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24th April 2024
Following the clubs usual Wednesday evening club run 45 members attended the clubs Annual General Meeting, held in the Clubhouse Lounge at Melton Football Club.
During the meeting Chris Genes stood down after five years in the role as Club Chair and Katie Houghton was elected to replace him as Chair. Andy Nicholls presented Chris with a memento  as a sign of appreciation from the club and committee.
Andy Nicholls continues as Treasurer with Emily Howett now taking on the role of Secretary with Jane Martin stepping down from the committee. Jane was presented with a gift of flowers from the club by  John Robinson as a thank you.
Others changes to the committee saw Kurt Wilson joining as Mens Captain along with John Houghton.  Ladies Road Captain – Nicola Taylor and Ladies XC Captain were also agreed however, neither will be committee members.
During the evening Andy updated those present on the club account for 2023/2024 and fees for the forthcoming season were set. (refer to membership page for details).
Other important items were discussed and agreed during the evening, including, but not limited to:
  • Winter club runs commencing at 6:30pm from September.
  • Outruns
  • An appeal to increase our small pool of Run Leaders
  • Potential use of Melton Town FC facilities as a club base.
  • Date for Three Club Challenge.
  • Charity donations from Stilton 7
13th December 
The club held its annual presentation evening at The Grange Garden Centre with a combined Junior and  Senior Section event. (refer to Juniors page for their details).. As usual the event was well attended and the following is a summary of the prizes and trophies awarded.
Overall during the 2023 season the club had the following success winning the following team events:
Derby Runner XC Division 2 Champions promoted to Division 1.
Three Club Challenge: Winners
LRRL Ladies Division 2 Champions promoted to Division One.
LRRL Veteran Ladies Division One Champions.
Two Senior Ladies did not receive their trophies at the LRRL presentation evening earlier in the year so were presented with them tonight; Rhiannon Baxter and Katie Hill.
In recognition of the Ladies Vets success all vet ladies who contributed to the overall team result received certificates.
Moving on to the individual awards the following were awarded certificates;
LRRL 100% races (nine in total). Rhiannon Baxter, John Houghton, Mark Preston*, Kurt Williams* and  Robert Mee*.  * certificates to be awarded later.
Derby Runner XC 100% races (five in total). Leigh Pick, Ian Bickle, Andy Nicholls and John Houghton.
Special award for 100% in both LRRL and DerbyRunner XC – John Houghton.
Special Recognition Award for Derby Runner XC Baking – Anne Genes
Club Standards: Three qualifying races times against age category.
Copper: Emma Gardner
Bronze: John Houghton, Mark Preston, George Wilson, Suzie Skelton and Chris Page.
Silver: Kurt Wilson, Katie Hateley- Houghton,Luke Knowles, In Craddock, Ian Bickle, Julie ashby, James Sutton, Rachel Wde and Rob Mee.
Gold: Rhiannon Baxter, Mark Stoneley, David Brook, Adam Hawkins, Dan Kelly and Christina Heerey.
County Standards: Five qualifying races times against age category.
Copper: Anthony Ison and Suzie Skelton.
Bronze: James Sutton, Mark Preston and George Wilson.
Silver: Julie Ashby, Ian Craddock, Nicola Taylor, Rob Mee and Kurt Wilson.
Gold: Mark Stoneley, Rhiannon Baxter, Mark Tyler, David Brook, Dan Kelly and Christina Heerey.
2023 Handicap Race Winner: Philip Warrington.
Most Improved Lady: Julie Ashby
Most Improved Male: Mark Preston
Veteran Lady: Katie Hateley-Houghton.
Veteran Male: David Brook.
Senior Lady: Rhiannon Baxter
Senior Male: Richard Pearson (not in attendance, Vanessa Walker holding his trophy)
Club Person of the Year: Mark Tyler.
15th December
The club met at Melton Sports to have their annual Christmas Tree light run around Melton – led by Michael Cook.
This years route went south of the river and took in some brilliant sights.
Following the run members returned to Charlie’s Bar where Emily Howetts name was draw out of the hat by last years winner – Emily will now be representing the club at this years London Marathon.

30th November
Tonight at the ‘Let’s Get Moving’ Awards presentation event our Ladies Vets Team, represented by Nikola Taylor and Suzie Skelton, collected the Runners-up  award in the Team of the Year category. Narrowly beaten by Melton Towns Walking Football Team. Who incidentally Vicki Lowe’s husband Tony plays for, so in effect Vicki had a foot in both camps.
This presentation evening came two weeks after the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) event at Hinckley Rugby Club where the Ladies Vets Team were awarded with the Division One Trophy. Pictured here are some of the ladies present.
The following is a summary outlining the ladies achievements for the 2023 LRRL season.


Stilton Striders Running Club (founded in 1982) are a nomadic road running club (having no formal physical base) who meet on the carpark of Melton Sports Village to undertake their running and training, no matter the weather, around the streets of Melton. As a club they have competed in the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) since their formation over 30 years ago.

The league puts on road races across the country attracting in excess of 500 competitors over distance ranging from 5 miles (8k) to half marathons (13.2 miles/21k). As a club SSRC had great success in the early days, especially with the men’s team dominating the top divisions. But for the majority of the existence of the league SSRC have just managed to hold their own across the different sections. However, since the lifting of Covid restrictions there has been a resurgence in membership, especially in the veteran categories (Male over 40 years and Ladies over 35 years). This year has been exceptional especially for the Stilton Striders Veteran Ladies Team.

Over recent years they have competed in and held their own in Division One. However, during the 2023 season they come into their purple patch and competing against 38 different Leicestershire Clubs, who members are in some cases current and past UK representative runners finally ended the season top of the league. The first race was our very own Stilton 7 back in February. These road races are not like running around a running track which is flat, but across some very tough and undulating road courses. The team also experienced exceptionally hot weather and torrential rain during the different races.

The makeup of the Veteran Ladies team consists of member aged 35 years and older and there are even a couple of the members who are just either side of 65 years old – a remarkable achievement not only to just run these races but also more impressively to finish in front many other runners a third of their ages. Collectively they have competed as a team supporting and encouraging each other and as a result of their combined efforts ended a 30 year wait to finally sit top of Division One, looking down on a number of much bigger Leicestershire Clubs who have the benefit of having bases, running tracks and stadiums which provides many additional supporting facilities as opposed to Stilton Striders nomadic existence meeting and training from a carpark.

This is a group of our ladies (Vets and Seniors) from the LRRL Rotherby 8 held in September.

What also makes their achievements more impressive is that running parallel to the Veteran Ladies Team is the clubs Senior Ladies Team (runners aged between 18 and 34 years) and under the league scoring structure some of the Veteran Ladies finished races high enough in the scoring to add to the Senior Ladies overall score and helped they come top of their respective division and gain promotion to Division One for next season. Impressive running by all our Veteran Ladies.

16th August

Thirty  members turned up outside the Nags Head in Saltby to participate in the clubs annual handicap race. Chris Genes (SSRC Chair) had calculated an anticipated time for each member to run the circular 4.75m undulating route, that was marshalled by a small but important team of volunteers. Philip Warrington set off first, with the other participants following behind at predetermined intervals (based on ) with Dan Kelly being the last runners to set off, some 36 minutes and 20 seconds after Philip. With the staggered / handicapped start it was planned – if Chris got his calculations correct – with a mass finish and dash to the line to determine the winner.

