We are members of Leicestershire Road Running League (“LRRL”), which is a series of around 12 races each year – usually around 5 in the winter league and 7 in the summer league. However, the 2020 and 2021 seasons were interrupted by Covid-19 restrictions.

The LRRL AGM (TBC October 20212) will agree the race dates, host clubs and distances for the 2022 season.

All date will be published snd shared with members when known.

Runners score points based on their finishing position both for their individual score, and towards their club’s team result.  All runners must wear club kit in these races.

For the winter league races many Striders meet at the Wilton Road car park in Melton just before 9am to share lifts to the race.  For 2016, 2017 and 2018, our own Stilton 7 was one of the races, as it will be again in 2019.


For details of changes from 2019, see below (now confirmed by LRRL).

In 2019 the league shall revert to a “split” system of being in two parts for individual competition, and one part for team competition.

The 12 league races shall be split into two groups of six – part 1 being the “Spring” league and part 2 being the “Summer” league.

For each mini-league, for individuals, an athlete’s best 4 of 6 races will count for their final score. This allows a participant to miss 2 races and still remain in contention for a prize.

For teams, to compensate clubs who cannot get full teams out for every race, they shall be allowed 2 dropped race scores across the 12 race series. A team’s final score will therefore be based on a best 10 of 12 races.

In addition, the age category prizes shall be extended above the age of 60 for 2019, for both genders, in increments of 5 years (65, 70, 75, etc).

For ALL age categories the following rules apply from 2019:-
A winners trophy will be awarded for each age category where a competitor has run the required 4 of 6 races in each series (3 for U20 to allow for age restrictions that apply on race licences) for both genders.

Further prizes up to 3rd (6th for Seniors) will be awarded on a minimum 3:1 runner to prize ratio for all age categories.

These changes were proposed to member clubs following the AGM/Open Meeting in November and were met with approval so have been in place since 2019.