Weekly Calendar.

Week commencing 19th February 

Thanks to Chris for writing last week’s email while I was on holiday and to those who ran today to make full teams for the XC when they would have preferred not to be running.  Hopefully will have boosted our position and give us a better standing ahead of the final race in a couple of weeks’ time.  Final points for individual age groups in the Derby Runner XC league were decided today and I believe awards will be made at the Bosworth race – I’m sure some of our runners are contenders.  But well done to everyone who has taken part this season, whether for one race or all of them, at the front or the back of the field. Just one more race to go – keep on pushing!
At Grace Dieu XC today we had Katie H (4th!), Vicki L, Katy H, Suzie S, Anne C and Nikola D-R running for the ladies and Dan K (9th), Ian B, Josh D, Luke K, James S, Mark T, me, Chris B and Chris G for the men.  Great news that this race was able to return after a break for a few years.
Doesn’t look like anyone was road racing – no one at the Naseby 1645 this year? Orienteering were Matt & Karen W, Steve M and Carol S-M at a team qualification event at a location with an interesting name – Chetwynd Coppice and Brereton Spurs – somewhere in the West Midlands.
Touring at parkruns yesterday were Kurt & George W, Rob & Sharon M and Mike W at Markeaton (Derby), Katy H at Rutland Water, Mark P at Leicester Victoria, Brian W at Millhouses (Sheffield), Mark T at Abbey Park and Anthony I at Watermead.
Wednesday road routes
This week’s road route options start, as usual, from Melton Sports Village, meeting in the car park at 6:55pm (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).  The routes are 3.9 miles / 5.7 miles / 7.7 miles – see attached.
Thursday session
Paul J is leading a “meet and retreat” speed session around Oxford Drive, meeting at MSV for a 7pm start.
Suitable for all and these are really useful sessions.
Friday lunchtime social run
Meet in the car park by the cafe at the Melton Country Park at midday for a chatty run.

Week commencing 29th January

There are a few members running the epic Charnwood Hills race next Sunday. Good luck going up to Old John, Broombriggs and Beacon Hill plus the hill after the golf course on the way back too.  It’s called the hills race for a reason!
Again it looks like lots of you are knuckling down to marathon or half marathon training in earnest now.  You’ll feel the benefit on race day, so keep up the good work.
No races that I can see but orienteering today in Sherwood Forest (no sign of Robin Hood or Maid Marion) were Steve & Carol, Matt & Karen and myself.
At parkruns this weekend loads and loads of us were at home in Melton (Rich P 1st finisher and Nicola T 1st lady) but elsewhere Theresa C was at Colwick (Nottingham), Kurt & George W, Rob & Sharon M were at Shipley Country Park (Derbyshire), Dan K (1st finisher) and Mark T at Rushcliffe (Nottingham), Brian W at Edgbaston Reservoir (Birmingham), Joe F and Mark P at Watermead, Vanessa W at Sandringham (Norfolk), Chris G at Belvoir Castle and Marie K at Abbey Park.
If I’ve not picked you up in this list, please add “Stilton Striders” as your club (or one of your clubs) in your parkrun profile.
Wednesday road routes
This week’s road route options start, as usual, from Melton Sports Village, meeting in the car park at 6:55pm (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).  The routes are 3.5 miles / 5.5 miles / 7.6 miles – see attached.
Friday lunchtime social run
Meet in the car park by the cafe at the Melton Country Park at midday for a chatty run.
Saturday orienteering event
Just a reminder for those that might be interested, come along to Abbey Park (do the parkrun there first?) and have a go at a different form of running. Entry in advance at this website Event Details – Leicestershire Orienteering Club and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


Week commencing 15th JanuA

Hope you all enjoyed the presentation evening and quiz last night.  More details of the awards presented will be on the club’s website soon.
I’m sure those of us that ran (+ swam!) the XC race at Martinshaw today are all feeling tired but much warmer now.
We had full teams with the organisers trying a new format – the ladies starting their race 20 mins before the men (Katie H, Suzie S, Sandy B and Nikola D-R for the ladies and Dan K, Luke K, me, Mark T, Lee H-H, Steve M, Alan B, Chris G and Chris B for the men).  How did you think it worked?
Not many other races going on but plenty of miles put in for marathon training.  Keep up the good work.
With Melton’s 9th birthday parkrun there were a lot of Striders at “home”.  Elsewhere Brian W was at Endcliffe (Sheffield), Helen P at Rutland Water, Ian B and I at Abbey Park, Wayne H and Neil J at Baysgarth Park (Humberside) and Izzy C at Riverside Walk (Powys).
Wednesday – 2 options
Headtorch XC run
Katie and John H are again leading a headtorch run option this Wednesday, meeting at the Grange Garden Centre for a 7pm start.  If you’ve never tried running XC in the dark or just fancy something a bit different, please join them – the last one they did was great.
There the possibility of borrowing a headtorch if needed – please contact Katie or John well in advance if so.
MSV road routes
This week’s road route options start, as usual, from Melton Sports Village, meeting in the car park at 6:55pm (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).  The routes are 3.8 miles / 5.8 miles / 7.8 miles – see attached.
Friday lunchtime social run
Meet in the car park by the cafe at the Melton Country Park at midday for a chatty run.
<Route 5 short 3.8 miles.docx>
<Route 5 middle 5.8 miles.docx>
<Route 5 long 7.8 miles.docx>

