28 Feb 2015 – Belvoir Challenge

The 25th annual Belvoir Challenge and something like 13 Stilton Striders running the 15.9 and 26.2 mile course in the worst conditions underfoot than many a year.  This for the group I’m with is a precursor to the Snowdonia Trail Marathon later in the year, y`know stick together and all that, which happened for like ooh 100 yards or so.

Ok, when Simon Bottrill says `I`m going to take it easy and see what happens` never believe him, I’ve found to my cost on a few races now he`s deadly competitive, great race today though for Simon home in 4:07 on his first Marathon absolutely great going!

Very nice course this year, superb support all the way round (thanks to Helen Bentley and Mike Bryan), comedy highlight for me was Mr Bentley getting a shoe change at Denton.For me it was a great and enjoyable day out, best Marathon I’ve ever run in view of performance (rather than time) as was told still looked fresh when I came in, ran the lot also! Every hill and mud bog conquered! Very good day to be a Strider.  [Rob]


15.9 mile – Natalie Teece (12th overall) 2.01, Darren Glover (2.11), Jenni Wisher (2.27), Luke Eggleston (2.36), Matt Taylor (2.37), Andy Nicholls, (2.53), Michelle Farlow (3.02)

26.2 mile – Simon Bottrill (4.09), Rob Beers (4.26), Andrew Bentley (4.33), John Houghton (4.49), Rich Gray (5.07), Gary Christmas (5.57)