6 Jul 2016 – Hungarton 7 LRRL

So its best intentions as Club Captain to represent the club even if it means not only tarmac slapping but doing LRRL races also! The idea being if I can do it hopefully others will and what an excellent turnout we got for this mid-week summer league race! So I thought it was sorted, myself (Rob) and Simon Bottrill would just run round easy and put out the club colours.

So looked like quite a pack of us didn’t want to take it seriously as many of us Striders lined up together near the back, “I hope you know how seriously I’ll be going” warned Simon. Can I point out by the time the klaxon had gone Mike Bryan had already snuck off towards the front and when it was time to run certain Striders set off like Usain Bolt! So much for the easy run!

So beside Simon we go off ducking and weaving through the heavy traffic and it certainly is for at least the first two miles, I haven’t done this new course although I was out marshalling last year I’ll be honest it’s a bit flatter. Still although not as over the top hot as last year it’s still a trifle humid out and a couple of Stilton runners are suffering in it, was nice to be able to provide some words of support on the way round. Five miles in and an onlooker described me as `positively casual`, even having time to stop and have a word with Barrow Chairman Mick Ballard mentioning he`s not having the 3-club challenge shield back!

I put my foot down the last mile of the race and given it was simply a run around I’m really happy at the time and dare I say I really enjoyed it. The shouting in of Stilton runners was superb, I`m sure LRRL debutant Kaye Mead got the loudest of all for her smiling sprint finish, really great Striders spirit from the team well done all!

Jason Barton (6th, 39:29), Luke Eggleston (54th, 43:27), Darren Glover (77th, 45:06), Mark Stoneley (95th, 46:22), Mike Bryan (129th, 48:14), Rob Beers (161st, 49:24), Simon Bottrill (197th, 50:53), Michael Atton (199th,50:55), Michael Cooke (244th, 52:37), John Houghton(251st, 52:26), Iain Howe (275th, 53:28), Mike Williams (300th, 54:42), Louise Houghton (324th,55:42), Jon Wilson(329th, 56:00), Dan Howley (334th, 56:11), Mike Brighty (355th, 57:30), Kaye Mead (481st, 1:05:48)