No Watch Race

A traditional part of our summer outrun schedule, the no watch race will challenge your ability to estimate time and distance whilst on the run.  The location is announced a few days in advance, but the course is not announced until the day, with only a broad estimate of total distance shared with runners.

The ‘race’ is then a simple one – provide your estimated finish time to the organiser and whoever finishes closest (in number of seconds/minutes) to their prediction wins.

Use of any timekeeping device (watch, gps, mobile phone, etc) will result in immediate disqualification.  If running without any of these is a scary prospect, don’t worry we will let you know the precise distance and your time so you can still update your training diary / spreadsheet / blog / Facebook / Strava profile, etc.

As ever with our club events, this is all intended to be a bit of fun, and a chance for those not normally in contention for a race win to taste victory.

21st June 2023

This year 26 runners participated in the annual event run from the Hickling Basin as an out and back along the Grantham Canal returning to The Plough for post run drinks where Lewis Hyde was presented with his trophy for having the closest predicted/actual time of only 4 seconds difference.

Results as follows: 2023 No Watch Race

29th June 2022

This years event was run around the Hambelton Peninsula route with Paul Geeson having the closest time to his prediction ( 10 seconds out) closely followed by Mark Tyler ( 12 seconds)  and Robert Craig ( 27 seconds). Thanks to Andy, Katie and Matt for hosting.

27 Members ran in the 2021 event from the Nags Head Saltby around a clockwise 5.10 mile route. With Julie Ashby being the winner recording a time of 21 seconds outside her predicted time.

Name Predicted Time Actual Time Difference
Julie Ashby 00:44:00 00:43:39 00:00:21
David Hall 00:43:15 00:42:47 00:00:28
Celina Smith 00:48:00 00:47:30 00:00:30
Brian W 00:42:30 00:41:36 00:00:54
John Robinson 00:35:00 00:34:00 00:01:00
Ashley Milne 00:39:00 00:37:58 00:01:02
Nick Smilth 00:46:16 00:45:12 00:01:04
Natash Inns 00:47:20 00:46:07 00:01:13
Rory Mapletoft 00:33:00 00:31:40 00:01:20
David Brook 00:40:40 00:39:11 00:01:29
Jayne Martin 00:50:00 00:48:28 00:01:32
Zoe Wyrko 00:45:00 00:43:23 00:01:37
Tam Nichols 00:39:26 00:37:47 00:01:39
Nicola Taylor 00:40:50 00:39:08 00:01:42
Vicki Galbraith 00:42:10 00:40:25 00:01:45
Daryyl Hazelwood 00:40:00 00:38:13 00:01:47
Robert Craig 00:37:00 00:35:11 00:01:49
Chris Page 00:43:00 00:40:59 00:02:01
Simon Berg 00:40:00 00:37:40 00:02:20
Anthony Ison 00:39:00 00:36:36 00:02:24
Abi Arnott 00:47:30 00:45:00 00:02:30
Simon Dolphin-Rowland 00:40:00 00:37:25 00:02:35
Paul Geeson 00:39:40 00:36:54 00:02:46
Mark Tyler 00:39:15 00:36:26 00:02:49
John Martin 00:46:00 00:42:54 00:03:06
Karen Matthias 00:52:00 00:48:28 00:03:32
Andy Hart 00:37:30 00:33:45 00:03:45

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there wasn’t a race in 2020.

The 2019 event took place on Wednesday 14th August at 7pm from the village of Sproxton (the Crown Inn).  Reports/results here.


The 2016 event took place on Wednesday 10th August at 7pm from the village of Branston – meeting outside the Wheel Inn.  Report/results here.


The 2015 event took place on Wednesday 20th May at 7pm from the village of Hickling – meeting at the wide paved area next to the canal (i.e. opposite the pub).

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