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Your committee are asking for your support following our Club Night run on Wednesday 27th October when we are holding the clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM). 8.30pm in the Dance Studio (adjacent to Rugby Club Bar). Melton Sports Village. Burton Road.
Under the clubs Constitution we are required to host an AGM with members to discuss and agree various matters affecting the running and management of your club.
Under the Constitution we need either 30 members, or 20% of current membership numbers (which ever is the lessor number) to attend to make the AGM Quorate for any items requiring a vote/show of hands. So please if you are able to attend and participate your presence could make the difference as to whether we can vote on matters or not.
The committee realise that the last 18 months has been a difficult period for many of us in different ways and the longer term impact is that a lot of members have been finding it difficult to return to the Club and/or to running – a loss of mojo. To address this we are putting on a specific agenda item – lead by Nikola Dolphin-Rowland, where she wants to share her ideas to set up a ‘coffee and chat group’ where members can engage and support others who are currently struggling – for what ever reason – and to help find and reignite that spark to run again, with other like-minded members.
An additional agenda item on the night will provide members the opportunity to tell the committee if we are doing things right ( we are not looking for praise or thanks), what we may be doing wrong, what we could do better, change or do in addition. Your honest participation would be welcomed.
Finally, should any member like to join us on the Committee, or want to make any comments or discuss anything in advance of the AGM please contact me by responding to this email.
Hopefully you will be able to support us by attending.
Stay safe
(SSRC Chair)
A quick update on a few matters following our September committee meeting.
We had a few new members step forward to assist and the committee now consists of Chris Genes (Chair), Andy Nichols (Treasurer), Nikola Dolphin-Rowland (Welfare Officer), Ian Bickle, Emma Hope, Paul Jacobs, Joshua Dadd and Jane Wildman Martin. Should you have any queries or concerns please have a chat with anyone of us at anytime.
Run leaders and Thursday Sessions 
With Jenny moving away from Melton Paul Jacobs will now take up the role as lead Run Leader and will be contacting all Run Leaders so that they can work together to continue our successful Thursday evening sessions.

Friday evening ‘Social Chatty Runs’ 
These are resuming. Details will be sent out in advance for those wishing to attend. Please note that anyone can organise and lead one of these runs – from the start/finish and over a route of your choice. Please put your name forward.
Derby Runner XC 
In preparation for the new season we are purchasing a second tent so that we can have separate male/female changing facilities. Watch out for further race details nearer the time.

Virgin London Marathon Charity donations. 
SSRC donate £150 each year to members competing and also raising charity money. Due to a deferral from the last event we have £75 carried over to this year and Michael Cooke, Kathy Walsh and Emma Gardner will each receive £75 for their nominated VLM charity.

Annual General Meeting 
Covid restrictions caused us to host a late virtual AGM last October. In order to resync our year end (31st March) and AGM we intend holding our 2020/2021 AGM on Wednesday 27th October. Going forward we will revert back to an April AGM to cover the previous year. Please put this date in your diaries as your presence would be appreciated. Details to be sent out nearer the date.

Presentation Evening. 
The committee debated this and have agreed to postpone our presentation evening for this year. This is due primarily to the fact that during the period of restrictions races and other contributing parts have not taken place sufficiently across the club and members so we felt it best to hold off for the time being as we would be unable to male a fair judgement across the categories.

Christmas Party

The committee would like to consider hosting a year end Christmas party get together to celebrate the club riding out the restrictions placed on gatherings/races/training etc. However, with not linking this to a presentation evening and our membership numbers being by around 30% from pre Covid (albeit it steadily rising again) we don’t want to arrange a Christmas Party that ends up under subscribed. So we are putting this to members for views and we would appreciate it if you could respond with your preference from the following (each will be subject to any future restrictions, availability of venues, number of responses etc).

    1. I do not want to participate/attend a Christmas Party
    2. Hire a venue with bar and disco/live music. No food
    3. Hire a venue with bar and disco/live music with food
    4. Meet up at a pub and see how the evening goes – No food
    5. Meet up at a pub with a rebooked Christmas meal.
    6. Meet up after final club run in Rugby club bar and have a Christmas fuddle.
    7. Not bother with any form of Christmas Party this year.
    8. Any other option you may suggest.
Please respond with any comments or queries together with your Christmas Party preference.
Stay safe
(SSRC Chair)