4 Oct 2015 – Cardiff Half Marathon

Clive and Jenny Kent travelled to Cardiff for the weekend, staying with Jenny’s sister. Sunday morning dawned overcast but dry, and we headed into town along with 22,000 other people. After finding the bag drop next to the castle, we headed to our respective starting pens. Jenny managed to meet up with her book group friend Aimee somehow!

Clive started behind the elite people and went off quickly with sub-7 minute miles, then remembered to rein it in. It was a bit of a slog for a few miles and then the big-race atmosphere started to help. Unfortunately, his IT band was an issue but he kept the pace quite high. Running back into the centre, the crowds started to become raucous, which pulled him through to the end, where he finished strongly in 1.35.30, taking 8 mins off his PB.

Jenny and Aimee had a steady start alongside Mickey Mouse and the Wacky racers. After 3 miles she picked up the pace and had a good run around Cardiff bay (overtaking Alfie, Gareth Thomas, and taking the chance to say hello!) and up into town, dancing to live music and cheering crowds spurring her on. It very flat with only a couple of speedy downhill sections. It got harder to keep the pace up after about 10 miles, but the cheering squad made a well-timed arrival with flags! She managed a sprint down the finishing straight in 2.21.11, taking 13 minutes off her PB. 

A well-organised race and our results were texted to us 30 mins after the finish, which together with the lovely roast dinner and cuddles with Alice made the long drive home well worth it.  [Jenny]