8 Jul 2016 – Whissendine 6ix

What`s this two tarmac slapping races in two days? Well after enjoying the last one somewhat and also feeling compelled to support a local race again I donned the road shoes for this one. There`s a lot to be said for positively promoting an event which I’d been doing the last week and it paid off superbly as we were by far the best supported club on the night with a massive attendance of fellow Stilton Striders, must’ve been easily double the shirts than last year.Political statements started early with the army of blue and white running down together en masse to the start line, if anyone hadn’t heard of Stilton Striders they certainly did after.

Start time of 7:30 and Jay Barton and Luke Egglestone lead the field on the downhill start to the centre of the Whissendine before the long pull up past the church. Initial ideas are to stick near Darren Glover but legs are more tired than I thought after Wednesday and going off more moderately would’ve helped also. I instead run near Mark Stoneley but the fast start and cooling down after my warm up have an effect on me, further excuses include its very humid which is my worse running weather. Mark pulls in front at 3 miles and I don’t feel so great until I reach the top of Stapleford Hill. Overtaken by three more people shortly after on the uphill, thankfully that was it for the rest of the race as I really felt I had slowed so much that every man and his dog was passing me.

Completely missed the four mile sign and suddenly realised the 5 mile sign I had a mile to go, the legs woke up somewhat in the last mile and a half but can’t quite catch anyone in front. Slam back into the village for the descent to the finish, it`s a good time but not a great performance-not bad for a salty though who rarely does road I guess.

Jay said it right, when you pay £10 for a cracking road race and a memento glass and bottle of beer as a goodie bag it is rather superb. We stood there watching our runners come in and it seemed like every couple of seconds a blue and white vest would be coming through with loud shouting accompanying, very good night to be a Strider! [Rob]

Full results, including all 27(!) Striders racing, via race website: http://www.whissendine6ix.org.uk/about.html