Week commencing 8th January

First a reminder for anyone on the mailing list that has shown an interest in joining or rejoining Striders – please come along for up to 3 sessions free to try us out.  Just make sure we have your emergency contact name/number first – please email back with that if not already done so or if it’s changed recently.
With all the flooding, there were lots of parkruns cancelled this weekend but it didn’t stop everything.  Saturday was the Leicestershire & Rutland XC championships at a very muddy Rotherby Lodge Farm.  Taking part were juniors Myles and Max (under 11), Joshua (U13), Megan (U15) along with Izzy C for the ladies and Rich P, Ian B, Luke K and myself for the men.  Rich P may well have qualified to represent Leicestershire & Rutland at the next level – we await confirmation – well run Rich.
Also racing at the Battersea Park half marathon was Paul J – running 9 laps of the park well but struggling to count the right number of laps!  Also orienteering today at Bagworth Heath were Matt & Karen W, Steve M and Carol S-M and myself, enjoying slightly less sloppy conditions than when the XC race was there.
With Melton parkrun cancelled, there was the perfect opportunity to travel to other parkruns.  Chris G and Nikola D-R travelled to Conkers, Kurt W, Rob & Sharon M, Mike W and Theresa C ran at Rutland Water for Theresa’s 50th, Neil J was at Alvaston (Derby), Dan K, Mark T, Nicola T, Anthony I and Katy H were at Belvoir Castle, Joe F was at Abbey Park and Brian W was at Sence Valley.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes start, as usual, from Melton Sports Village, meeting in the car park at 6:55pm (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).  The routes are 3.9 miles / 5.7 miles / 7.7 miles – see attached.
Thursday session
Paul J is leading what he describes as a “Mark Tyler hill session”!  Mark’s infamous West Ave repeated long hill circuits have gone down in legend – fancy putting yourself through this but with the support of others to help it hurt less? Suitable for all but helps to have at least one screw loose!
Meet at the junction of West Ave and Asfordby Road for a 7pm start.
Friday social run
Meet in the car park by the cafe at the Melton Country Park at midday for a chatty run – trail shoes may be necessary if conditions continue to be muddy.
Sunday – Martinshaw XC (Derby Runner)
Information on this is attached – please read it carefully.  Of particular note this year is that the ladies race will start at 10:50am and 20 mins later the men will start.  This should help congestion at the narrow entrance to the woods (after the grass, then the muddy field).
Car sharing is important again – please meet at 9am at Wilton Road car park (opposite Wetherspoons) to ensure at least 3 people per car.  I’ll be leaving slightly later (9:30am) from junior parkrun, if anyone would care to join me and fill up my car appropriately.
Bring your £6 entry fee and a mug for a hot drink afterwards.  Let’s get full teams and more – go Striders!
Week commencing 1st January 2024
If you’re confused, like me, it’s actually Sunday today so time for the weekly email.
Today, Sarah L and Rebecca F took part in the Huncote Hash – a hilly, muddy race which ends with a wade through a cold stream (brr).  Looking at a few photos, it seems to have been the wettest ever event and involved crossing a whole submerged field this time!
Earlier this week, Steve M, Carol S-M, Matt and Karen W and I orienteered at Beacon Hill.
It’s been a busy time for parkruns, despite many of them being cancelled due to flooding, with the extra runs on Xmas day and New Years Day on top of the usual Saturday events. Some Striders achieved their “gold obsessive” award for running 50 parkruns in a year – an impressive feat!
Yesterday Katy H ran at Rushcliffe, Lee H-H at Alderford Lake (Shropshire), Wayne H & Neil J at Tamworth Castle.
Last Saturday Rich P and Izzy C were at Sewerby (Yorkshire), Anthony I & Katy H at Clumber Park, Ian & Ann C at Belvoir Castle, Joe F at Abbey Park, Brian W at Tamworth Castle and Wayne H took on the “curly wurly” at Thames Park.
No easy way for me to see where everyone was running on Xmas day but it felt like everyone was at “home” at Melton Mowbray – great to see so many there.
Leics & Rutland XC champs – Saturday 6th Jan
The closing date is 10pm on 3rd January.
This will be a great warm-up opportunity before the Derby Runner events start up again on Sunday 14th January at Martinshaw Woods (more details on that race to follow next week).  And for those who don’t like travelling far or committing to a whole race series, this is very close to Melton and a one-off!
I believe we currently have just 3 men, 2 women and 2 juniors entered.  Can we get 1 more woman to make a full team and 2 men (ideally both 40+) to complete the men’s team?
Wednesday routes
Our first run of 2024 starts from Melton Sports Village, meeting in the car park at 6:55pm (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).  The routes are 4.2 miles / 6.2 miles / 8.1 miles – see attached.
Friday social run
Meet in the car park by the cafe at the Melton Country Park at midday for a chatty run – trail shoes may be necessary if conditions are like yesterday – lots of puddles and a fair bit of mud.
Week commencing 18th December 
This is our last week of sessions as we have our traditional Xmas break, starting back in the New Year on Weds 3rd Jan.
Now that the Melton Christmas tree festival has finished, please collect your race numbers from Michael at Melton Sports if you’d like them back.
The headtorch taster event last Wednesday was well received by all who came along so Katie and John are keen to hold another one probably in mid-January.  Watch this space for more details.  There’s something about running at night in the countryside that makes it feel like a big adventure but being in a group and close to home it also feels safe – the best of both worlds.
Then on Friday, after Michael’s Xmas lights run, the club’s London Marathon place draw was done and Emily Howett was the winner.  All the best with your training over the next few months.
The big local race this weekend was the Gaddesby Gallop – just over 5 miles of glorious mud with a few ponds and streams to wade through for good measure. Taking part – all in santa hats and some with other festive gear too – were Anthony I, me, Katie H, Lee and Melissa H-H, Sandra B, Nikola D-R and Chris G plus Zoe W was marshaling and cheering us on.
Elsewhere, today Matt & Karen W, Carol S-M and I took part in an orienteering event near Mansfield – slightly less muddy and all managed to keep dry.
Striders were out and about at parkruns too with Duncan G at Bournemouth, Dan K at Rutland Water (1st finisher – Rich P was 1st finisher at Melton too – are they avoiding each other?!), Wayne H at Victoria Dock (London) and Joe F with a PB at Abbey Park.
Leic & Rutland XC championships – Saturday 6th January
Entries are now open – lets get lots of Striders there to run and to cheer each other on.

LRAA – 97th Cross Country Championships 2024 – Saturday 06 January 2024 …

All races are held under UKA/ECCA Rules – Licence No.

