19 Dec 2015 – Gaddesby Gallop

This loveable pre-Xmas event returns, sadly a large price increase this year with less in the way of goodies to show for it – however it remains one of the best XC jaunts in Leicestershire and rightly so!

Ever the opportunists the Stilton Crew mobbed the Melton Times cameraman for a bit of extra marketing! Five Stilton Striders today, a bit envious of the numbers Wreake and Roadhoggs always put out at this one, going to give a cheeky mention to the ladies of Melton Running Club giving this a go!

11:00 marks the race start, for those who know it tis a fast downhill one followed by a few uphill fields in which you can’t wait for the stiles to come as you’ve set off like a scorched cat and blowing a bit. Those who have done this and remember the Dew pond, well it’s still wet I can tell you and it’s still a bit stinky. I don’t seem to be doing that bad when my lung recuperation kick in and surprisingly not too far away from Roadhoggs impressive Nick Cobley and Barrow`s Alex Toll which may mean I’ve gone off too fast or perhaps not when I’m still within reach at three miles. Although those two kick on greatly out of my reach my main goal is fending off a former coaching partner and impressive runner Nick Hando of Wymeswold which I successfully do, although my falling face first in the stream wasn’t the most dignified part of the race I can tell you.

The last field with all its bumps and ups and downs never feels good to me, some fly across it looking like Usain Bolt certainly feels better on the watching side.

Special mention to Poplar Runners who had many going round en masse in gentle style hurling mud at each other and rubbing it on each other, hilarious!

Overall results; Rob Beers (40:33, 17th place), Mike Brighty-impressive finish from Mike who had done Melton Parkrun before the race! (48:58, 56th place), Lou Houghton (54:28, 81st place), Steve Dewick (55:03, 82nd place) and debutant in a Strider vest Kaye Mead (1:08:23, 124th).  [Rob]