Philip being in effect the hare for everyone ran the race of his life and through grip and determination wanted to hold onto his pole position and managed to smash an incredible 8 minutes and 40 seconds off his handicap time to pass the finish line in first place. Following on behind in 2nd place was Luke Knowles with Wayne Hackett next after cycling 26 miles before hand and using the race as his ‘brick run’ as part of his triathlon training.

Full results can be found here 2023 Handicap Full Results

Once everyone had finish everyone moved to the beer garden to participate in well earned beverages where presentations were made to Philip, Luke and Wayne. A big thank you to Michael from Melton Sports who again donated vouchers (£25, £15 and £10)


14th July 2023

Adam Hawkins recently ran the Snowdonia Trail Marathon and here is his feedback.
“Thought I’d give you quick update of the Snowdonia trail marathon / really ultra as it was 27.5 miles via Garmin watch
Firstly thank you Brennan for the 20 week plan the hill reps and plan was awesome.
Thank you  Will  👏🏻 I went in feeling great after Mondays session and restful week with extra sleep etc.
Race went to plan with my mantra in my head “race starts at mile 19 ” so to not overcook it and then at mile19 and hitting Pyg track up Snowdon completely slow down and also to hopefully leave a bit in tank ish to be able to run the runnable down hill sections down Llanberis path.
Overall super stoked ‼️ probably my best executed race on trails so far in my short running history other than one thing but I digress.
Ran well within myself on flatter stuff getting in nice relaxed flow/rhythm and walked uphills where I felt required to leave a strong finish.
But on hitting the literal  climb/scramble at times  up the mountain I found my bits of power hiking up Bamford edge plus race plan I was passing plenty people just power hiking and was able to run short flatter or slight grade sections . So my mantra had worked as those who passed me at start or during the race I started to reel in can’t remember exactly but about dozen at least on the climb up Snowdon. Was a tough climb up but no stopping and was nice to see the top
The calf’s give me flinches etc but that’s always the case just kept on electrolytes .
Downhill on Llanberis path start down to where the train was and little further past this was a steep grade and very loose scree etc but was going down with plan of safely getting down but still moving quicker than uphill. Even here still passing people !
Once we hit more more runnable path ways especially gravel ones got into rhythm 🎵 and started hunting the next one ahead ran down next few miles at 7 /7:10 pace which at this stage of race no hip flexor or quad break down here .
Know the funny bit as I was moving super well and doing what i love descending we got close to the road know final stretch into Llanberis and finish with the target sub 5 for 27 ish miles . Could see the next victim ahead about 100 so metres down road just got too final two metres of technical path after the last gate , then probably legs didn’t want to keep up with ambitious downhill running but I started falling in slo motion at one point I thought I’d regained my balance but no know on a very quiet single track road I took my first fall on the final two metres of trail 🤣🤦🏻 . The Guy in front stopped shouted if i was alright,  luckily I had got hands out so that and forearm took the brunt but quickly dusted myself /and my pride off and then thought this is downhill road great , squirted some clean water on my hands and arms started running passed the guy in front thanked him for his concern , fist pumped congratulated him on fine run and took off again down the road took another few places on the last mile or son on road. My legs did feel tired once we hit flatter more undulating even bit calf cramp but short few metres walking and sucked up final 800 metres of off road and headed onto the finish line. Not passed once from the start of the climb up to Pen y Pass to the finish line so roughly mile 17 ish to 27.5 consistently passing people. Unsure at least 20-30 tbh I lost count and also was more focused on my footing well that didn’t go as well later 🤦🏻.
Don’t get me wrong it was super tough climb but just kept eating fuelling small compact fast steps and got it done . I took in views on the first 17 miles not so much down Snowdon but took few good looks on views up Snowdon and loads on and round Snowdonia beautiful day for it the scenery awesome as well .
The stats for the 27.5 miles trail race.
Chip Time 4h 56 M 56
Gun Time 4:57:02
13th overall 
11th in Male category
Top 5 /5th in very competitive age group 40-49
Marathon distance time roughly 4h 45m 38 s”

28th June 2023

Following a four year absence due to Covid-19 restrictions 36 Striders turned up at the Grange Garden Centre to participate in the rebirth of the Three Club Challenge. Although the race is designed to be an informal social event there is still a strong competitive edge between the three clubs – Wreake, Barrow and Stilton. For more information and history of the event refer to the Three Club Challenge page.

The race started and finished outside the new Grange caravan site’s cafe and consisted of a multi terrain loop of a route heading towards the edge of Melton Mowbray then out along footpaths, crossing fields to Kirby Bellars before returning back to The Grange where they encountered the final hilly section home.
Scoring is calculated on the total position points based on the number of runners finishing for the smallest team. The route was marshalled by a band of Striders and their contributions were appreciated by all.
This year we had to make an adjustment to  the scores, which was agreed between the three clubs post race, to compensate for the first three runners taking a wrong turn adding distance to their run before they ‘caught up’ and finished in 11th, 12th and 13th positions. The adjustments did not make any changes to the overall result.
After the race the majority of participants stayed behind for well deserved beverages and the social aspect of the evening.
Once everyone was seated and settled Chris Genes ( SSRC Chair) announced the final team scores based on the first 24 runners for each club.
Wreake Runners  1136 points
Barrow Runners 825 points

Stilton Striders 695 points

Katie Hateley-Houghton (Run Director) receiving 3CC trophy from Chris Genes (SSRC Chair)

17th June 2023

Last night a small group of Stiders took on the challenging Rise of the Phoenix 5 mile race up (twice) and around Beacon Hill in very warm evening conditions.

Running before the main race Max and Harlan ran in the junior race. Here they are showing off their well earned medals.

29th May 2023

The races are coming thick and fast – with West End 8, the Livingston Relays and the Swithland 6 on 3 consecutive weekends.
So back to this weekend and the vet ladies team lead the Striders home with a 2nd place, only 5 seconds behind the winners! Here’s Nicola T, Vicki L and Katie H with GB international Gemma Steel who – unsurprisingly – recorded the fastest ladies time of the day.
Inline imageWe had a total of 5 teams competing – well done everyone.  Can we get more teams next year, including some juniors too?

Elsewhere, Julie A ran a PB at the Mull of Kintyre half marathon and Emma G rode the Ride London 100 miler (does she ever rest?!).
Coming up soon – on Saturday 10th June – Striders are again doing a takeover at Melton parkrun, providing many of the volunteers that day including 10 pacers at times of between 22 mins and 34 mins.  Please let Mark Tyler know if you’d like to be a pacer or me if you can help in other ways.  We mainly need marshals and a tailwalker but also one barcode scanner, which could be done by a faster runner after running (say under 24 mins). And if anyone is injured at the moment, perhaps being a focal point for walkers by taking on the parkwalker role would suit you.  As ever, we really would like to see as many of you there as possible, in whatever capacity, to show us as a friendly club to prospective members.


