No Watch Race

A traditional part of our summer outrun schedule, the no watch race will challenge your ability to estimate time and distance whilst on the run.  The location is announced a few days in advance, but the course is not announced until the day, with only a broad estimate of total distance shared with runners.

The ‘race’ is then a simple one – provide your estimated finish time to the organiser and whoever finishes closest (in number of seconds/minutes) to their prediction wins.

Use of any timekeeping device (watch, gps, mobile phone, etc) will result in immediate disqualification.  If running without any of these is a scary prospect, don’t worry we will let you know the precise distance and your time so you can still update your training diary / spreadsheet / blog / Facebook / Strava profile, etc.

As ever with our club events, this is all intended to be a bit of fun, and a chance for those not normally in contention for a race win to taste victory.

The 2019 event took place on Wednesday 14th August at 7pm from the village of Sproxton (the Crown Inn).  Reports/results here.


The 2016 event took place on Wednesday 10th August at 7pm from the village of Branston – meeting outside the Wheel Inn.  Report/results here.


The 2015 event took place on Wednesday 20th May at 7pm from the village of Hickling – meeting at the wide paved area next to the canal (i.e. opposite the pub).

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