2 Jul 2016 – Beacon24

We were actually in Charnwood on an outrun last year when we saw the initial Beacon24 hosted by Poplar Running Club, little did we know we`d be doing it a year later! The Beacon24 is a fundraising based event based on doing 10k laps around Beacon Hill, Leicestershire`s 2nd highest hill with all proceeds to the Falcon centre which is a charity that deals with helping and supporting the local homeless.

Pretty much I`d been pushing this from the start as I thought would be excellent training for those doing Snowdon trail/Equinox as it’s a totally non-competitive event and would be superb training (even head torch!).

On the day itself we got myself (Rob), Rich Gray, Clive and Jenny Kent, Sarah Procter , Simon Proctor (no relation!) and Katie Hateley, the weather was very mixed going from heavy showers and winds to scorching summer day in two minutes. Can you believe for the mere £20 entry as solo we all got a T-shirt, medal and plenty of nutrition/hydration that was actually much better than many corporate events. Poplar did a great job of organising the whole event, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated and creating a great ambience.

Knowing I had an outrun at Rutland water the next day I clocked four laps which to be honest was hard enough, similarly did Rich and Katie. Sarah did her longest ever run distance doing three laps and Simon Proctor who did parkrun also that morning(!) did two.

Our two day `team` running a relay Clive and Jenny did superbly also, with Clive doing 42 miles (7 laps) and Jenny 24 miles (4 laps).

I really hope this event grows, it really makes great training and believe me the ascent of climbing the Beacon a few times soon makes it become very tough. If you would like to know more about the Falcon Centre homeless charity please click on the following link, and do look out for this one next year.