24th May 2023

Stilton Striders Running Club (SSRC) hosted the Stilton 7, the first road race of the 2023 season for the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) back in February. SSRC have always tried to keep entry fee’s down to a minimum, especially during this time of financial pressures on households’ disposable income. The event was a great success, attracting 550 of the best road running athletes from across the county.

As is the tradition SSRC always donate 50% of the nett race surplus to charities that have a local and or tangible connection with the members of the club. This year the two recipient charities were Re-Engage and Rainbows Hospice.

On Wednesday evening, prior to the clubs Outrun from Thorpe Satchville representatives of both organisations attended to each receive a cheque for £265.00.

Rachel Wade explained briefly about her charity “Re-Engage is a national charity within towns and villages setting up their own groups. Here in Melton Mowbray we really run on a volunteer basis looking after 30 guests. These guests have to be over 75 and live on their own. Once a month, usually the last Sunday of the month one of the local villages puts on an afternoon tea and we take them there where they sit and chat, make connections and sometimes the villagers put on a quiz or a sing song. Before I (Rachel) took over 4 years ago the group did not have a party in August so I decided to put something on that was different but at a cost, so I always try to raise money for the charity through my Facebook page. This August I am taking the guests on the Rutland Belle for a special outing on Rutland Water so your kind and appreciated donation will go towards that.”

Kym Posey kindly accepted the cheque on behalf of Rainbows Children’s Hospice, Loughborough. Early last year Kym’s 10-year-old son, Lucas, was sadly diagnosed with an inoperable brain cancer. Lucas stayed at Rainbows Hospice towards the end of last year where all the staff got to meet this special boy. The Hospice provide invaluable care and support for not only the children but for all of the loved ones involved, it truly is a special place.

Pictured below are Kym Posey (holding the dog) representing Rainbows receiving her cheque from Katie Hateley-Houghton (Stilton 7 Race Director) and Rachel Wade (Re-Engage) receiving her cheque from Andy Nicholls (SSRC Treasure and part of Stilton 7 organising group).

11th May 2023

London Marathon.

Have you ever considered running a marathon? Have you have ever wondered what is involved in getting a London Marathon place, how do you prepare for it, or what it is like to experience the event.

Greeba Herd (an experienced marathon runner) together with Mark Preston and Vicki Galbraith (who both ran London for the first time) have been kind enough to response to a post-race questionnaire that may help address you queries.

Was this your first London Marathon (LM) – if not how many previous ones have you run.  Greeba: I have previously run 4 London marathons (one virtual and 3 in person). Mark; Yes. Vicki: Yes, my first LM. Indeed, my first ever marathon.

Why did you want to the LM?  Greeba: It is such an iconic race. I lived and worked in London for many years and always went to watch when it was on. This made me keen to experience the atmosphere as a participant rather than a spectator. Mark: Achievement after a tough year. Vicki: Because it’s such an iconic race.

How did you get your entry?  Ballot, Charity Place or. Club place.  Greeba: I have been fortunate to gain a Good For Age entry for all the LMs I have completed. Mark: Club ballot place. Vicki: I was lucky to get a ballot place.

If it was a ballot entry how many times had you entered before being successful. Greeba: Before I achieved GFA I had one unsuccessful ballot entry. Mark: First time in club ballot. Vicki: 5 times.

If you were running for a charity how easy was it to raise your funding?  Greeba: Although I didn’t have a charity place, I have still run for charity a couple of times now. People’s generosity always amazes me. Mark: N/A. Vicki: N/A.

Did you plan to “run” the event or set yourself a target time?  Greeba: I don’t ever set myself a target time – I prefer to run to feel on the day and see how it goes. Mark: Sub four hours target. Vicki: I had a broad idea of the pace ~I wanted to run, but didn’t set a target.

When did you start your specific LM training? Greeba: January. Mark 2nd January. Vicki: Early January.

How would you describe your base fitness when you started your LM training. Greeba: I ran the London marathon in October 22 so in between that one and the April one I kept things ticking over with gentle running so already had a pretty good level of fitness prior to this year’s event. Mark: Decent. Vicki: Reasonably good – I was running regularly, approx. 20-25 miles per week with some long runs.

Did you set yourself a training plan. Greeba: No set plan although I do try and train to heart rate. Mark; Yes. Vicki: Yes, 16 week plan downloaded from Runners World.

Did you change your diet as part of the training plan – if so how.  Greeba: No changes other than slightly higher carb intake once I was up to longer training runs. Mark: Not really, regretfully. Vicki: Not radically, I just tried to eat healthily and upped the protein intake.

What was your training plan time and how many weeks was the plan. Greeba: 16 weeks. Typically, I run 4 times a week – 3 shorter runs (around 7 miles) and one longer run at the weekend. Mark: 16 weeks. Vicki: 16 weeks running, 5 days a week.

Did you stick to your plan?  Greeba: Although I didn’t follow a set plan, I maintained frequency of runs throughout training weeks. Mark: Pretty much, but assessed and adapted accordingly. Vicki: Yes – just with slight variations due to illness and occasionally had to run on different days due to work commitments.

Did you have any injuries and/or setbacks during your training plan.  Greeba; I have been very fortunate and had no real injuries other than a tight hamstring. Mark: Not really. Vicki: I had a virus that lasted around four weeks.

If so, how did you compensate for your plan. Greeba: Increased stretching and a little bit of acupuncture. Mark: N/A. Vicki: I had to take 3 days off one week, but generally I could still run even though I felt a bit off. I just slowed the runs down a little bit for a couple of weeks but still kept to the milage.

Did you run on your own during your plan or did you run with others. Greeba; Lower mileage runs usually on my own but the longer weekend run was normally with a friend(s). Mark: Both. Long runs alone which I preferred. Vicki: Mix of the two. Shorter runs usually on my own, intervals always on my own. Long runs with fellow Striders.

How did you feel either running on your own or running with others. Greeba: Sometimes I like the solitude of running alone with just my music and thoughts for company as it helps me process the day, but I absolutely love the social aspect of running with friends. Mark: Both benefited. Vicki: I don’t mind – longer runs are always good to do with others.

Did you receive any ‘training advice’ and how helpful was this. Greeba: Run long, run slow is a game changer! Mark: Yes. Chris, Andy, John and Wayne were most helpful. Paula Ratcliffe running book as good. Vicki: Lots of advice from fellow runners, but no coach involvement or paid for advice. Advice from people who have run marathons before is always helpful.

How did you approach the training plan taper period.   Greeba: Mid weeks run distance remained the same but longer weekend run mileage gradually reduced over 2 weeks. Week of the marathon I did just 2 short runs – one 5 mile and one 3 mile. Mark: As previous tapers. Text book. Bring it all in. Intensity and volume. Vicki: I did what the plan said and stuck to it.

Did you feel confident at the end of your plan that you had prepared as well as you could have. Greeba: Not this time as heading into this year’s Marathon I definitely didn’t feel as fit as I would do usually. However, this could have been due in part to having had my kidney removed last year. Mark: Run wise, yet not weight wise. Put on extra eight pounds during process. Vicki: Yes, the plan gave me confidence.

