteran – Julie Bass; Most Improved –  Ashley Jackson.

No Watch Race: Ashley Jackson

Handicap Race: Chris Genes

Ray Walker Cup: Ian Drage

Club Person of the Year: Chris Genes

Club London Marathon place 2020: Ian Drage


Congratulations to all our winners at the 2016 presentation night!

London Marathon places – Michelle Farlow & Rob Beers
Strider Cup winner- Jenny Kent
Handicap race winner – Darren Glover
Male runner of the year – Luke Eggleston
Female runner of the year – Natalie Teece
Male veteran of the year – Darren Glover
Female veteran of the year – Lou Houghton
Improved female – Sarah Procter
Improved male – Matt Chalmers
Club person of the year – Jenny Kent

LRRL awards:

  • 4th place SM Jason Barton.
  • 100% all year, and also 3rd JM in the winter – Luke Eggleston
  • Runners up in their division was the Stilton ladies team. We get trophies for the four highest scoring ladies, which this year were Lou Houghton, Natalie Teece, Vicki Lowe and Jenny Kent.

Club standards:


  • Mike Williams


  • Sarah Procter
  • Ray Walker
  • Vanessa Walker
  • Jon Wilson
  • Brian Walkling
  • Dan Valencia
  • Wayne Hackett
  • Michael Cooke
  • John Hudson


  • Rob Beers
  • David Hall
  • Greeba Heard
  • Luke Eggleston
  • Alan Thompson
  • Katie Hateley


  • Darren Glover

Well done to all!

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Congratulations to all our 2015 trophy winners:

Male runner of the year – Rob Beers
Female runner of the year – Katie Hateley
Veteran of the year – Dan Valencia
Most improved male – Michael Atton
Most improved female – Laura Pickard
Club person of the year – John Houghton
Handicap race winner – Debs Wilson
Strider cup winner – Jason Barton
VLM place – Theresa Coltman

Club Standards – Bronze (Clive Kent, Luke Eggleston, Andy Nicholls, Tony Allen)
– Silver (Mark Stoneley, Will Blythe, Iain Howe)
– Gold (Greg Pettingill)

Not to forget, from the LRRL awards:
Overall Senior Male – Jason Barton (6th winter, 4th summer)
100% awards – Luke Eggleston, Stuart Gregory
FV team 1st (Div 3)
MV team 2nd (Div 3)

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Congratulations to all our 2014 trophy winners:

Club person of the year – Shane Sharkey
Male runner of the year – Jason Barton
Female runner of the year – Abi Arnott
Veteran runner of the year – John Houghton
Most improved runner – Ben Pickard
Strider Cup champion – Shane Sharkey
London Marathon places – Wayne Hackett and Darren Glover
Handicap race winner – Shane Sharkey
100% LRRL award – Shane Sharkey

The Melton Times report can be accessed by clicking here.