30th August 2015 – Bradbourne Fell Race

Bradbourne, notable for being valued at 30 shillings (£1.50) in the Domesday Book and not losing any inhabitants in the Great War, showed another remarkable feature today – accepting entries on the start line seconds before starters orders. Result – the race started 15 minutes late!

A spot of “gardening”, on the warm up, to remove some ankle breaking rocks (fallen dry stone wall) and branches from a narrow muddy path received no thanks, although Rob did manage to stay upright this weekend.

With the start at the foot of the first hill there is no warm-up, just a 100m climb onto the high gently undulating pasture typical of the White Peak – “all runnable” followed by a fast descent through a picturesque dale for the chance to repeat it on lap 2!!

First Strider home was Greg Pettingill 16th (3rd MV50) 37:05, followed by Rob Beers 24th (3rd MV40) 40:09.