Club handicap run

Our annual club handicap run is part of our summer outrun schedule and for the last few years has taken place in late June. Look our for details of our event in 2022.

Always a great evening, the idea is that start times are staggered (based on our estimate using recent race times, etc) with the first runner going off at 7pm.  The fastest runners start latest, such that if everyone runs exactly to our estimate then all will cross the finish line together.  It is then a straight race – first over the line wins.

The route is an undulating 5 and a bit miles on the undulating hard path around the peninsula at Rutland Water (road shoes would be fine to run in).  Prize giving will be at the Grainstore in Oakham afterwards.

Whilst the route is not marked, there are very few ways of going the wrong way (and there is only one route on and off the peninsula, so unless you go swimming you can’t be too wrong!).  See map below (click to enlarge):

2015 Handicap route
Start and finish is from the small car park (maked X on the map) at the bottom of the hill just before it goes up to Hambleton – see photo below (if you reach Hambelton village, you’ve gone too far!):

2015 Handicap car park

To see up to date reports and results, enter “handicap” in the search bar – or in (2016 report is here) and (2015 report is here and photos are here).