8 May 2016 – Wymeswold Waddle

Sorry for the late report, but they all count.

The annual Wymeswold Waddle road race took place back in May of this year with 268 runners taking on the undulating 5 Mile course. Two things that I can remember of the day, it was extremely warm and Shane decided to run the 12 miles there as a warm up!

The results were as follows;
5th, Jason Barton, 28:55
42nd, Natalie Teece, 34:37
66th, Ben Pickard, 36:38
100th, Mike Brighty, 39:56
152nd, Shane Sharkey, 43:07
190th, Vanessa Walker, 46:15

3 Aug 2016 – Huncote Joy Cann 5 LRRL

So I do realise I have to do a few league runs and support the road runners in my role, actually if I’m honest I do like road `now and again` if in the right mood but a good reason to do this was the Stilton Striders club standards. If you’re not familiar with them they are a great way of getting an award at the Xmas dinner (!) or simply a good initiative to aim towards with road running, pretty sure mine was the former but after looking I had only one race to do well in to get a Silver award this year for my (Young) age category.http://www.stiltonstriders.co.uk/club-standards/

`Snowdon legs` and not resting afterwards gave an old injury time to rear its ugly head and the previous Saturday missed the 5K Silver award time by a mere 3 seconds (which could’ve been avoided by tying my shoes properly pre-race) so it was all about doing the biz at Joy Cann.

This was my first time running Huncote Harriers Joy Cann 5 and the knee had been pretty dodgy the days preceding, so much so I wasn’t even sure I’d make it past the warm up. The biggest disappointment was how fast the race sold out, a mere 4 or 5 days this year something I hope the league will remedy as I’m sure a lot more of our club would’ve liked to have raced. Still we have a good field of runners from Stilton and its real shoulder to shoulder at the start line where I line up besides fellow warriors Shane Sharkey and Mark Stoneley, looking forward we can see Jason Barton on the front line with Luke Eggleston immediately behind. It’s a quick start, not too much dodging and swerving needed, I think sticking to Mark (who actually unlike me uses a watch) is a good idea and we go out following Alex Toll of Barrow Runners. First mile in and someone clocks 6:00, just for the record Luke did 5:35! The winner Stuart Spencer`s average pace being 5:00!

From Huncote into Narborough it’s a mainly flat course, I back off at any uphill knowing my downhill form is good enough to catch up and settle in just behind Mark. Big problems arise at 2 miles when my knee pings, I pull over and thought that was it as I’m on the verge doing a quad stretch, oh to hell with it, I start a hobble to run beside Shane and eventually get going again. Could this be magic? Nope despite making up so much ground, the knee pings again just over 3 miles, another long quad stretch and wait for Shane (who is having similar problems with his hamstring). Get going for the last two miles but it’s with a bit of anxiety, decent pace but didn’t push for the glory just in case yet make it back with a crowd of solid runners. Mark had a great run of 31 minutes and although my result was far quicker than I thought it looks like I’m 10 seconds short of my Silver award, bah! Still a 6:45 average pace for a bloke with a well dodgy knee and two stops I can live with.

Our whole team did superb, although myself and Shane were the walking wounded we both did pretty well, John Houghton had another stormer as did Darren Glover, Jason Barton cemented himself as a major player with 6th place and a 5mile PB. Really good course and `if ` you can get in next year it’s a good race with great potential for PB`s , if not see you at Huncote pavilion in January for the Hash!  [Rob]

Full results: Joy Cann 5 website

20 Jul 2016 – Notts 5

Weds the 20th July and 5 of us made the trip to Nottingham Embankment for the Notts 5 road race, now in its 23rd year I’ve not done this version but it’s similar to the original course and still extremely flat, just 19 ft of elevation gain for the 5 miles (according to Strava).  Perhaps not perfect conditions for quick times as it was a bit on the hot side and there was a nagging wind which was quite tough in your face in parts but saying that some great times in a decent field of 273 finishers.
Won by Alistair Watson of Notts AC ( midland x country champion ) in 24.55 , not bad eh?
Anyway, first back for Striders with another brill run in 30th place Luke Eggleston 30 min 38 secs, he was chasing sub 30 but it’s only a matter of time, next was Darren Glover in 41st place 31 min 42 secs, I was hoping to get under 31 but happy with my run.
But run of the night must be Brian Walkling who was chasing a target of 38.20 to achieve his 3rd bronze standard target he brilliantly ran 38min 05 secs  for 129th position, great effort, marvellously paced by Ben Pickard who was just behind in 130th in same time (or was it Shane 😉 ) and our 5th runner was the ever improving Vanessa Walker in an excellent 236th place with 46 min 29 secs, great atmosphere and a bottle of beer at the finish so all good.

17 Jun 2016 – Beacon Hill Solstice Race

After last year’s resounding success of running round Leicestershire`s second highest point twice followed by Barbecue and beer worked so well even more Stilton Striders came along this year!

A quickly sold out field for this trail 5 miler got to the start line hot on the heels of the very noisy Canix division who set off 5 mins earlier. It had been very wet just an hour before start although luckily we got no more rain during or more thankfully after the race. Luke Egglestone quickly took the lead at the race start for the Striders contingent, have to admit a couple of times I thought I saw him wobble as in second place I made ground on him only for him to remain strong- a great testament to training! The first climb up the Beacon felt even longer this year and I backed off a tad on the descent letting technique help me get my breath back somewhat. Credit again to Luke who lost so much last year to myself on the descents really let go and was flying here, although the race is still in its infancy I feel slow going up from the plantation and the second climb up Beacon Hill.

