National Triathlon Relays

A team of 4 Striders competed in the National Triathlon Relays competition on 26th August – Andy Nicholls, Michael Atton, Sarah Procter and Paul Geeson.- team “We Also Run”.

The format of this was the 1st person swims a 500m loop in the Holme Pierrepoint rowing lake, then the 2nd person does the same, then the 3rd, then the 4th.

Following on, the 4th swimmer hands over to the 1st person again to cycle 15K (3 laps of the lake), then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th do the same cycle.  Finally the 4th cyclist hands over to the 1st person again to run 5K (1 lap of the lake), then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th do the same run.

Although there are some phenomenal athletes that take part in this event, there is also a real mix of people taking part with a very positive atmosphere and great support from spectators.

With none of the team (except Andy) having done a full triathlon before and missing the pre-race briefing, it didn’t start too well.  But once the race got going, everything went smoothly.  Chris (Mick) had a fantastic cycle (learning point for next year – drafting isn’t allowed!), Sarah was really fast in the swim and all 4 ran well – especially with Sarah hardly having run for months.

Also competing was Matt Taylor for 4LifeTri (who kindly organised our team) and Wayne Hackett for Race Hub.  I won’t mention that we managed to beat both of their teams.  Oops, I just did!

Andy    Mick    Sarah    Paul

Swim  11:23    10:56    9:56    11:12

Cycle  26:25    24:33   26:40    25:55

Run    19:21    21:02    25:02    21:09

How many teams can we get next year?