Did you go to the LM experience to collect your race number? Greeba: Yes. Mark: No birthday and LCFC dictated. Collected by fellow Strider entrant. Vicki: Yes, I travelled on the Wednesday as I was able to combine it with a work meeting. Glad `I did as it was quiet and no queues involved. Went with fellow Striders too.

Did you stay overnight before the event. Greeba: Yes. Mark: Yes. Vicki: Yes.

On the day of the event how did you feel. Greeba: Nervous but excited.  Mark: More nervous than ever before. Vicki: I was nervous but I felt ready to do it.

What did your breakfast consist of? Greeba: Porridge and Greek yoghurt . Mark: Standard Sunday breakfast. Vicki: Two banana’s, 1 oat bar, pain au chocolat, cup of tea,

Was the pre start experience what you expected. Greeba: Yes, as have been lucky enough to experience it before so I knew what to expect. Mark: I had no expectations.  Vicki: I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew in advance how the lorry/baggage system worked, etc. Which was helpful.

During the event did you follow a LM pacer? Greeba: No. Mark: I didn’t see one. Vicki: No – was tempted though.

How were the first few miles – Greeba: congested or easy to get into your running zone. Fairly congested but it soon thins out a little so you can get into your stride. Mark: Wasn’t too bad at all. Vicki: First few miles were OK – got congested later on.

Did you start off too quickly because of the experience or did you start to your race pace? Greeba: I always start off too quick!! Despite this I never seem to learn the lesson. Mark: Little bit too quick but comfortable. Vicki: I managed to keep to the pace I wanted to, was determined not to go too fast.

How did you find taking on fluids during the event. Greeba: Fine – used the water bottles they provided en route. Mark: Fine. Four SIS gels worked. Water (sips) when I felt I need them at water stations. Vicki: I used the water stations, didn’t carry water. Was easy enough to keep hydrated.

Did you use any energy supplements. Greeba: Yes – caffeine gels. Mark: Four SIS gels. Vicki: Yes – five energy gels.

What was the most memorable part of the route. Greeba: urning the corner toward Tower Bridge and hearing the ‘wall of noise’! It always makes me really proud and super emotional. Mark: Tower Bridge for me. The noise was incredible. I was more with it then at 13m to take it in. Vicki: Tower Bridge, Westminster and the final

Did anything motivate you during the event. Greeba: All the cheers and support from the crowds. Having my name on my t shirt made a difference as it always gives an extra boost when someone shouts your name. Also, all the children with some of the funniest signs I have ever seen. Mark: The crowd. Vicki: The crowds cheering, music being played along the route, thinking about motivational things had said beforehand.

Did you have any supported who went down to watch you. Greeba: Husband and children.  Mark: Fellow Striders on the course (thank you). Vicki: Yes, Striders running friends, my husband asnd children, my sister and niece.

Did you see them. Greeba: Yes. Mark: Yes. Vicki: Some of them. Hasrd to spot in crowded areas.

Did they add any motivation / help for your run. Greeba: I am very lucky as I have an incredibly supportive husband who even though he doesn’t run is an amazing motivator and cheerleader. Also, my 3 boys are always super supportive. Mark: Yes. Vicki: Yes, always good to get support along the way from people who care about you.

Did you keep to your ran plan/pace OK. Greeba: I ran to feel so was pleased with how the race went. Mark:23m-25m struggled due to IT band ceasing up at pace I ran – after that fine. Vicki: Yes – pretty much what I wanted. I wanted  to run a bit faster at the end, but had no energy for upping the pace.

Did you hit ‘the wall’ at any point. If so where/when? Greeba: No. Mark: 22.5m. Vicki: No – I felt like I was on the edge of it at mile 23, but maintained a pace I thought I could handle and didn’t push it. Focused on keeping heartrate at a manageable level.

How did ‘the wall’ affect you? Greeba: N/A. Mark: Decided to walk/run for a bit to reduce damage to race pace overall – worked JUST! Vicki: N/A.

How did you finish the event. Greeba: Happy and smiley for the cameras! Mark: Sprint finish. 5:16 mile pace – saved my sub 4:00 hours aim. Vicki; In a state ofc relief. Feeling tired but generally OK.

Has your finish time against what you had planned for.  Greeba: I hadn’t set myself a target time so am really pleased with the time. Mark: Just!! Vicki: It was in the zone I hoped for.

Were you pleased or disappointed with your finish time.  Greeba: Pleased. Mark: Elated. Vicki: Pleased.

What did you do/experience immediately after the event. Greeba: Called my husband and twin sister. Mark: Exhaustion. Emotion and Satisfaction. Vicki: I was relieved and very happy to be over the line. I walked a short way and then my legs felt so incredibly tired I had to sit down for a while, along side others doing the same! I was very thirsty so made sure I had a big drink.

How did you recover immediately after the event, such as stretch of anything else.  Greeba: Quick stretch, hot bath and compression socks and a little alcohol and pick and mix sweets. Mark: Tried to stretch but too painful. Free burger and beer at Bills Covent Garden. Vicki: I was very stiff/crampy when I sat down. I tried to stretch but it was difficult. I sat for 15 minutes or so and rested and then felt a bit better and able to move around again.

How did you feel later during the day. Greeba: Buzzing. Mark: Very happy with it all. Sore. Vicki: Tired, but was able to walk around a mile orc so back to the tube and then to the hotel with no problem (although obviously slowly!)

How did you feel the next morning. Greeba: A little hungover but also proud.  Mark: Tight. Exhausted. Nothing like I had felt before. Vicki: Generally tired, but surprisingly I was able to navigate the stairs and walk around OK.

How did you feel over the next few days. Greeba: Generally good but very hungry. Mark: Recovered quite quickly. Vicki: I still felt tired and my legs ached, but nothing too painful. Was still able to work (desk-based job). Main issue was sore toes and black toenails.

How long did you take off recovering before you ran again. Greeba: I plan to take a couple of days off and then try a very steady recovery run (single digit only). Mark: Three days. Striders short route on the Wednesday. Vicki: Intending to take at least a full week off – possibly two.

Upon reflection was you pleased with your run. Greeba: Yes very. Now time to focus on training for Chicago! Mark: The run, yes. Weight management would have helped it to be more enjoyable though. Vicki: I was pleased with my run, I managed to keep the pace down so I didn’t get too much discomfort and could run all the way without walking. Heart-rate was at a steady pace and I didn’t push it too high. I felt in control of the run and finished in a time `I was happy with, but which leaves with something to aim for next time!

Upon reflection would you or should you have done anything differently.  Greeba: Not particularly as all in all the day went well. Mark: Eat better in the weeks before. Vicki: I’m glad `I followed a proper raining plan and stuck to it pretty much. I would use the same approach next time but perhaps push myself a bit more on the interval sessions

1st May 2023

Thirty eight members attend the clubs AGM held in the Pitch-side Lounge at the home of Melton Town Football Club. The meeting was chaired by Club Chair Chris `Genes supported by Treasurer Andy Nicholls.

All members contributed though out the and their attendance and contributions were appreciated.

Headline points to note are as follows:

    • All committee members were re-elected for 2023/2024
    • Emily Howett was elected as a new committee member.
    • The clubs Constitution was updated and adopted.
    • It was agreed that membership fees for 2023/2024 again remain unchanged for another tear.
    • The clubs accounts for 2022/2023 were approved.

