17 Jun 2016 – Beacon Hill Solstice Race

After last year’s resounding success of running round Leicestershire`s second highest point twice followed by Barbecue and beer worked so well even more Stilton Striders came along this year!

A quickly sold out field for this trail 5 miler got to the start line hot on the heels of the very noisy Canix division who set off 5 mins earlier. It had been very wet just an hour before start although luckily we got no more rain during or more thankfully after the race. Luke Egglestone quickly took the lead at the race start for the Striders contingent, have to admit a couple of times I thought I saw him wobble as in second place I made ground on him only for him to remain strong- a great testament to training! The first climb up the Beacon felt even longer this year and I backed off a tad on the descent letting technique help me get my breath back somewhat. Credit again to Luke who lost so much last year to myself on the descents really let go and was flying here, although the race is still in its infancy I feel slow going up from the plantation and the second climb up Beacon Hill.

Thankfully the legs do wake up again on the descent and I`m enjoyably sparring with a guy from Poplar RC (There’s so many!) , Luke is up and away and by the final pull I can just about see Mike Bryan in my rear headlight. Despite feeling like a clapped out old Ford Cortina I make it round about a minute faster than last year although at the time It certainly never felt like it!

The whole team make it in and it turned into a really great after party, big thanks to Mike Bryan, Rich Gray and the Houghton`s amongst the many who helped with making the after party so much fun and helping the club be as sociable and friendly as it is.

Luke Egglestone (32:59, 10th) Rob Beers (34:47, 20th) Mike Bryan (35:38, 26th)Simon Bottrill (36:26, 27th) Richard Gray (38.11, 35th) Ben Pickard (38:43, 42nd) John Houghton (38:47, 43rd)Katie Hateley( 38:57, 47th) Dan Valencia (38:59, 48th) Shane Sharkey(39:12, 51st)Lou Houghton (42:43, 83rd) Jon Wilson (43:06, 86th) Tony Allen(45:25, 61st ?) Kaye Mead (50:05,174th)Laura Pickard (50:51, 184th) Deborah Wilson (53:11 , 203rd) Jenny Kent (26:31, 223rd). [Rob]