5 Jun 2016 – Swithland 6 LRRL

With Jay Barton preoccupied with his 3rd honeymoon and not getting his entry in, first Strider was up for grabs. I ran the race with Luke either just in front of me, beside me or just behind me, with the pair of us always in Darren’s sight. With a third of a mile to go I was able to pull away to claim 1st Strider.


Matt Gayton (37:24)
Luke Eggleston (37:37)
Darren Glover (37:56)
Mark Stoneley (40:02)
Daniel Howley (47:52)
Sarah Procter (48:25)
Helen Plant (50:50)

Great support from John and Lou Houghton. With races selling out in advance it’s definitely worth looking a few weeks ahead. It would be great to see more Striders racing. [Matt]