Striders presentation evening and quiz – Saturday 13th January
Don’t forget to email in to reserve your tickets plus pay for them via online banking to our usual bank details – see previous emails for ticket prices for adults/children.
Wednesday routes
Routes are 3.7 miles / 5.8 miles / 7.8 miles – see attached. Meet at Melton Sports Village car park at 6:55pm for a 7pm start (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).
Thursday session
For one last performance boost this year, come along for a hills session that John M is leading around the Hunt Drive loop.  Meet at Firwood Drive for a 7pm start.  Suitable for all levels.
Friday lunchtime social run
Back on again this week, for those that are around, come for a chatty social run from the Melton Country Park cafe meeting at midday.
And if you’re not able to join us this week, the Committee would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you new running gear/shoes!

Week commencing 11th December 

Lots of events cancelled due to the poor weather but at least mud and rain is better for running than ice.  I had fun today running at the Melton Santa Fun Run with Steve W, James S, Carol S-M, Steve M on the 3 mile route plus juniors Max & Josh smashing it on the 1 mile route (plus Suzie S too) – no doubt others there too, but everyone looked the same!  Also today Lee H-H smashed his PB at the Telford 10K.
Yesterday Niall R, Katy H and Anthony I (dressed as a turkey!) ran the Keyworth Turkey Trot half marathon.  Further afield, Paul J completed the Battersea 10K.
Touring parkruns carried on for a few despite the atrocious conditions with Ian B and I travelling to Brierley Forest (Notts), Dan K at Rushcliffe (Nottingham) and Brian W and Neil J at Sutton Park (West Mids).  I’m looking forward to some extra Christmas parkruns with runs at Melton taking place on Sat 23rd, Mon 25th and Sat 30th Dec and Mon 1st Jan.
If you’re around, why not consider volunteering on one of those dates?
This week we’ve got a few special options for you and then it’s the Gaddesby Gallop on Saturday – another great local event.
Wednesday runs – 2 options this week
Off-road headtorch run – from the Grange Garden Centre
Katie and John are leading a headtorch off-road run which will follow the 3 Club Challenge route and be around 4 miles.
Everyone will run together as a group at a steady pace so it’s a perfect taster if you’ve never done a headtorch run before.  And you feel epic afterwards!
Some spare headtorches may be available – please email back asap to confirm if you’re interested in this and don’t have your own headtorch.
Road routes – from MSV
The usual 3 road routes will also be available. As numbers are likely to be lower, split between the 2 locations, please run with others wherever possible.  Routes are 3.5 miles / 5.5 miles / 7.6 miles – see attached. Meet at Melton Sports Village car park at 6:55pm for a 7pm start (or inside the leisure centre reception if bad weather).
Friday Xmas lights run
There will be no Friday lunchtime run this week as we have the Xmas lights run in the evening instead.
This will take place from Melton Sports (King Street) at 6:30pm being a chatty run of about 4 miles.  The run will take in the best light displays around the south of the town and we hope to bump into Trumpton on the way. Following the run there will be “rehydration” in Charlie’s Bar (next to the shop) and the draw for the club’s London marathon place too.  If you can’t make the run, please do call in for a drink from 7:45pm as they do serve lovely Round Corner Brewery beers.
Alongside this, Michael is helping to collect goodies for Melton Wellbeing Hub’s Xmas hampers for those in need.  Please bring along a donation if you can – mince pies, Xmas pudding, Xmas cake, yule log, crackers for cheese, stuffing, gravy mix, cranberry sauce, biscuits and crisps.

Week commencing 4th December

Anyone doing a festive race coming up – either for the chance to win a turkey or dressed up as santa?
The cold weather looks to be continuing this week, so wrap up warm, take it steady and watch on Facebook for possibly session cancellations.
With Melton parkrun cancelled yesterday, a few Striders hot-footed it elsewhere or had already made alternative plans.  At Rushcliffe were Kurt W, George W, Rob M, Mike W and Sharon M, at Sherwood Pines was Vanessa W, at Rutland Water were Mark S and Helen P, at Leicester Victoria was Lee H-H at Belvoir Castle (as well as the Duchess) were Duncan G, Ian B, Neil J and Brian W and at Quakers Walk (Wiltshire) was Wayne H.
In other news, this week saw the Let’s Get Moving Melton awards evening take place with our very own Mike W winning the “Let’s Get Moving Hero” award for his work with Melton Running Club, and the Striders vet ladies team nominated for “Team of the Year” and junior Max P nominated for “Junior Sportsperson of the Year”.  Well done to all winners and nominees.
London marathon place
If you are interested in the club’s place for the London Marathon next April, please email in to apply for this by Wednesday 13th December.
As a reminder, to be eligible for the draw the criteria are:
  • be a member for 2 years
  • ran at least 2 club races in 2023 (LRRL or Derby XC)
  • provide proof of rejection from London ballot
The draw will take place in Charlie’s Bar after the Xmas lights run on Friday 15th December, around 8pm.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes are 4.1 miles / 6.1 miles / 8.1 miles – see routes attached.
Please meet at Melton Sports Village in the car park, or inside the leisure centre if bad weather, at 6:55pm ready for a 7pm start.
Thursday session
John is leading a fartlek (means “speed play”) session from Melton Sports Village, meeting for a 7pm start.
Suitable for all levels and great for helping you become more than a one speed runner.
Friday lunchtime social run
Come along to the Melton Country Park for a chatty run with like-minded souls.  Meet in the car park for a midday start.