Please refer to attached link to review the full minutes of the AGM 2023 AGM Minutes

9th April 2023

An email has been sent out to all members inviting all to the clubs AGM 8:30pm Wednesday 26th April to be held on Melton Town FC’s Club House.

Minutes from 2022  attached here AGM Minutes April 2022 together with  Agenda April 2023 AGM Agenda

6th March 2023

With the seasons now moving rapidly forward and we have completed our winter country series we need to start planning for spring and summer.
Firstly, with year end being 31st March we will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to which you will all be invited to attend. Details will be sent out nearer the time, but in the meantime please put Wednesday 26th April into your diaries 8:30-9:30pm following the usual club night run/s.
With regards to Wednesday evenings club runs we shall be recommencing our ever popular and well supported ‘Outruns’. For our newer members this involves meeting up at a village pub and running together across bridleways and footpaths, returning back to the pub for well earned refreshments and/or the chips. Of course you don’t have to stay behind after the run – that is entirely up to the individual.
We are planning to start the ‘Outrun’ season, on Wednesday 4th May from The Grange Garden Centre where John Houghton will host us and will be providing his usual cheesy chips and garlic bread..
However, to continue through until the August Bank Holiday, (when we return to the streets of Melton) we do require volunteers to come forward to organise and lead the runs. Usually members work in pairs – one leading a longer route of approx 6-7 miles and the other to lead a shorter route of around 4-5 miles. There are many tried and tested routes available on the website – or you can plan a new route/pub if you want to.
We do not run every Wednesday as an Outrun because we still like to meet up and run from MSV occasionally to cater for those members who cannot or do not want to run the outruns.
If you are happy to lead one of the Outruns please respond to this email so that I can build up a programme of dates/venues etc. 
So far the following dates are not available for an Outrun.
Wednesday 21st June – No Watch Race
Wednesday 2nd August – Joy Cann LRRL Race
Wednesday 16th August – Club Handicap Race.
The final Outrun date will be Wednesday 24th August, which traditionally is our ‘Cake Run’. Volunteers required to arrange the route for this one as well.
If you are interested in volunteering and have not lead an Outrun before and want to discuss it please speak to a committee member.
Please be aware that to put on a successful season of Outruns we do need support and help from members.
Thank you in advance for your support.

24th January 2023

Tonight after more than 25 years Di Underwood and Richard Cox said a sad farewell to coaching the juniors. Grateful parents presented Di with flowers and Richard chocolates as a sign of gratitude. Andy Nicholls, on behalf of the clubs committee presented them both with a certificate of recognition and appreciation of their dedication and commitment to coach and support our junior members – many of these have developed and become excellent senior athletes , thanks their coaching skills . In addition  they were also presented with a gift voucher from M&S and The Grange Garden Centre respectively as a token of thanks for turning out in all weathers. They will both be missed.
The good news is that John Robinson and Ian Johnson will continue to build on the good work started by Di and Richard and will look after our juniors going forward.

14th January 2023 Stilton Striders RC Awards

Over 60 members and guests attended the annual awards evening at The Grange Garden Restaurant. Note that due to the Covid19 pandemic there were no awards presented for 2020 & 2021.

During the evening guests participated in a very competitive and fun quiz hosted by Club Chair Chris `Genes and before the presentations commence a buffet was enjoyed by all.

All of the clubs committee participated by presenting the following awards to:

Certificates for first Ultra’s completed in 2022.

Dukeries 30k Leigh Pick.

Equinox 100k Rob Mee, Julie Bass, Josh Dadd and Rhiannon Baxter.

Anthony Ison  Dukeries 40k, Longhorn 60k, Equinox 100k and The Wall 70 miles.

Certificate for 100% Derby XC. 5 races 2021/22 Season . Ian Bickle, Andy Nicholls, John Martin, Jane Martin and Leigh Pick.

Certificates for 100% LRRL 2022 Season 6 races : Rob Mee ,Mike Williams and Vicki Lowe

LRRL individual winners:

Rhiannon Baxter 6th Senior ladies,

Vicki Lowe 2nd FV50,

Vanessa Walker 1st FV60

Mens Div 3 promotion: Rob Mee, Mike Williams, Josh Dadd, Dan Kelly, Anthony Ison, Duncan Green, Jason Barton, Mark Tyler, and Jamie Dean (min 4/6).

Club Standards

Copper: Emily Howett

Bronze;  John Martin; Kurt Wilson

Silver Mike Williams; Jane Martin; Mark Tyler; Vanessa Walker; Michael Marston; Daniel Kelly

Gold: Rhiannon Baxter

County Standards

Copper: Anthony Ison; Elimy Howett

Bronze: Mike Williams; Robert Mee

Silver; Vanessa Walker; Mark Tyler; Daniel Kelly

Gold: Rhiannon Baxter; Josh Dadd

Handicap Race: Louise Bridgeman

Individual Club Awards

Most Improved runner:

Female: Rachel Wade

Men:   Robert Mee


Female:  Vicki Lowe

Male:  Josh Dadd


Senior Female: Rhiannon Baxter

Senior Male (Ray Walker Cup)   Jason Barton

Club Person Award 2022: Andy Nicholls

12th January 2023

I’m not sure if all of our members, especially our newer members, are aware that we also have a junior section that has produced over time some excellent runners.
Recently there has been a significant change in the coaching team with long standing and respected coaches Di Underwood and Richard Cox both retiring after almost 30 years of coaching our juniors.
Going forward John Robinson and Ian Johnson with take on the coaching responsibilities, initially on Tuesday evening and then hopefully later Thursday evenings as well. The committee will support them going forward where we can. Good news is that John has also joined the committee as a link between seniors and juniors.
There may be times, due to work commitments, illness , holidays etc when either John or Ian cannot attend the Tuesday training session. If and when this happens they would have to cancel the training because one Coach/run Leader cannot understandably safely manage the session.
On behalf of the juniors I am making an appeal to see if any of our  senior members  would be willing to be on a list of ‘back ups’ if and when the need may arise. The role would not be in a coaching role, but as a responsible adults so we can safeguard the juniors at all times.
If you are prepared to be added to a  ‘back up list’ please contact John by email to  and he’ll be happy to discuss it further with you.
Stay safe
Chris Genes
(SSRC Chair)

9th December 2022

Following the annual Christmas light run from Melton Sports (thank you Michael for hosting) we retired to Charlies Bas for a festive pre Christmas drink – or two.

During the evening we held our draw for the club 2023 London Marathon club entry. This year due to the effects and restrictions from Covid 19 we relaxed the criteria for inclusion in the draw to 1.) two years full membership and 2.) proof of rejection for individuals London marathon application. Note that next year the third criteria will applied – to have run at least two races for the club in either/or a LRRL or Derby Runner XC race.