Thankfully the legs do wake up again on the descent and I`m enjoyably sparring with a guy from Poplar RC (There’s so many!) , Luke is up and away and by the final pull I can just about see Mike Bryan in my rear headlight. Despite feeling like a clapped out old Ford Cortina I make it round about a minute faster than last year although at the time It certainly never felt like it!

The whole team make it in and it turned into a really great after party, big thanks to Mike Bryan, Rich Gray and the Houghton`s amongst the many who helped with making the after party so much fun and helping the club be as sociable and friendly as it is.

Luke Egglestone (32:59, 10th) Rob Beers (34:47, 20th) Mike Bryan (35:38, 26th)Simon Bottrill (36:26, 27th) Richard Gray (38.11, 35th) Ben Pickard (38:43, 42nd) John Houghton (38:47, 43rd)Katie Hateley( 38:57, 47th) Dan Valencia (38:59, 48th) Shane Sharkey(39:12, 51st)Lou Houghton (42:43, 83rd) Jon Wilson (43:06, 86th) Tony Allen(45:25, 61st ?) Kaye Mead (50:05,174th)Laura Pickard (50:51, 184th) Deborah Wilson (53:11 , 203rd) Jenny Kent (26:31, 223rd). [Rob]

12/13 Sep 2015 – Buxton 5k, Ipstones 5 and more

Buxton and District 5k:  Stuart Gregory was the only Stilton Strider to make his way to Buxton for their monthly 5km race. On a wet morning and competing in the event for the first time Stuart set a steady pace knowing that he would be running again later that day and completed his first Buxton 5km race finishing in 61st place with a time of 28.58.


Ipstones 5:  In his second race of the day Stuart Gregory headed slightly further south to the village of Ipstones in the Staffordshire Moorlands to take part in their annual 5 mile road race. Having already ran earlier that day it was nice to know that the race did not start until 3.30pm giving time to have a look around the village fate which takes place on the same day.

77 runners took to the start line on what was now a very pleasant afternoon (maybe a little to pleasant at times) as the first mile included 350 feet of ascent, before a very long 2 mile decent to the bottom of the hill.  By this point he had made up some ground after a steady start passing two runners ahead of a short but very sharp climb with just over 1.5 miles to go. The run in to the finish is predominantly down hill and having slowly closed the gap on a further two runners in the closing stages he managed to pass both of them with around half mile remaining and crossed the line in 71st place with a time of 52.34. A very well organized event and well worth £7.85 entry fee.


Team Alfie 5 mile race:  After two races the day before, Stuart Gregory was the only Stilton Strider to make his way to Wollaton Park for the team Alfie 5 mile race and joined 68 others on the start line. The race covers two laps and, having felt the pace after Saturday’s exploits, Stuart started towards the back of the field and remained there for the vast majority of the slightly shorter than 5 mile event to finish in 64th place overall with a time of 52.48.


Derby Athletics Festival 2015 – Mens (U20, Seniors and Masters) track mile: Stuart Gregory was the only Stilton Strider to make his way to Derby for the track mile, having already completed three races over the weekend this would be his fourth race in two days and complete a busy weekend of running. After arriving early to give his legs a chance to recover from the mornings race, it was soon time to get down to business and Stuart lined up with 7 others to take on the track. The first two laps went as planned before a slowing in Stuart’s pace saw him complete the final two laps much slower and completing the mile in 7.22.68 his fastest track mile to date and 54 seconds faster than Nottingham.  Having finished 7th overall it was confirmed after the race that Stuart had also finished as 3rd senior male, and some two hours after the race had finish was awarded his bronze medal.


5 August 2015 – Huncote Joy Cann 5 (LRRL summer league)

Following the heat of the Hungarton 7, the LRRL summer league returned with the 5 mile race in Huncote, the Joy Cann 5.  Cooler, overcast weather greeted the runners, with a sharp shower thrown in just as many runners were approaching the finish.

Making the most of the conditions on this undulating, but relatively flat, road course was Jason Barton who ran another PB to finish 6th Senior Male (8th position overall) in 27.41.  Also representing the Striders mens team were Luke Eggleston (32.58 PB), Rich Gray (34.11), Tam Nicol (35.29), Nicholas Smith (36.50 PB) and Stuart Gregory (46.10).

Striders’ ladies team was led home by Abi Arnott in 37.38 (PB), closely followed by Lou Houghton (37.56) and Celina Silver (44.16).

25 June 2015 – Holme Pierrepont Grand Prix race 2

Stuart Gregory and Jason Barton attended race two of the series at Colwick Park around the five mile circuit.  Jason set off at a strong pace on the mainly flat two lap course, meanwhile Stuart Gregory started at the back of the field and paced around at a steady pace. 

Jason Barton was the first Strider home in 4th place with a time of 28:21, next back some 25 minutes later was Stuart Gregory with a slightly improved pace resulting in him finishing 360th with a time of 53.49. The next race in the series is at Wollaton Park over a single lap 5km course. [Stuart]