Week commencing 20th November 

Today the Derby XC races returned at Bagworth Heath – the muddiest there I can remember – with a decent turnout allowing us to record full teams for both men and women.  Katie H-H, Vicki L, Katie H, Suzie S, Sandra B and Nikola D-R ran for the ladies and Rich P, Luke K, Anthony I, Kurt W, me, Mark T, Wayne H, Alan B and Michael C ran for the men with both of our first finishers in 8th place but fantastic running from everyone.  Indeed just making the start line can be a real challenge. The next one in the series is this coming Sunday – so come along and join in the (muddy) fun!
Elsewhere, Mark P recorded a PB at the Derby 10 mile race.
In parkrun world, Katy H was at Rushcliffe, Harvey H was at Temple Newsam (Leeds), Rob and Sharon M at Blickling (Norfolk), Chris G at Holkham (also Norfolk), Rich G at Haga (Sweden!), Dan K, Kurt W and George W at Belvoir Castle, Brian W at Aston Hall (Birmingham) plus the purple parkrun at Melton which was very well supported as ever.
However, the weekend started on Friday night with the LRRL presentation evening at Hinckley rugby club which turned out to be a pretty good venue.  The evening was a lovely celebration of all of the winners – individuals and teams – with some special awards too.
Winners/top 3 places (sorry can’t quite remember exact details of who won what) for us this year in probably our most successful season for many years were Katie H-H, Nicola T, Chrissy H and David H plus the senior ladies winning their division and the vet ladies overall winners of division 1!
Xmas tree festival
This year at the St.Mary’s Xmas tree festival, we have a theme of “race numbers” to decorate the tree with.  Please can members bring in any race numbers they are willing to loan (put your name on the back and we’ll return them) to Michael at Melton Sports by midday on Wednesday 29th November.  Everyone who provides a number will go into a draw to win the 6ft tree kindly donated by John at the Grange Garden Centre.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes are 3.9 miles / 5.7 miles / 7.7 miles – see routes attached.
Please meet at Melton Sports Village in the car park, or inside the leisure centre if bad weather, at 6:55pm ready for a 7pm start.
Thursday session
John M’s running a fartlek session on Oxford Drive/Norfolk Drive to get you used to changes in pace – fantastic for those of us who seem to be one speed runners.  Please meet at MSV for 7pm – suitable for all.
Friday lunchtime social run
Come along to the Melton Country Park for a chatty run with like-minded souls.  Meet in the car park for a midday start.
Saturday Melton parkrun takeover
We have all of the pacing roles sorted now – thank you – but still need many other volunteers for the event to go ahead.
Please message me for more info if you can help.
Assuming we can get enough volunteers, we’ll welcome as many Striders and junior Striders as possible to take part running or walking in club kit.
Sunday XC race – Holly Hayes
Details from the organisers are at http://www.derbyrunnerxc.co.uk. Please meet at the Wilton Road car park (opposite Wetherspoons) for 9am to car share to Coalville (main car park at The Castle Rock School, Meadow Ln, Coalville LE67 4BR) for a 11am start (adult race).  £6 to enter on the day.  It’s a 15 minute walk from the car park, so if bringing the tent or drinks, worth dropping them off (plus your passengers) at the race location before driving back to the car park. 
Hopefully lots of Striders will be available again to make up full teams and cheer each other on in slightly less mud than this week!
Due to the narrow start, there are separate starts for men (11:00am) and women (11:04am).  Please make way (guys) for the faster women as they pick their way through the men.

Week commencing 6th November 

Well it’s 2 weeks until the next XC race and I can’t see much that has happened this weekend (it must be a bit slow for me to be in the top 3 in our Strava group for distance and running time!) although looks like Dan’s had a solid week’s training with 76 miles, 9 and a half hours and nearly 3,000 feet of climb – keep up the good work Dan.
So a good time to remind everyone of a couple of ways to share with the rest of the club what you’ve been up to:
– we have a Strava club “Stilton Striders” – click on this within “clubs” and one of the admins will let you join
– there’s also a parkrun club – go to your profile (via the link in your weekly results email), then groups and select up to 5 clubs to join.
A couple of races that did happen this weekend were the Movember 10K for Mark T, the Shepshed 7 with John R, Ian C, Lee & Melissa H-H, Vanessa W, Alison W & David H entered – can’t see results yet though – and Carol S-M, Steve M and myself were urban orienteering in Southwell.
In terms of parkruns, Katy H was at Colwick (Nottingham), Wayne H at Oakwell Hall (nr Leeds), Kurt W, George W, Mike W were at Sherwood Pines, Joe F and Rachel H at Leicester Victoria, Anthony I at Blackpool and Chris G at Yarborough (Lincoln).
And next Saturday the Seagrave Wolds Challenge is taking place – good luck to anyone that’s entered – it’s a great event.
Please can all main trophy winners from the awards evening early this year return the trophies to Chris G before the end of November.
The individual club standards you received are yours to keep though.
parkrun pacing event – 25th November
As some of you may seen, Striders are running another pacing event on Saturday 25th November at Melton Mowbray parkrun.
If you’d like to be a pacer – trying to evenly run one of these times: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 34 mins – then please contact Mark Tyler with your preferred range of times
We also need to provide a number of other volunteers. If you want to run or walk that day, then tail walkers, parkwalkers, event day course checker, VI guides (to guide Leigh or Chris if they fancy running that day) or barcode scanner (for 1 runner 24 mins or quicker) are great options.
We also need lots of non-running volunteers – at last 5 marshals, 1 timekeeper, 1 finish tokens person, 1 funnel manager, 1 more barcode scanner and a photographer would be great too – all to support your Run Director on the day, Anne Craddock.
Please let me know if you can help with any of these roles or if you’d like more info.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes are 3.7 miles / 5.8 miles / 7.8 miles – see routes attached.
Please meet at Melton Sports Village in the car park, or inside the leisure centre if bad weather, at 6:55pm ready for a 7pm start.
Thursday session
Paul J is leading a hills session at Hunt Drive.  Please meet at the (first) junction of Carnegie Crescent and Melton Spinney Road at 7pm.
Great to give your fitness and speed on hills a boost before the next XC race.
Friday lunchtime social run
Come along to the Melton Country Park for a chatty run with like-minded souls.  Meet in the car park for a midday start.

