24 Apr 2016 – London Marathon 

Congratulations to all our runners at this year’s London Marathon:

  • Abi Arnott – 3:51:09
  • Theresa Coltman – 4:02:05
  • Michelle Farlow – 3:52:35
  • Sarah Lawrence – 4:32:48
  • Vicki Lowe – 3:55:14
  • Lee Quinn – 4:16:33
  • Alison Wilson – 5:03:34

Race report from Theresa is below:


Having already completed one marathon I was very aware of what was required to train for this gruelling event, and the first thing you need to do is find people to train with who are compassionate, inspiring, funny and can talk the hind leg off of a donkey. Well I knew without any hesitation who those people were and they were my fellow club mates Vicki Lowe, Abi Arnott and Michelle Farlow.

With 3 years out of the fold I joined back into the training group with ease, I soon got to know our new recruit Michelle and it was clear from early on that we all brought something different but very special to the group. We put in some hard miles over the weeks in some very cruel conditions and Vicki and myself even managed to finish the tough Stamford 30km in respectable times in arctic weather. In fact it’s the first time I’ve wanted to stay in the changing rooms until the gun went off. Directly after the Stamford I started to develop my usual blistered toes and due to the repetitive training day in day out it became a constant talking point of how my onion feet were. Anyway we all continued through to March to complete the Ashby 20 which gave us a good indication that our training was paying off. Michelle, Abi and myself even did a Paula Radcliffe by running in arm in arm to record the same times, whilst Vicki had turned into roadrunner and finished minutes in front. Over the next few weeks we would all suffer different issues. Michelle had a dodgy ankle, Abi had a cold and Vicki lost a bit of confidence and yes you’ve guessed it my feet got into such a bad way that I had to stop running for 2 weeks and go back to 50 mile rides on my bike. I did feel like the wheels were coming off my marathon preparations and had to miss the last 22 mile training run. Starting your taper 5 weeks out wasn’t ideal but if I was to make the start line it was imperative.

Race day arrived and I am pleased to say that I survived the night sleeping with my roomy Abi, as I am renowned for my loud snoring. We set off on the tube feeling very emotional but confident in the knowledge that we couldn’t have done anymore to be ready. We deposited Michelle at the red start and felt quite emotional to see her walk away, poor Abi and Vicki were then left with me wittering that I couldn’t see the blue start. Having walked well over a mile, there at the top of the hill loomed a blue blimp and I felt very relieved. We hugged, said our farewells and good lucks and parted for the last time. It was extremely cold at the start and once the hooter sounded for the off it was so crowded and slow as runners were stripping off on the move.

Nearly 4 hours later I am pleased to report that we all recorded great times and became one in a million. Abi led us home with 3:51:09, shortly followed by Michelle who took an amazing 15 minutes off her debut in 2015 recording 3:52:35. Veteran marathoner Vicki who completed her 13 marathon recorded a strong time of 3:55:14. Then that leaves little old me the Grandma of the team, I’m pleased to say that I took 2 minutes off my time from 2013 and recorded 4:02:05 but have the pleasure of saying that I recorded the fastest last mile out of the 4 of us. Well I’ve got to make myself look good haven’t I after writing the report he he.

The most important reason for me writing this report is to say a massive thank you to the club for believing in me and awarding me the privilege of the club place. I hope I did the club proud flying the Stilton flag. One message I have to close with is, “with any journey who you travel with can be more important than the destination”. Thanks girls I’m so proud of what we achieved. Theresa x

New year, new committee, subs now due

Following last week’s AGM, annual subs are now due (these are the same as the prior year – £30 first claim, £55 joint, £20 second claim, £10 competing junior).

A big thank you to Andrew Bentley for his efforts as membership secretary for the last two years, and welcome to the committee to Andy Nicholls (replacing Andrew), Rob Beers (new Club Captain) and Abi Arnott.

10 Apr 2016 – Belvoir Half Marathon

A bright spring morning greeted the runners for this year’s Belvoir Half Marathon, drawing out almost as many Striders to support as to race.  The flat 13.1 mile course from Hose in the Vale of Belvoir is a regular for those looking to test themselves ahead of a spring marathon, or as a target in its own right.

Strider results:  Darren Glover 1.30.31, Dan Valencia 1.36.36, Mark Stoneley 1.38.56, John and Louise Houghton crossing the line together in 1.45.30, Sarah Procter 1.50.06, Brian Walkling in his debut over the distance 1.54.23 and Sarah Lawrence 1.54.32.  Well done all!

Well done also to Dan Howley (1.51.27) and Liz Parkinson (2.14.30) who will be joining  for the new season.

AGM reminder – 8.30pm, Weds 13th April

This year’s club AGM will be held at 8.30pm on 13th April 2016 at the usual location – the Dance Studio next to the bar at KE7 Sports Centre.  Agenda and a copy of last year’s minutes have been emailed out to members.

As usual, membership fees for the coming year (1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017) will be agreed at the meeting and become due immediately.  We will also have our stock of kit there, so bring some cash!  Orders for club kit that we don’t currently have in stock can be discussed on the night.

2 Apr 2016 – Go Tri Grantham

Andy and Luke Nicholls took part in this aquathlon event at Grantham Meres organised by Belvoir Tri Club. We started with a 200m swim followed by a quick transition into a 2K run (Luke) and 3K run (Andy) around the athletics stadium. With 3 more events there over the rest of the season and similar events elsewhere, there’s plenty of opportunity for anyone thinking about trying triathlon. [Andy]

27 Mar 2016 – East Leake Tri

With Stathern being a good warm-up for 2 of the 3 disciplines, Andy Nicholls completed the East Leake sprint triathlon after wife, Kristy, selflessly fell off her bike and got injured to make her place available! This was a good course for relative beginners like me – only a 400m swim, 20k bike and 5k run with the bike and run sections being fairly flat. I’m not convinced the course measurements were quite accurate as I managed a 5K PB (by one second) at the end of this! [Andy]