The club is affiliated to England Athletics with the membership year running from 1 April to 31 March. All members (aged 11+) and volunteers must be registered. Should you wish to join the Striders, in addition to all our club runs, structured sessions and events, senior membership entitles you to:

  • Reduced race entry fees as an affiliated runner, usually £2 per race.
  • Access to a range of events through the year that are only available to club members.
  • 10% reduction on purchases at most running shops, including Melton Sports and other discounts.
  • Use of the Melton Sports Village facilities.
  • Insurance while you travel to, run and return from races and club runs.

Membership form is available on the Club documents page.

Fee Structure for 2023/24 – important for those joining from 1st Jan 2024

Due to the way England Athletics (EA) charges are levied, there are a couple of options available for any adults joining us later in the affiliation year depending on their circumstances:

Renewal Jan to Mar 2024 (anyone who’s ever registered with EA – with any club)

£20 for up to 3 months or £45 for up to 15 months

(club gets £3 for 3 months or £11 for 15 months, EA gets £17 for 3 months or £17 + £17 = £34 for 15 months).

New member joining Jan to Mar 2024, never registered before with EA

£20 for up to 3 months or £30 for up to 15 months

(gives an extra £15 discount for renewing for 15 months as the EA fees are only charged once – club gets £3 for 3 months or £13 for 15 months i.e. virtually the same amount as above).