14 Sep 2016 – County 10,000m Championship 

On a warm muggy evening I travelled to Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium for my first ever track race. Leicestershire Rutland and Northamptonshire 10,000 m championship. 
So 25 laps of the track and with only 28 entries I wanted to make sure I paced my own race correctly so I tried to look at it like a road race and with my garmin I just focused on the miles ticking by and I think I got my pacing spot on. First 3 miles was 18.38 and my second 3 miles was 18.39 so with the bit extra to make 10k my final time was 38 mins 33 seconds , ave 6 min 13 a mile my fastest 10k for a few years and although I dont think Mo has too much to worry about my time I was very pleased with that, I would like to do more but there is not many about. Maybe next year. [Darren]