Week commencing 30th October 

Striders racing this weekend (that I’m aware of) included Matt W and I orienteering around the beautiful colleges of Cambridge, Greeba H and Kathy W completed the Worksop Halloween half marathon and more orienteering for Steve M, Carol S-M and I at Donisthorpe, nr Ashby-de-la-Zouch today.
On the parkrun front, Chris G and Nikola D-R ran at Markeaton (Derby), Dunc G at Pymmes (London), I was at Huntingdon, Joe F at Beeston (Nottingham), Sarah L at Pendle (Lancs), Kurt W, George W, Rob M, Mike W and Sharon M at Pocket parkrun (St.Neots), Rachel H at Belvoir Castle and Mark P at Abbey Park.
Club and county standards
Quite a few people have already responded – thank you and well done – but if you have a club or county standard you’ve achieved in the appropriate time period (1st Dec 2022 to 30th Nov 2023 for Club and 1st Jan 2023 to 31st Dec 2023 for County), please send through details of the races/parkruns so that I can validate them by 30th November if possible.  We can then order the small trophies/certificates in good time for the presentation evening (more details on that to follow). It’s possible, of course, to do a race after 30th Nov that counts for your County standard but may mean it’s not ready to be presented that evening.
LRRL presentation evening
Anyone else wanting tickets for the LRRL presentation evening to cheer on our triumphant vet ladies and other teams/individuals too, please contact Chris Genes asap.  Cost £14 (incl. buffet).  Takes place on Friday 17th Nov in Hinckley.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes are 3.5 miles / 5.5 miles / 7.6 miles – see routes attached.
Please meet at Melton Sports Village in the car park, or inside the leisure centre if bad weather, at 6:55pm ready for a 7pm start.
Friday lunchtime social run
Come along to the Melton Country Park for a chatty run with like-minded souls.  Meet in the car park for a midday start.

Week commencing 23rd October 

Good afternoon all – hope that you that have children at school enjoyed last weeks half term, albeit a wet one in the UK.
Storm Babet had an impact on parkruns this weekend with many being cancelled due to flooding – including our local one in Melton. This did not deter our regular parkrun tourists who managed to get their usual Saturday morning fix. Ant I and Mark T went to Belvior, Nikola D-R, (Syd) and I were at Forest Rec, Mark P and Suzie S went to Rutland Water where she let her son Max run with Mark as he’s getting so much quicker now. Abbey Park saw Emily H, Dan K, Chris P and Joe F turn up with Dan’s time (16:51) placing him in third position on our club leaderboard. Great to see two of our current active members , Dan and Richard P so close to each other with their parkrun times.  Kurt and George W with Rob M ventured to Lincoln. Travelling a little further was Dan O’G at Cleethorpes but this week Wayne H ran the further parkrun from home down at Walmer & Deal.
Sunday saw a number of members racing at the local Dalby Dollop – a 5k cross country route starting and finishing at Moscow Farm on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Taking part were Ant I, Lee H-H, Alan and Sandie B, Chris G, Nikola D-R (with Syd ), Helen P and her dog (sorry I forgot the name), Vanessa W, Sarah L,  along with Lucy and Izzy, plus Harland who also assisted on the pre-run warm up.
I little further afield the Leicestershire Running Festival took place at Prestwold Hall with Mark T (1:12:35) achieving county gold standard in the 10 mile race and just finished in front of Rob M (1:13:12 pb) in the same race – Rob gaining his four silver standard club time as well. Dan Mac (44:40) ran in the 10k event finishing fourth in his age category.  My apologies if I’ve missed out anyone else racing this weekend.
Our routes for this Wednesday are long (8.1 miles ), middle (6.1 miles) and short (4.1 miles). Meet outside on carpark at MSV ready to start at 7:00pm.  Remember to wear something reflective – Be Seen and Be Safe.
Thursday evening Paul Jacobs will be leading an Oxford Drive Interval Session. Meet at MSV again ready to leave at 7:00pm.
Friday we will meet again outside the cafe Melton Country Park for a social chatty run around the park starting at 12:00 noon.

Week commencing 16th October 

Firstly its your last opportunity to let Mark Preston know if you want to join him and others for another enjoyable Striders curry night. 6:15pm next Saturday 21st October. Please let Mark know so he can add you to the numbers for confirmation to Purple Garlic.
Another busy Saturday with members spreading their wings running at many parkruns across the country. Nikola D-R and I got to Sense Valley to find the course waterlogged so swung across to Bosworth Park, Ant I and Kate H were at Rutland Water, Rob M, Mike W and George W travelled to Kettering whilst their running buddy Kurt W ran Greenfields (Flint), Chris P and Joe F chose the flat Watermead run,  whilst Duncan G took on the formidable and challenging Woolacome Dunes, last but not least Lee H-H kept his run fairly local at Braunstone Park.
Earlier today Team Striders took on the first of the Derby Runner XC league races completing a multi terrain (grass, mud, hills, track, clay fields etc) 6.2 mile (10k) route in glorious sun shine. Unfortunately the mens team, due to holidays, injury recovery and other racing commitments were one short for a mens team, however the ladies had a full team , plus two. Lets get full team numbers out for the next race on November 18th – details will be out nearer the date. Richard P (5th), Anthony I (86th), Rob M, (124th), John H (139), Matt T (150th), Alan B (191th) and Chris G (209). Ladies: Vicki L (25th), Izzy C (26th), Suzanne S ( 83rd ), Melissa H-H ( 114th ), Nikola D-R ( 121st ) and Sandie B (122nd ).
Other member were also out racing this weekend with Mark Stoneley competing his first road marathon in York (3:14). Mark T, Adam H and James S ran the Great Eastern Half around Peterborough, whilst closer to home Seb W, Michael C, Andrew W,  Vanessa W and Alison W ran the Stilton Stumble 10k from Colston Basset.  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone else running this weekend.
This Wednesday we are again meeting in the carpark at Melton Sports Village (unless its raining and we meet inside the sports centre). Please remember to wear something reflective – be seen be safe.  This weeks routes (attached below) are 3.8 miles / 5.8 miles / 7.8 miles.
Please check the routes before you turn up because this week neither Andy or I will be there to explain them and make sure you try to run in groups to see everyone gets back safely.
Thursday evening (7:00pm) John M will be leading a hills session – meet at the carpark at the top of Horseguards Way.
Finally – Friday if anyone fancies a chatty run for about 30-40 minuted meet up at MCP cafe carpark (parkrun carpark) ready to have a steady social run around the park starting at 12:00 noon.

