12 Nov 2016 – Seagrave Wolds

Best Stilton turnout I’ve yet witnessed in the 25 years of this ever popular multi terrain event, would like to think there were more of our shirts today than any other club. Last year I had a great run coming 17th and the only sub 2hr Strider, new course this year and even the two Striders ahead of me never cracked 2 hours although this was slightly longer.

Absolutely chucking it down from before the off, despite this event has its biggest ever turnout, it certainly looks colder than it actually is, happy to get set off as we head towards Radcliffe on Trent. Thankfully only one golf course and it’s over pretty early, and we hit Cossington and the Barrow canal. The Route did feel like a Barrow Runners summer outrun somewhat, without being too rude the rain made the whole course a damn lot better as would’ve been awful in the dry. A highlight was climbing up from the Butter market to the top of the memorial at Mountsorrel, unfortunately I’m stuck behind someone in racing flats from Stamford Striders who has forgotten his trail shoes so it’s a walk up. Far too much tarmac through Swithland although the reservoir always looks stunning, we hit Rabbit bridge and then the always mud entrenched Buddon Wood which is an absolute gas if you love the filthy stuff. Coming out in Quorn if you’re wearing heavy duty fell shoes the next few miles were awful , I’m going along chatting to the Stamford Strider who is a lot happier to be on tarmac for a few miles. Barrow for me was the worst part, having to run down the high street had more obstacles than every offroad part of the course combined , very overjoyed to get finally offroad again.

The last three miles thankfully were all entrenched with mud, I seemed not to get overtaken by anyone during the race but pushing past people even in the last mile and could’ve happily done a Marathon if the chance would’ve been there. Still I got in at a decent time as third Strider, even though another year of faffing about trying to scan my barcode on my wrist lost me a good 30 seconds, Grrr.

The pie and custard was as good as ever and was good to get changed and warm and watch the expressions of my fellow Striders as they came in-A good run from Michael Atton, an ecstatic Sarah Procter, a very glam looking Sarah Lawrence and Bex Forrester, a cheering Brian Walkling and a strangely fresh looking Dan Howley.

Well done to our whole horde who ran, sounds like it’s a return to the original Charnwood course next year so make sure you have a stud on!  [Rob]

Luke Eggleston – 2.02
Sean Elkington – 2.08
Rob Beers – 2.11
Alan Thompson – 2.14
Dan Valencia – 2.21
Rich Gray – 2.24
Sarah Procter – 2.33
Paul Geeson – 2.33
Clive Kent – 2.44
John Houghton – 2.44
Noel Blake – 2.48
Nick Pryke – 2.49
Dan Howley – 2.50
Brian Walkling – 2.52
Vicki Lowe – 2.54
Michelle Farlow – 2.54
Rebecca Forrester – 3.07
Sarah Lawrence – 3.07
Kaye Mead – 3.29
Helen Metcalfe – 3.37
Jenny Kent – 4.11
Celia Bown – 4.11