Mark Preston was drawn first out of the hat and he is now the clubs representative on 23rd April 2023 – good luck Mark, do yourself and the club proud,

2nd December 2022

Race Director Katie Hateley-Houghton is pleased to announce that the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) have agreed to us hosting the first league race of the 2023 season on Sunday 26th February 2023.
The Stilton 7 will follow the same tried and tested two loops seven mile route taming in some challenging hills.
A small sub-group consisting of Katie, Andy Nicholls and John Martin are busy working up the details to ensure the event continues to be successful.  John is collating a list of volunteers to help before, during or after the event. If you are available and want to help out please let John know.
Details of entries will be sent to SSRC members and LRRL club representatives nearer the date.
26th June 2022
Striders epic nine Leicestershire parkruns in a day.
Members Matt Taylor, Andy Nicholls and Ian Bickle along with John Kerr took on the challenge to run all Leicestershire’s parkruns in a day – as well as raising charity funds.
Read about their epic day here as well as finding out how you can add to their fundraising . Leic parkruns for Striders
10th April 2022
Annual General Meeting
Can I remind everyone that our AGM will be held at 8:30pm on Wednesday 27th April in the Rugby Club bar/Dance Studio immediately after the evening session. Please please attend as we need to be quorate to vote on our new proposed fee structure for 2022/2023. Agenda will be sent out within the next week – if you want to add anything to the agenda please contact me.
Summer Outruns
Summer Outruns start the following week, 4th May, from the Grange Garden Centre, details to follow nearer the date. Thank you to the few volunteers coming forward to lead additional Outruns – however, we require a few more volunteers to lead a few more. Please contact me if you are prepared to help us out. A schedule will shared soon.

26th March 2022
Learn a life saving skill and raise money for Ukraine War Disaster all in one evening, as well as having a beverage or two!
Katie Hateley from FoxMedics First Aid Training will be delivering a CPR and Defibrillator training session, as well as offering other handy tips on contacting 999 in a remote location. The Grange will be kindly hosting the event and will also be generously donating the bar proceeds to the Ukraine War disaster. It will be held on Tuesday April 12th at 7pm and only costs £10, all money raised going to the charity. If you would like to reserve a place then please email Thank you

23 March 2022
As restrictions have been lifted we are moving back to our usual Annual General Meeting (AGM) timescale.  If you recall restrictions meant that in October 2020 we held a virtual AGM and last years AGM was only just back in October. Our year ending 31st March audited accounts will not be available until early April and with the two week Easter school holidays mid month we are going to hold our AGM on Wednesday 27th April starting at 8:30pm in the Dance Studio/Rugby Club Bar Melton Sports Village. Please put this date in your diaries.
Agenda etc will be sent out at least two weeks prior but in the meantime please let me know if you want anything adding to the agenda for members to discuss during the meeting.
As usual there is a plea from me to attend because under our Constitution we require a minimum of 30 members or 20% membership numbers to attend to make the meeting quorate. This is important because collectively we need to agree the committee’s proposals for our fee structure for 2022/2023 (amongst other items). Your participation and voting do matter for the running of our club.
Moving on from the AGM we are going to commence our Summer Outruns on Wednesday 4th May from J&L Garden Centre (The Grange). John and Katie will host us again and we can expect the usual extra garlic bread, fries and the bar being open following a beautiful, scenic, flatfish jaunt along the Wreake Valley. Watch this space for further information.
For new members these Outruns are generally off road from a village hostelry, where we run together across bridleways and footpaths, taking in countryside you may have only seen in the distance from your car or bike before. Its amazing what countryside we explore before we finish for a chat, drink and quite often a post run snack – chips in the basket being a particular favourite. These runs are suitable for all abilities and for many are the highlight of running with Striders on a Wednesday evening.
However, to host these Outrun we rely on members to make themselves available to lead and/or guide us out and back. We are therefore looking for volunteers to step forward to ‘host’ an Outrun.
What we require from volunteers for an Outrun is to nominate a date and venue of their choice. Identify two routes, one being say 6-7 miles, the other being shorter and can form part of the longer route, along footpaths, bridleways, canal paths etc. Ideally we need two volunteers for each Outrun (one for each route) and prior to the date having checked the route for any potential issues, such as cattle in fields, diversions etc.
If you’d like to volunteer but are uncertain on a route you can find a lot of our past Outrun routes on our website that you can use. Also if you just want lead the shorter route I’ll pair you up with someone who’ll lead the longer route. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.
In the first instance please respond to me at as I’ll be developing a calendar of Outruns across the summer, subject to members volunteering in hosting them.
Stay safe all.
Chris Genes
(SSRC Chair)
14 March 2022

On Saturday Andy Nicholls ( Stilton Striders Running Club) Treasure presented at the Watermead parkrun’s Visually Impaired (VI) event a cheque for £247 – being 50% of the residual amount from the LRRL Stilton 7 race to a representative of Vista – a Leicestershire and Rutland based charity that supports people and their families who are either blind or visually impaired.
You may recognise Leigh Pick ( left on photo) who is an active runner with SSRC and has recently completed all five of the 2021/2022 The Derby Runner Cross Country League races with her guide Nick Pryke – no mean feat even running with 20/20 Vision.
Jane Macnaughton accepted our cheque on behalf of Vista.

28th February 2022
In the most perfect weather conditions over 500 of Leicestershire top road running athletes lined up outside ‘The Stute’ on Asfordby Hill to compete in the first race in the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) series for 2022. The race involved two 3.5mile loops taking in both the hills up past Welby Church and also Asfordby Hill (twice) which involved 152 metres (498 feet) climbing, the same as three Nelson Columns meaning the route is one of the most challenging in the country. This did not deter the runners, who were well supported at various vantage points around the route.  First finisher was Matt Scarsbrook who runs for Badgers Running Club from Atherstone is a very impressive time of 36:46. First Lady back was Rebecca Randal representing Shepshed Running Club in 43:15.  First Stilton Strider home was Jason Barton in 6th position overall in 39;22 with Rachel Wade smashing her previous 7 mile personal best time to record 52:27 to finish 18th female. Other Striders who completed the race was Duncan Greene (47:48), John Robinson (48:36), Robert Craig (50:52), Mark Tyler (51:32), Jamie Dean (52:03), 
Ian Drage (52:11), Craig Marsh (54:14), Wayne Hackett (54:48), Simon Berg (55:11), Michael Cooke (55:29), Vicki Lowe (55:36), Rebecca Forester (55:38), Mike Williams (55:47), Robert Mee (56:03), Chris Page (57:17), Emily Howett (59:31), Julie Ashby (59:47), Michelle Fallow (60:13), John Martin (62:06), Jane Martin (62:50), Martin Hansen (63:32), Sarah Lawrence (64:06), Jemma Marie Wilson (66:50), and Gina Bailey (71;41). Apart from the 26 members who raced a further 35 members assisted either before, during or after the event and without their valued support the race could not be held.
30th January 2022

