18 Apr 2015 – Chicken Run fell race

The Second `Chicken Run` Fell Race and it’s a lovely blue skied day at Hayfield in the Peak district, a mere £4.00 entry for this race just over 9k in length (it’s all runnable!), also looking pretty killer in that spanking new Stilton vest also courtesy of Mr Bryan.

Two salty Stilton Striders out before Cock-Crow are representing all of Leicestershire in the field of slightly over 100 runners doing today`s race (40 last year), just myself and Fell legend Greg Pettingill.  It’s the Gregmeister who takes- off Eggcellently at the start of the race up a technical section known as `the Giggle Gaggle`,  which is enough to triple your heart rate in no time, I`m pretty sure Greg would’ve stayed doing hill reps up there all morning.

Thought that was the last I’d see of him but, I’m almost behind him at two miles wondering if he`s set off too fast or fell fowl of an injury, it’s a long slow climb the first few Kand taking it steadier was a good plan. As I finally get on the flat Greg has kicked on massively and finally so do my leg`s also as I’m pure Poultry in motion looking down at the reservoir beneath Kinder Scout now known as `Richards Rib`. Despite the corking hot day there are still splashes of mud and water up there, very easy to lose yourself in the scenery and end up falling over as I noticed afterwards a few had.

The Sun is blazing and there is one more long and steep climb before a very long downhill a huge section which was very stony. I`m a decent descender on roads or grass but lose my nerve on the rocky stuff and get passed a bit here, still I pass two people later and really put the speed on in the last 2k for the finish line just behind the 3rd lady.

Greg Pettingill was 2nd vet and 49 mins not sure of his position and myself 29th in 51 mins, a very good run for both of us and top third also so that`ll truly doodle-do. It did appear a Stilton Strider had attained 3rd place when we saw the name Stewart Gregory, alas not our Stuart!  

Absolutely corking race though very much one for the future calendar, lots of friendly marshals, great food,  good facilities but bit sparse on the toilets but a bouncy castle should be at more races (especially LRRL).

A Clucking great day out in Sunny weather followed by a pint at Sparrowpit and chips by the river at StoneyMiddleton, living the dream….  [Rob]