Week commencing 9th October 

Just a quick plea from the Derby XC league first – would anyone be free to help as a timekeeper at Ravenstone this Sunday (15th Oct)? If so, please contact Gillian at gillxc@outlook.com .
Next, for those not on Facebook, if we can get some teams together for the English XC Relays on 4th November at Mansfield, the club will pay the entry fee. Teams of 4 men or 3 ladies required – closing date is this Friday 14th October.  Please respond asap if you’d like to take part.  More info at this link:
At parkruns this weekend we had Kurt W, Rob M, Mike W & Sharon M at Corby, Richard P (1st finisher), Wayne H and Izzy C at Rutland Water, Brian W at East Park (Wolverhampton), Dan K (1st finisher) at Wollaton Hall (Nottingham), Mark P at Watermead and Duncan G and Anthony I at Belvoir Castle.
LOADS of races this weekend – James S at the Cricklade 10K, Melissa and Lee H-H at the Shrewsbury half marathon (Melissa with a 4 minute PB), Rhiannon B finishing 1st lady in her first ever 50 mile race at the Gower Ultra, Luke K, Alison S, Kate H and Gina B at the Hoby Hop.
Then onto the marathons – Leigh P finished the Chester Marathon (with guide Toni B) in a time of 6:01 – well done both.
Then at the Chicago marathon on the day the men’s marathon world record was broken, the Strider ladies put in strong performances with Greeba H (3:39), Becky F (3:53) and Vicki L (3:56) – congratulations once again.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes are 3.9 miles / 5.7 miles / 7.7 miles – see routes attached.
Please meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village, off Burton Road by 6:55pm for a quick recap of the routes before we set off.  Meet inside the sports centre if the weather is bad.
Friday lunchtime social run
If you fancy a couple more miles and a catch-up with a few Striders, please meet at the Melton Country Park car park/cafe at midday for a gentle run and chat.
Sunday XC race – Ravenstone
Would someone be able to help by looking after the flasks/tea/coffee for this event?  We need someone to pick them up from Chris
during the week then on Sunday morning, fill up the flasks with boiling water and bring them with you.
The details for this race – the first of the XC season – are attached. Please meet at the Wilton Road carpark (opposite Weatherspoons) in Melton to car share, leaving at 9am.  There will be 2 tents/gazebos (male and female) for changing and to store your bags and Mrs G will be baking her wonderful post run goodies.  Please bring the right cash (£7) for the race entry plus a mug for your post run drink.
We were promoted last year to Division One for our Mixed team, so your participation would be appreciated.
For those new to these races, this one is the most “sanitised”, I’d say, with a few stretches on decent paths, as well as a few hills and field edges to run along.  Although finish positions to make up the final results only count the first 8 men and 4 ladies (I think), everyone can have a positive impact on the results and there are age category results for the series too.  So – the more the merrier!

Week commencing 2nd October 

Is anyone doing the Hoby Hop next weekend? This is a local 5 mile XC race organised by a former Strider and is a decent warm-up for the cross country season – more details (still time to enter) at this link:
The big race I’m aware of next week is Leigh Pick’s Chester marathon, ably guided by Toni Briggs and fundraising for Guide Dogs. If you’ve ever met Leigh’s lovely guide dog Geoff and seen how he’s helped her keep/gain her independence, you’ll know what a worthwhile cause this is.  Good luck you two!

Leigh’s Chester Marathon page

Help Leigh Pick raise money to support Guide Dogs

Leigh’s Chester Marathon page

Help Leigh Pick raise money to support Guide Dogs

Looking back to this weekend, there were a number of Striders racing.
In Derbyshire, Anthony I and Sarah L ran the Dovedale Dash – an amazing race if you love great views and don’t mind a few hills.
Down in South Wales, a bunch of Striders ran the Cardiff half marathon and started off their SuperHalfs journey – which is a challenge to run 5 half marathons within 36 months (Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia) to earn a special medal.  Kurt W, Rob M (with a 9 minute PB!), George W and Vanessa W took part and will no doubt be happy to give you more info on this challenge if you talk to them.
Closer to home, in the Leicester half marathon there were quite a few Striders racing – Dan K (8th position overall and a PB), Emily H (also a PB – should be one tired but happy house tonight), James S, Nicola T (coming back well after covid), Joe F, Abi A and Chris P and in the 10K there was John H and Alison S representing Striders.
In parkrun-world, we had Ian C at Woodhouse Moor (Leeds), Kurt W, George W, Rob M and Sharon M at Riverfront (Newport), Chris G and Nikola D-R at Shipley, Rachel H at Ferry Meadows (Peterborough), Katy H at Mount Edgcumbe (Cornwall), Paul J, me and Kristy N at Belvoir Castle, Mark T at Abbey Park, Brian W at the University of Northampton and Anthony I at the new Sence Valley (near Ibstock).
I’m sure most of you know already, but if you weren’t aware, there is a free 2K junior parkrun every Sunday morning in Play Close Park, Melton Mowbray starting at 9am for children aged 4 to 14 years.  Spread the word to all your friends and family with children of the right age please.
Wednesday routes
This week’s routes are the longest ones in our repertoire – 4.2 miles / 6.2 miles / 8.1 miles – please see routes attached.
As ever, please meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village, off Burton Road by 6:55pm for a quick recap of the routes before we set off.  Meet inside the sports centre if the weather is bad.
Would anyone be able to run with Izzy & Lucy to act as a chaperone please this week?  Please email or message me if you can help.
Friday lunchtime social run
If you fancy a couple more miles and a catch-up with a few Striders, please meet at the Melton Country Park car park/cafe at midday for a gentle run and chat.

