30 Oct 2016 – Coalville 10k

At the end of October, having accumulated a grand total of zero Strider table points in the month, I entered the Coalville 10k which takes place over 2 laps on trails and paths around the former Snibston Discovery Park, which is now largely returning to nature following the closure of the visitor facility last year.

The numbers for this event were fairly modest, with a Cross Country League race taking place nearby on the same morning, with not too many club vests in evidence. Despite the local youths having done their best to disrupt the event by dismantling and burning the course signage the previous evening, the organisers did a sterling job of resetting the course on the Sunday morning, and the race was able to start on time. The course itself was varied in terrain, being a mixture of trails and paths, with a couple of sharp climbs up the landscaped waste heap of the former Colliery, which kept the levels of interest up during the run.

Due to the good conditions on the morning and relative lack of congestion around the course, I managed to get home in 7th place overall in a chip time of 41.03, which was my best at the distance this year, so despite being the lone Strider there I was glad I took part in this slightly quirky 10k event.  [Alan]