Training tips

There is a huge amount of training information around (with every magazine promising the new “best” way to meet your goals) but the vast majority is based on the same core principles.

See our easy to follow guide at the link below, and our club coaches are always happy to discuss your own goals and training.


If you record your runs on a GPS watch, then why not join our group on Strava?

Warm up drills

One area that most runners can benefit from is to improve their warm up, and perhaps include a few drills.  Linked below are a selection of videos of dynamic warm up drills designed to get your body ready to run.

Track sessions.

During the summer of 2022 our EA qualified Juniors Coach ( Di Underwood) prepared and led a weekly track session on the grass track at Longfield School. Members who participated reaped the benefits of doing something different.

Refer to the following link to download the sessions for you to use.


Power development

The article below from John Skevington at LRAN (our local network of running clubs) discusses increasing power to enable faster running:

Coaches club_ Power development. June 2016


It is often forgotten that it is during recovery that the body grows stronger with appropriate sleep and nutrition.  A break can also leave you mentally refreshed and ready for new challenges.  The following article is focussed on the marathon, but the same principles can be applied to other race distances.

Coaches club_After the marathon_ recover and plan ahead.


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