16 Oct 2016 – Trail Run Series- Bakewell

The Dark and White Trail Running Events are all based in and around the Peak District National Park, each event having a choice of long and short courses. The events are advertised as being sociable and relaxed events which are suitable for most ages and abilities. Round 2 was in Bakewell on 16 October. But there are a few things that you should know if you are contemplating one of these events.First, if you are invited to one of these events by your nice club mate, make sure you are told of the start time when you agree to take part. 5.30am on a Sunday morning is early to get up on a Sunday, it’s very early and very dark. There could be a local road race on the same day, and you might be driving around the course for that race at 6.30am, with Clive usefully pointing out that we could be still in bed, or enjoying a nice cooked breakfast.

If you are lured by the idea of popping into the town after the race to “get a few tarts”, this a reference to pastries with almonds and marzipan, and nothing else you might have been expecting. And if you see a Bakewell tea shop table defaced with Striders Graffiti, Matt claims that he was asked to add to the “art installation” by the owner, honest.

Finally, despite Paul’s proud claims to “have the biggest one”, there are some things to watch out for in his people carrier. The self-opening window caused Clive more problems (not sure he was having a great day), and Paul’s Sat Nav has a special setting – “route following the narrowest and steepest roads, with large numbers of oncoming vehicles”.

The race was great. It proved to be very sociable, Clive made some friends as we entered the car park with his Royal Wave, and Sarah’s best running buddy is now the webmaster of Bicester Running Club. Plenty of mud, hills and rain in our faces. The fast boy’s race up the front was narrowly won by Mike/Chris (apparently Mike and Chris are the same person), but run of the day was from Sarah, who was first lady on the Shorter Course.


Trail Run Series – Round 2 – Bakewell (Short Course)

5th Place (FIRST LADY): Sarah Procter: 32:59:00

Trail Run Series – Round 2 – Bakewell (Long Course)

23rd Place: Michael Atton: 1:21:53

24th Place: Paul Geeson: 1:22:01

33rd Place: Clive Kent: 1:23:53

72nd Place: Matt White: 1:37:21