Striders newsletter – June 2020

Hi all.

First of all I’d like to apologies for the lack of newsletters recently – it has been a difficult time for everyone since we went into lockdown early March.

In lieu of a normal newsletter I wanted to give all members an update on a few important matters.

Stilton Striders RC first ventured into the world of the World Wide Web (www.) just after the turn of the millennium and one of our members (Tim Hicks) developed our initial web site based on the Supanet platform. Since then we have had two further refreshes, the first undertaken by past member Christian Davidson and the current version was developed by one of our current members around six years ago Rich Gray.

The committee are now considering a further iteration and we are developing a specification to go out to market and appoint a professional web designer to take our webpage to the next level. That’s no disrespect to the members past and present who have taken the site to its current state and we appreciate their valued input and guidance.

Once we have developed the specification, which will cover our requirements and expectations, we will seek quotations from web designers. We are aware that there may be members who have close connections with appropriate web designers, either through family connections and / or have the ability themselves to be considered. Therefore, before we go out to market, is there anyone who wishes to be considered as part of this? Please respond to me at the Striders email to register your interest.

In addition, is there any member who would be interested in becoming the club’s web administrator, on a voluntary basis. We see this person being part of the committee to ensure close links between the committee and the new web page, principally updating and administering its content. In addition we would like the web administrator to be included in finalising with the committee the requirements and specification, as well as being part of the implementation process.
If anyone is interested, or would like to discuss it further please can you respond to me on this email by 8.00pm Friday 12th June as we are having our next virtual committee meeting then and we would like to discuss our next steps then.

On a separate note, we have just received further guidance from English Athletics (EA) relating to resumption of group coaching. EA’s approach is that five members plus one coach, can resume group coaching activities, albeit with further guidance on distancing and use of equipment. We will also be considering this in our committee meeting next Friday to work out the implications for our club.

As soon as we have further information to share I will update our members.
Kind regards and stay safe
Chris Genes SSRC Chair

Striders newsletter – July/Aug 2019

In this edition we profile a current club member (Greeba Heard), her incredible progress and motivation, then highlight members’ charitable fundraising efforts and revamp the London Marathon eligibility criteria for the club’s place(s) plus introduce our new race “the Bison Bash” as well as a round up of the many events over the last month or so.


From the newsletter team
Chris, Emma, Katie, Michael and Andy