Bandage Tour 2016 update

5 more parkruns completed since the last news report taking the years tally to 21 different ones so far. I have been to Mansfield which is a flat 3 lap course on a local park. Next up was Belton House a nice local one for a change, 2 laps all on grass or rough track, pretty flat but a bit uneven underfoot. Back to Nottinghamshire to Sherwood Pines and for a change just a one lap course all off road through the forest, couple of climbs a tricky downhill section and a bit uneven but a smashing course and a nice cafe afterwards. Lots of runners being pulled along by big noisy dogs which was a bit odd.

Followed this up with a holiday run at Southsea which began not 2 minutes from our hotel door. Nice flat course 2.5 km one way then turn around and come back should have been a fast one but was up all night with the old weaver fish foot trouble again (longer serving members will recall this) however quite happy with a 21.55 on the day. Over 300 runners here.

Finally last Saturday I went all the way to Leicester for the Braunstone Park run, another field of over 300, which is a big lap and a smaller lap around a large park with a lake, which quite a few at the club have run before either at parkrun or other races. Fastest time of the year for me so far with a 21.35 which I was chuffed with.

Got about 6 or 7 more on the radar so should reach 25 before end of July. Who knows after that.

More updates next month, bet you cant wait.

Regards Neil