16 Sep 2015 – Derby Midweek Races

RACE 1 – 1 mile – After taking part in four races over the previous weekend, Stuart Gregory once again picked up his running shoes and made the relatively modest trip to Derby for the first set of races in the Derby mid week races. The night is split into two separate races a 1 mile road race and a 5km road race. In the first race of the night Stuart lined up with 49 other runners.  As the race set off, Stuart did his now familiar greyhound out of the traps approach, unfortunately as he was still feeling the side effects of a big weekend of racing he completed the mile in 8m 01s his second worst time to date.

RACE 2 – 5km – After a short break to allow for drinks and recovery from the first race, Stuart lined up for the second race of the night with 65 others. The second race takes in two large laps of the footpath along side the by-pass. After the first lap Stuart was sitting in 64th place overall having taken over 15 minutes to complete the first 1.5 miles and this pace continued during the second half of the race as Stuart recorded his second worst 5km result to date finishing in 64th place with a time of 32.29. A very good set of events and well worth the £3.00 entry fee.  [Stuart]