Today team Striders ventured over to Mallory Park to participate in the fourth race in the Derby Runner XC league. Run in glorious winter sun the conditions were perfect for all competitors. The 5.40 mile course took in two circuits over varied terrain , running through woodland, along tracks that were on the outside of the race circuit and across grass. Fortunately with the recent dry weather  there was very little mud to contend with this time. Although there was quite a lot of grassland the route took participants repeatedly up and down the short but very steep sections of the 4 wheel drive testing track, which was both testing on the legs and stamina.
First home for team Striders was Andy Hart in a very impressive 36th overall position in a mens field over over 200. Next in was David Brook (55th), followed by Ian Bickle (63rd), Andy Nicholls (76th), who had spend the previous day chasing around Chatsworth Park competing in an Orienteering Event. Only three place behind was Duncan Greene (79th), then Anthony Ison (98th), John Martin (159th) and Chris Genes (174th) who at the last moment made up the team numbers due to Ian Drage unfortunately having to pull out when he injured himself during his warmup.
The ladies also fielded a full team, with again Zoe Wyrko leading their team home in a strong ladies field in 61st place. Battling it out to take the next two places home was the ever youthful Jane Martin and hot on her heels Anne Craddock coming in 74th and 76th positions respectively.  Completing the team score was Leigh Pick, guided  by Nick Pryke in 92nd place.
There is a break now until the final event on March 6th we move onto the Bosworth Battlefield course to encounter the appropriately “Bosworth Bog”.
Missing from the photo is Andy Hart.
17th January 2022
On Sunday a group of Stilton Strides entered and ran in the third race in a series of five Derby Runner cross country events organised by West End Runners. The 5.55 mile (8.85km) course was both a physically challenging race due to the very heavy going with lots of mud to contend with and also it was a very technically difficult course as it meandered through Martinshaw Woods with the bright sun making it difficult underfoot navigating the tree routes and open ditches. In the mens race Josh Dadd was first Strider home in a very creditable 32nd place out of a field of nearly 300. Next home was David Brook (58th), Ian Bickle (78th), Andy Nicholls (99th), Anthony Ison (118th), Ian Drage (127th), Duncan Greene (137th) and Robert Craig (142nd). Robert was hampered by losing the sole off one of his shoes half way round. Also running was Michael Cooke (166th), John Martin (226th) and Chris Genes (244th). In the women’s section, which started 5 minutes after the mens race, debutante Zoe Wyrko finished strongly in 78th position, followed by Jane Martin (97th), Anne Craddock (111th) and Leigh Pick (119th) who as a partially sighted runner was guided around by Nick Pryke, which was a credit to them both considering the difficult and sometimes congested course.
Earlier in the day Ayesha Bickle completed in an equally challenging Primary School age race and finished in a well deserved 6th position
9th January

Katie (Race Director), Andy and I have been working behind the scenes to ensure that we can host again this year our Stilton 7 road race, which will be the first Leicestershire Road Runners League (LRRL) race for the 2022 season.

The race will take place on Sunday 27th February starting and finishing outside ‘The Stute’ on Asfordby Hill.
Once we have finalised the entry format we shall publicise to members and LRRL affiliated clubs when entries open. Watch this space.
However, to make sure the event is a success we do require help and  support from members and any other willing helpers, be it family and friends of members. Not only do we need help during the race (Marshalling for example) we require help before and afterwards as well.
Joss Dadd will be co-ordinating marshalling and other support roles for the event. To assist Joss in allocating roles please can you respond to this email indicting if and when you may be available to help. I have broken it down the times to make it easier to allocate.
Please also indicate if you would also like to run in the event as well as we can then allocate appropriately so you can do both (eg car parking, set up etc.)
1. During the two weeks before the date to put up road signs, information posters and also delivering notices to residents in thy area informing them of the event.
2. Saturday 26th February afternoon to prepare race HQ (The Stute) eg. Setting up the room, placing cardboard on floor, positioning mile markers around the route , checking the course, etc.
3. Early help on race day. Car parking Marshalls, setting up water stations, checking route, helping set up any required cones/taping , managing registration etc. 
4. Before the start attend a briefing for race marshalling duties and getting to marshalling positions.
5. After race has finished to collect road signs and help clear up the venue.
I realise that a few members will not be able to assist on the Saturday because you may be entered in the Belvior Challenge, but hopefully you can still help out on race day.
Your assistance will be gratefully appreciated so that the event can again be a success for the club and our reputation.
If you have any queries please contact me direct, in the meantime I look forward to your response.
Stay safe
Chris (SSRC Chair)
8th January 2022
A few members braved the weather and muddy conditions to compete in the Leicestershire and Rutland XC Championships held at Burbage Common Hinckley.
16th December
Following the well supported club run members retired to Rugby Club bar to participate in our pre Christmas Fuddle.
During the evening Club Standards were awarded to the following members:
Vicki Galbraith, David Brook and Mark Tyler : Silver Standard
Martin Hanson and Kathy Walsh: Bronze Standard
Anthony `Ison: Copper Standard.
Vicki, Martin and Kathy were unable to attend and their awards will given to them separately.
Christmas Fuddle Wednesday 15th December.
Over recent Wednesday’s the `Rugby Club bar has not been opening after our club runs. We have met with them and they are prepared to open it for us especially for our Fuddle on the 15th December after our club run that night, so long as there are sufficient numbers to warrant opening.
As usual for our Fuddle all we ask you to do is bring along some food for us to share. Sausage rolls, mince-pies, cheese, pork pie, crisps, cakes etc. If you are worried about sharing food then please bring your own ‘pack-up’.
Club standards will also be awarded during the Fuddle.
However, before we confirm and they agree to open up especially for us we need to gauge numbers – so please will you respond to this email if you are definitely planning on attending the Fuddle.
We will confirm next Sunday (12th) in the usual e-mail if the Fuddle is going ahead or not this year.
1st December 2021
A big thank you to everyone who has loaned their medals (90 in total) for us to decorate our tree (kindly donated by J&L Garden Centre – “The Grange”). A big thank you to Anthony Ison, Jane and John Martin and Zoe Wyrko who have decorated the tree – it looks fabulous . Here is a small taster of what it looks like – all you need to do is go down to St Marys Church to firstly find it and then spot your medal.
Rachel Wade has won our raffle to reuse the tree when we take it down on 9th December.
27th November 2021 Your committee met last week and here are the key points discussed and agreed.

Reviewing our Health and Safety guidance we are advising where members are also parkrun runners, they run with their ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE ) wristband identification. Where members are not parkrun runners, we can provide a link to a company that can produce a similar product, at a small cost. Please ask if you would like this link.

Katie Hateley (Race Director) and a small working group are progressing necessary and appropriate actions for us to host the clubs Stilton 7 on Sunday 27h February 2022. Please keep this date available in your race diary. Details on how to enter will be shared nearer the date.

Joshua Dadd will be asking for volunteers nearer the date to help on the day. Please please support your club and help out if you are not running or recovering from the Belvoir Challenge. Without your help we cannot put on the Stilton 7.

We realise that members are attending separate fitness, yoga and stretching classes – however, to supplement these we have made arrangements with Jane Martins daughter, who is a qualified instructor, to offer online yoga sessions, which also cater for runners (hamstring stretches etc) a free seven day trial taster session. Normal price on a rolling monthly program is £25, but if you quote ‘Stilton Striders’ she is offering a special discounted rate of £20 per month. The advantage of these sessions is that they can be done at any time of the day. The link is

We have decided to hold off from hosting either a C25k, or 5k to 10k course until we have a qualified Coach and sufficient Run Leaders in place.

We will be holding a poll shortly to see if there is any interest to host a mid-day Friday run, as raised as our AGM.

