20 Nov 2016 – Beacon Hill Trail Half Marathon 

14 Striders made it for this year’s Beacon hill trail half marathon running on its 3rd year in a row. The course is two laps and takes you through the beautiful scenery of the Beacon Hill Country Park and includes hills, woods, fantastic views and fast downhill sections and even more hills!

Race results Luke Eggleston 1:33:00

Mark Stoneley 1:38:09

Greeba Heard 1:59:01

Jon Wilson 2:00:05

Dan Howley 2:01:42

Helen Plant 2:07:56

Shane Sharkey 2:10:05

Matt Chalmers 2:10:30

Sarah Lawrence 2:12:27

Jacqui Riley 2:19:36

Deborah Wilson 2:21:45

Kaye Mead 2:27:35

Celia Bown 2:28:55

Lynda Harris 2:42:15