Livingston Relays 2018 and Big Leicester 10k

On Sunday a group of Stilton Striders travelled to Leicester for the Livingston relays , one of the oldest races on the local calendar first held in 1928 and the original silver cup is still awarded to the winning men’s team .
Last few years held at Braunstone Park, a mainly flat 1 lap coarse with a small but sharp climb in the last mile, it’s regarded as a quick coarse with some of the fastest men going under 15 minutes for the 3 mile route .
3 ladies per team ,  4 men per team , each runner does 1 lap then passes on to the team mate and the quickest overall time wins .
In the veteran category, Striders Vet ladies came away with a brilliant silver medal for the 2nd year in a row , this year’s medallists were Lou Houghton 21.35, Vicki Lowe 21.39 and Julie Bass 21.13.
Ladies A team were: Michelle Farlow 21.29 , Sarah Lawrence 23.16 , then Sharon Louise 22.01 .
Ladies B team were: Emma Hope 25.33 , Rachel Heggs 24.51 , then Charlotte Allen 23.34 .
Striders Vet men came 10th in their category with Ian Howe 19.50 p.b , Neil Jaggard 21.54 , Matt Taylor 19.35 and Darren Glover 20.05 .
Striders A team came 12th in their category with Luke Eggleston in 18.03 , Jason Barton an excellent 16.25 p.b , Matt Gayton 18.57, and Niall Rennie 16.55 p.b
Striders B team were:  Ross Jackson 21.26 p.b , Sean Elkington 18.31 , Tam Nicol 21.56 and Christie Jones 20.16 p.b.
Striders at Livingston Relays
Also in Leicester a few ran the ‘ Big Leicester 10k .’ A large field of over 1100 runners held in Abbey park. First back for Striders in an excellent 32nd place was Alan Thompson in 39 min 34, then 181st Greeba Heard in 48.31 , the 203rd Jon Wilson in 49.31 , then 401st Anne Craddock in 54.41 , then 434th Lynda Harris in 55.02  and 560th Deb Wilson in 58.58 .