Week commencing 25th September 

Lots of racing this weekend starting with Greeba H smashing out another fast marathon, this time in Berlin.  Closer to home Melissa and Lee HH ran the Croft Canter, Melissa and Lee H-H (again!) ran the Wem 10K in Shrewsbury, Sarah L, Dan McK, Mark T, Katy H and Mark P ran the Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham, Lewis H (not running much recently due to injury – so not seem him at Striders for a while) completed the East Leake end of season triathlon (did you beat your dad comfortably in the end?), Vicki L ran the Windsor half marathon and Steve M, Carol S-M and myself were orienteering at Irchester.
Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out – can’t find decent results pages that let you filter by club.
In terms of parkruns, Leigh P continued her trip to the southwest with a run at Torbay Velopark, Dan K and Emily H were at Rushcliffe, Kurt W and Rob M at Rutland Water, Mike W at Gloucester City, Brian W at Yarborough (Lincoln) and last but by no means least was our Chair Chris G who ran the famous “curly wurly” course at Somerdale Pavilion (Bristol) – here’s the Strava trace of the route – totally bonkers!
Inline image
Good luck with those running the Leicester 10K or half marathon next Sunday.
Wednesday routes
Meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village (off Burton Road) at 6:55pm for a quick recap on the routes and any other club announcements. The 3 routes are 3.7 miles / 5.8 miles / 7.8 miles – see attached.  If anyone would like to be tail runner for any of the routes, please let us know.
Thursday structured session
Paul J is leading a session described as a “meet and retreat pyramid session” this Thursday.  Want to know what that means?  Then come along and find out – suitable for all.  Please note a slightly later start time = 7:10pm
Meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village.
Friday social run
Anyone wishing to have a gentle chatty run around the Melton Country Park, please meet in the car park by the cafe at midday.  No group leader, just turn up and run with whoever else turns up.

Week commencing 18th September 

This weekend in parkrun world, James S ran at Rutland Water, Sharon M at Belvoir Castle (before running Equinox!), Paul J ran at Colwick (Nottingham), Dan K and Lee H-H at Rushcliffe (Nottingham), Chris G at Clumber Park (Notts), Theresa C at Lincoln, I was at Southwark (London), Brian W at Pegwell Bay (Kent), Wayne H at Wormwood Scrubs, Dunc G at the Eden Project and last but not least Leigh P (and guide dog Geoff) were at Land’s End (Cornwall).
Race wise, Gina B was 1st lady walker today (2nd walker overall) at the Charnwood Challenge 10 miler, getting back from a bad injury months ago and winning some jam and cakes as a prize, Helen P had a lovely day out at the Peak District Challenge 50K, Niall R is running a multi-day ultra (not sure how far or how many days but sure to be epic), I was orienteering in Rotherhithe and Brunel University (both London), Andy M completed Ironman Weymouth 70.3 and also down in London Emma G completed the London Classics in style, winning (first person – male or female!) the 6 mile Swim Serpentine after in previous years running the London Marathon and cycling the 100 miles Ride London.
And then we have Equinox 24…  This annual 24 hour race in the grounds of Belvoir Castle is something of a ritual for many Striders with Rich G running solo every year since it started, I believe.
Taking on the Day 10k was Suzie S and Sharon M, the Night 10K had Anthony I and Katy H running, juniors Max and Harlan ran the kids fun run and in teams were Vanessa W (running at least 4 laps herself) and Alison W and possibly others too but can’t work out who at this stage.  Ben H was part of a pair (with his brother) and they both ran 10 laps each, as did Rich G as a solo.  Great running everyone.
Finally, all the best of luck to Greeba H as she takes on the Berlin Marathon next weekend plus anyone running the Robin Hood half marathon too.
Before we get onto this week’s running options, you may have seen Mark P is organising another Striders curry social on 21st October – please contact him directly if you’re interested – last time was fantastic.
Wednesday routes
It’s back fully to our Wednesday road routes schedule from this week.  Please meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village (or inside if bad weather) at 6:55pm and we’ll give a quick recap of the routes before setting off at 7pm.
The 3 routes are 3.5 miles / 5.5 miles / 7.6 miles – see attached.
If people would prefer the “plotaroute” style links to follow, rather than these attachments, please feedback and I’ll create them for next time.
So for those new to the club, and a reminder for everyone else, you can choose whichever distance you fancy – they’re not speed-based – but we do encourage you to run with other people, not alone.  If anyone – or a couple of people together – is interested in tail running to make sure everyone gets back safely, that would be very helpful.
Also don’t forget to wear clothing that is high-vis with reflective elements and take care crossing the roads, especially when you’re running in a group.  Let’s look after each other and have fun too!
Friday social run
Ian B is injured (we wish him a quick and full recovery) but there are a number of people that dip in and out of the Friday lunchtime runs so there’s no real need for someone to lead the run.  So, if you’re free, come along for a midday start, meeting at the Melton Country Park cafe/car park and have a chatty run with other Striders.  I believe there’s a whatsapp group for regulars – talk to Ian, Mark, Wayne, Rach, etc if you’d like to be added to that group to find out who else is coming each week.

Week commencing 11th September 

Today the big event was the Great North Run – with Katy H, Mark P, Abi A, Kirsty B, Wayne H, Joe F, Rebecca F – plus a few others I believe – coping as best they could in the heat.  Well done to Wayne competing only a week after his successful Ironman.
There were other events happening today too – Andy M completed the olympic distance Vitruvian triathlon (with Lou H marshalling), Lewis H completed the sprint distance Daventry triathlon and in Melton, James S and Andrew W completed the Birchwood 10K with the junior Striders leading the fun run with all of the top 3 finish positions – and Matt & Karen W and I were orienteering at a stately home in Derbyshire.
Yesterday Striders visited parkruns around the country including Tony O at Lydiard (Swindon), Mark T at Sheffield Castle (did you enjoy the hills on all 3 laps?), Wayne H at Corby, Chris at Wyre Forest (Worcestershire), Dan K at Abbey Park, Brian W, Ian B and I at Holbrooks (Coventry) plus a whole host at Melton of course.
If you’ve not been mentioned, please add Striders as one of your “club” choices in your parkrun profile and we’ll be able to track where you’ve run.  Similarly, there’s the Strava club for Striders too which you’re all welcome to join.
More local half marathons coming up – with Robin Hood and Leicester both in the next month – so keep up that quality training.
Wednesday club run
This week we’re once again doing a hybrid route that is mostly on roads/paths but also takes in areas of the country park, including some bits that are away from the main paths.  Chris G and I will lead the 2 routes which are these ones:
Medium route Medium Route Option 2 on plotaroute.com  = 5.5 miles
We’ll run in 2 separate groups and stick in those groups for the whole run.  Probably no need for any headtorches (we didn’t need them last week) unless it’s bad weather.  Best to wear road shoes and no need for long socks/tights for this run – thankfully – given the heat at the moment.
Please meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village, off Burton Road, for a 7pm start.
Paul J is leading the first structured session of the autumn – a welcome return to these very useful sessions.
This one will be a hill session, also in the country park.  Please meet in the country park car park by the cafe for a 7pm start.
Friday lunchtime social run
“Lead bike Bickle” is back again to lead the social run this week, meeting at the Melton country park cafe/car park at midday.

