Club rules

What it means to be a Strider:

  1. Respect your run leaders and follow their instructions at all times– they are all volunteers (giving up their free time and, at times, their own run). The club runs and events couldn’t go ahead without them.  They will have planned routes/training especially for you so show them you appreciate it. Listen carefully when they give any safety information.
  2. Respect and acknowledge other road and footpath users. A big group of us can be an intimidating sight to some people (or animals!) and we don’t own the land. It is important to be aware of what’s around you, run single file if you have to, slow down if you have to, and please give a smile and a thank you to anyone who stops or moves out of the way for us.
  3. Be aware of the other runners you are with. Encourage and support each other and stop to assist or slow down if you need to. Try and avoid leaving any runner alone – especially when we are out of town – we should always be prepared to interrupt our own runs to help someone get home safely.
  4. Be responsible for your own safety, including your choice of clothing, and warn others if you think they may be at risk.
  5. Remember things bite and sting. If you suffer reactions to the countryside or have any medical conditions that could affect you whilst running (e.g. asthma), bring your medication and let us know.
  6. If it’s dark, wear something bright – hi vis or reflective. You can’t be seen as well as you think you can if you’re just in normal gear, and there’s no safety in numbers alone.
  7. Be nice to your fellow club members whether you are running, socialising or on social media. Respect each others’ motivations, differences and abilities. Be sure to welcome newcomers and help them settle into the club.
  8. Be supportive of other clubs and their achievements– many are achieving great things and have runners just like you.
  9. Play by race rules – whether it’s a UKA, FRA, TRA or an independent event, you must abide by their rules. If you break the rules you may damage your (and the club’s) reputation; it could even lead to a ban. DON’T SWAP RACE NUMBERS without the organiser’s permission. Medical information and next of kin details on the back of your race number is there for your wellbeing – take time to fill it in!
  10. Try and car share to events where possible- particularly popular events where parking is limited.
  11. If anyone, or anything has concerned you…don’t keep it to yourself. Speak to a member of the Committee or the leader of that night’s run.
  12. Make life simple for your Committee – pay your dues on time, fill in any surveys, give us feedback, volunteer from time to time, and above all…Have Fun!

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