In the spring we will be in contact with Melton parkrun to see if we can participate in a ‘parkrun takeover’. Further information will come out at the appropriate time.

Our Christmas Fuddle will take place in the Rugby Club bar following our club run on Wednesday 15th December ,where Club Standards will be awarded to members who have qualified during 2021.

The outcome of the Christmas Night poll was to go for a drink and see how it goes! We shall be meeting on Saturday 18th December from 7.00pm in the ‘Round Corner Tap Room’, Scalford Road for beer and also the adjacent ‘Fur and Feathers’ for those who would prefer gin and cocktails. Reminders for both will be shared nearer the dates.

The website is continually being updated and improved. Please have a look at the members profiles page – if you want to include yours please don’t be shy! In addition if  you want anything to be added please let us know and also  your feedback would be appreciated.


14th November 2021 15 members took part in the first Derby Runner XC for the 2021/2022 held at Holly Hayes Whitwick. The course this year was run in an anti-clockwise direction and consisted of one smaller (2 mile loop) followed by a larger (3 miles) loop. The organisers (Hermitage Harriers) changed the route to avoid one of the stream crossing, which last time caused a nasty accident to one of the runners. To compensate for the loss of the stream crossing the new route was extremely twisty and technically challenging with narrow sections amongst the trees with many rocks and roots providing hazards with a few resulting trips and falls occurring. Final results will be posted as soon as they are made available by Derby Runner.
Missing from the team photo are Vicki Lowe (who collected after the race her well earned trophy held over from th 2019/2020 season for finishing overall V50 female) and Ian Drage (who was looking after his children running in the junior event).
Provision Results  XC1 2021
3 November 2021 One of the biggest impacts Covid 19 and its many stages of lockdowns and restrictions is that a lot of our members have lost their desire, confidence and/or enthusiasm to run. We’ll refer to it now as ‘lack of running mojo’.
We all know that when you exercise and run, endorphins and serotonin are released in your body; chemicals in your brain that improve your mood. Running regularly at a moderate or vigorous level can also improve your mental health.
At our recent AGM we discussed an initiative, proposed by Nikola Dolphin-Rowland (SSRC Welfare Officer) and Jane Martin, to help any members that would like support to regain that running mojo.
The idea initially is to provide a platform where you can talk, either confidentially, or with others in a similar position, about the demons you have encountered and would like to overcome. These could be such things as; I’m worried I am not fit enough; I’m too fat: I pee myself when I run; I’m worried about what others think; People will judge me against others; I cannot get the right bra to run in; I’m body conscious in running gear; I’m too slow, I cannot run alone etc. etc.
The reasons for this lack of running mojo has been and is still different for many members and is not be the same for all. 
There is no medicine that can help you regain that mojo, or overcome that anxiety, but by talking with and to others you will find that you are not alone.
If you would like support, please in the first instance contact Nikola confidentially (07722 552783, Messenger, WhatsApp or Face to Face) to discuss how she and Jane can help. It could be a meet up over a coffee for a chat, or maybe having a run together, either individually or in a group with other like minded members.
If all goes well and the interest is there Nikola is planning to introduce some motivational speakers into the forum to provide additional support and encouragement.
The first step to regaining your mojo is no doubt the hardest, but we are here to help. Although we keep talking about members this support is also available to any past members, your friends, or family members who may benefit from this.
Nikola is available to receive your first contact.
31st October 2021 Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Harby Clock-back and Leicester Half Marathon today, especially to those collecting their LRRL trophies.  I hope you’ve dried out by now.
This week it’s route 4 on Wednesday 3rd November.- routes can be found on this website.
Please meet in the car park at Melton Sports Village for a 7pm start. If its bad weather we will met up inside the sports hall first.
Last Friday Anthony lead a lovely head-torch route for a few of us which we all enjoyed but I think we’ll have a week off due to lack of interest.
29 October 2021 A big thank you to everyone who attended our AGM – it was appreciated. Detailed minutes will be issued shortly. In the meantime here is a brief summary from the meeting.
  • 22 apologies tabled in advance, 30 members attended and participated. Therefore AGM was Quorate.
  • 2020/2021 membership was 168 (seniors). Current membership 132 (including 17 new members)
  • Minutes of virtual AGM October 2020 approved as true record.
  • Matters arising completed: Club VLM place; 2019/2020 year end accounts and membership fees (see below).
  • Chairs report will be added to minutes.
  • Treasurers report will be added to minutes. 2020/2021 year end accounts approved.
  • Juniors report will be added to minutes.
  • Committee re-elected en-block. Chris (Chair), Andy (Treasurer), Jane Martin (Secretary), Paul Jacobs (Run Leader Co-ordinator), Nikola Dolphin-Rowland (Welfare Officer0, Ian Bickle and Joshua Dadd. After the meeting Zoe Wyko asked and was added to the committee.
  • Membership fees: 2020/2021 retrospectively approved. 2021/2022 approved.
  • Leicestershire Road Running League: Their AGM is 15 November, when 2022 season of races will be agreed. Stilton 7 proposed for 27th February 2022.
  • Derby Runner Cross County League: First two race 14 November and 12 December. Club are purchasing a second tent for ladies.
  • Run Leaders: Paul and John Martin currently only two RL’s providing sessions (Liz Goodburn resuming Dec/Jan). Appeal for additional RL’s. Club will fund England Athletics course fees.
  • What do members want from the club – discussion: everyone happy with what is currently provided. Committee asked to consider the following: Booking a six week ‘core strength/stretching’ course to supplement Thursday RL sessions; possibility of a mid-day run group; Couch to 5k group (subject to availability of coaches and run leaders) and parkrun ‘takeover’. All will be looked at by committee.
  • Running mojo. Proposal well received and a separate email to current and past members will sent out soon to expand on how this can be developed.
  • There will not be a presentation event this year.
  • Christmas do. In response to the poll the outcome is that members will be invited to met up at a pub (TBC) on Saturday 18th December for a pre-Christmas social gathering. In addition on Wednesday 15th there will be a club ‘Fuddle’ in the Rugby Club bar, at which those who have applied for and achieved club Standards will be presented with a certificate.
  • The club are going to participate in the Festival of Christmas Trees as St.Mary Church (1-8 December) and the decorations will be race medals.
  • Webpage: The contents are slowly being updated – please bear with us. The club will concentrate of providing race reports for only Club Events (LLRL, Derby Runners XC, Livingstone relays, County Champs etc.) However, if members want to provide other race result details, or any other news, please email  and they will be added to the website.
Please contact myself or any other the other committee members if you require any further information and look out for additional emails and facebook posts providing further details from the above.
Thank you again for attending it was so nice to see so many older, current and new members,
Stay safe all.
Chris Genes
(SSRC Chair)



October 2021 As a show of appreciation to Saint-Gobain Pam Ltd for providing car parking (Holwell Works) each year, SSRC member John Houghton presented Andrew Harris (Plant Director and Operations and Supply Director) a framed photograph from the 2020 event. Without their support the club would not be able to host our Stilton 7 road race and we are pleased that they will continue to support us again for future races from this venue. Note that due to Covid 19 restrictions the presentation was delayed into October 2021

John Houghton presenting  framed photo to Andrew Harris.