Week commencing 4th September 

Lots and lots of racing this weekend – I bet there’s a few tired legs now and possibly sunburnt shoulders too!
Yesterday at the Man vs Mountain race, Anthony I ran an epic 23 miles from Caernarfon to the summit of Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa, then down to Llanberis and up and down the Dinorwig slate mine with a few surprise challenges along the way – can’t wait to hear more about this.  Also Rach W completed a triathlon in Saundersfoot, Wales.
On the parkrun front, Alison C ran at Flatts Lane (Middlesborough), Robert C at Belton House, Kurt W at Jersey Farm (St. Albans), Brian W at Hunstanton Promenade, Abi A at Belvoir Castle as well as loads at Melton of course.
This morning, Nikola D-R finished her first ever triathlon at Belvoir Castle – well done Nikola.  I was orienteering around the University of Nottingham’s lovely campus too.  Many, many Striders (32!) were at the Rotherby 8 to finish off the LRRL season with some impressive course PBs obtained by quite a few despite the warm conditions – well done team Striders!
But let’s give a big shout out to Wayne H who is midway through Ironman Wales – he’s put in a lot of training to get ready for this truly massive challenge.
Wednesday club run
The outrun season has now ended with the fading light.  However, for the next 2 weeks, we’re planning to have a hybrid run that is part road, part off-road to explore some local areas we can’t use for normal autumn/winter routes.  Let us know what you think of them please, as it may be something we try again in future.
Meet at Melton Sports Village in the car park by 6:55pm so we can split into groups and be ready to start at 7pm.
I’ll be leading the longer route (6.4 miles https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2359560 ) and John M will lead the medium route (5.5 miles https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2342097), running as 2 separate groups.  Road shoes are recommended, plus long socks due to a few overgrown patches, and a few headtorches in the group might be useful.
Friday lunchtime social run
Ian B will be “lead bike” this Friday, as still coming back from injury, but will lead the social run.
Meet in the Melton country park car park by the cafe for a midday start.
Sunday Birchwood 5K/10K race
No doubt a few Striders – and junior Striders for the 1K – will be attending this local race which has come back for a 2nd year in a slightly different guise.  See you there hopefully!

Week commencing 28th August 

Yesterday there were lots of Striders at the Holme Pierrepont triathlon relays – with Matt T, Wayne H, Emma G, Rachel W, Mark T, Jeremy S, Andy M, Sarah L and Duncan G all taking part (sorry if missed anyone out).  A special mention to Emma G who did 2 swims and Andy M who did 2 runs to make up for a missing team member!
A few races today too – Lee H-H completed the Ellesmere 10K and Rob M the Derby 10K.

Inline image

In parkrun-world yesterday, Chris G made his pilgrimage to Bushy, Kurt, George, Rob, Sharon were trying out new Brooks trainers in Coventry, Dan K had position 1 at Braunstone, Katy H was at Rushcliffe, Abi A at Rutland Water, Kristy N and I at Hunstanton Promenade, Brian W at Jesmond Dene, Ian and Anne C at Abbey Park and Neil J at Holbrooks (new one in Coventry).
Coming up there are lots of people racing, starting with a couple of epic races: Anthony I is taking on the Rat Race “Man vs Mountain” on Saturday – 23 miles from Caernafon Castle (at sea level) right to the top of Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa and back down the other side to Llanberis – then on Sunday, Wayne H is tackling Ironman Wales in Tenby, a 2.4 mile sea swim, followed by a 112 mile hilly bike ride and topped off with a 26.2 mile run (a full marathon!).
And, of course, the small matter of the Rotherby 8 – the final LRRL race of the season – with a whopping 33 Striders entered.  Good luck everyone!  If anyone could offer Phil Warrington a lift, he would greatly appreciate it.
Wednesday outrun
It’s the final outrun of the season, meeting at the Bell pub, 2 Main St, Frisby on the Wreake, Melton Mowbray LE14 2NJ for a 7pm start.
We have one route this time, which I’ll lead, but may split into 2 pace groups.
The route is 5 miles and includes a few nettle patches and half a mile of road – road shoes would be fine but long socks recommended.  There were a few horses along the route today but no other livestock.
Friday lunchtime social run
Ian B is back to lead the social run this Friday, although coming back from injury so tell him to slow down if he’s running fast!
Meet in the Melton Country Park car park by the cafe at midday.
Sunday Rotherby 8 race
The race starts at 10am.  Hopefully we’ll have the tent and flag there to use as a meeting point.  See this link for more info:

Rotherby 8 2023 – Sunday 03 September 2023 – Signup via EventEntry

The grand finale of the Leicestershire road race league sees the third running of the Rotherby 8 around the beau…

It’s a tough race – save something for the long hill out of Ashby Folville – but then enjoy the downhill to the finish.

Week commencing 21st August

Hope you’re not feeling too low after watching the Lionesses narrowly miss out on winning the World Cup this morning – they should be proud of their achievements nonetheless.
Great to see so many Striders yesterday at the Melton parkrun takeover with many trying new volunteer roles.  Liz and Rich are always keen to welcome new volunteers so if you would like to help in future weeks, please don’t be shy.  As ever, there are always a few missing from the group photos – sorry about that.