Bandage Tour update

Here is the monthly update for runs 22 to 25.

Really racking up the miles now with around 400 this month and roughly 2000 miles so far to run about 78 miles must be mad. Seriously though i am getting concerned about my carbon footprint and the effect on the planet, I mean this is clearly worse than flying away on holiday isn’t it? So to off set this in the true tradition of the jet set I have planted a small tree in the back garden and feel so much better

Run 22 was in March, the town not the month, a 4 lap course all on grass which needed a mow a nice course with a pacer runner at 6 45 pace thought I would give it go but had a Harry Kane moment ie thought I was better than I am. First 2 laps ok but then tailed off on the final laps.

Run 23 was in Huntingdon and it was a case of spot the tourist, everyone was wearing pink, except me, in memory and tribute to a local runner who when diagnosed with cancer set up a charity, the lady in question died earlier in the week and 565 people from the very young to the very old turned up to run. It was an unbelievable atmosphere, very moving with great support all the way round.

Run 24 a trip in the opposite direction to Daventry. If any of you go there don’t go the country park because although you run round there you start on the opposite side of the road and run through an underpass nice course a bit undulating with a few kissing gates and a nasty uphill finish.

My initial target was 20 different ones which was upgraded to 25 and they have all been great for different reasons but run 25 was something else. Down to the west midlands this week to run at Kingsbury Water Park near Sutton Coldfield. Arrived about 8 40 to find a huge queue for the car park someone had clogged up the cash machine and the barriers were stuck, it got sorted but delayed the start by half an hour in the end. The fun however had only just begun as there was a special train event this held the start up even further as strange people turned up with their trains. We still hadn’t finished though as it was the runs third birthday and time for lots of awards , this was going well until we had to stop again to allow a horse box into the car park bringing donkeys for the donkey rides!! Nearly ready for the start just a couple of awards left with the last going to the ladies points winner who bounced across the car park in a space hopper costume. you couldn’t make it up. Oh and did i mention that the plan B 2 lap course (normally 1 lap) had to be used because of the trains. Even after all that I had my best time of the month in 21. 43.

It’s why park run is so much fun, every run something odd happens.

Even after reaching 25 I still have a few on my 50 mile ish radius list so may keep going.

Regards Big (Bandaged) Leggy

Bandage Tour 2016 update

5 more parkruns completed since the last news report taking the years tally to 21 different ones so far. I have been to Mansfield which is a flat 3 lap course on a local park. Next up was Belton House a nice local one for a change, 2 laps all on grass or rough track, pretty flat but a bit uneven underfoot. Back to Nottinghamshire to Sherwood Pines and for a change just a one lap course all off road through the forest, couple of climbs a tricky downhill section and a bit uneven but a smashing course and a nice cafe afterwards. Lots of runners being pulled along by big noisy dogs which was a bit odd.

Followed this up with a holiday run at Southsea which began not 2 minutes from our hotel door. Nice flat course 2.5 km one way then turn around and come back should have been a fast one but was up all night with the old weaver fish foot trouble again (longer serving members will recall this) however quite happy with a 21.55 on the day. Over 300 runners here.

Finally last Saturday I went all the way to Leicester for the Braunstone Park run, another field of over 300, which is a big lap and a smaller lap around a large park with a lake, which quite a few at the club have run before either at parkrun or other races. Fastest time of the year for me so far with a 21.35 which I was chuffed with.

Got about 6 or 7 more on the radar so should reach 25 before end of July. Who knows after that.

More updates next month, bet you cant wait.

Regards Neil  

The Bandage Tour 2016

In January this year I made a rash statement about completing 20 different parkruns at 20 different locations from the start of the year hoping to complete the challenge before the end of June. I am pleased to say I am well on target. I have missed three Saturdays, through work, giving blood a couple of days before and a bout of man flu but I have now completed 16. With runs in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and of course Leicestershire the sporting capital of England. Travelling as far as Lincoln, Gainsborough, Peterborough, Swadlincote, Moira, Corby and a host of other places.
The great thing is I don’t decide where I am going until I get in the car on a Saturday morning and I never know what I am  going to find until I get there. With courses ranging from tarmac paths, gravel paths, grassy paths muddy paths or in the case of Gainsborough waste land at the back of the leisure centre. Some are pan flat such as Mkt Harborough others very hilly like Gedling. Most of them are 2 lap courses or out and backers, others like Lincoln and Gainsborough are 3 laps. Some very picturesque like Rosilston in the national forest others less so such as Forest Rec which is in the middle of Nottingham. But which ever one you do they all present a different challenge and are always a friendly social occasion and always near a cafe for a cuppa at the end.
After completing 16 my favourites so far are the 2 in the National forest at Rosilston and Conkers with my least favourite being one in Lincolnshire that wasn’t Lincoln. Times range from 21.41 at best down to a couple around 24.30. with a few age category ‘wins’, a few top 20 finishes and a few 70% age grading results but remembering all the time its a run not a race.
In fact I have enjoyed it so much so far that I have revised my challenge hoping to complete 25 or even all the parkruns within 50 miles of Melton Mowbray which is still on this years to do list.
Mansfield on the radar for this week, another one to tick off.

parkrun takeover – 4th July

On Saturday 4th July we’ll be staging our very own parkrun takeover, with Striders taking all the volunteer roles and providing pacers for a range of finish times. 

It would be great to see as many Striders vests, tshirts, jackets, etc on display on the day – if you want to get involved, let us know.

parkrun has arrived!

After a successful first event this morning, with 262 runners and 20 volunteers braving the elements, parkrun will be taking place in Melton Country Park each Saturday morning at 9am.  A huge thank you should go to Shane for all his efforts in making this happen, with many others making significant contributions – thank you to everyone.

For further details please see the parkrun page, including a link through to all the official information.

Also, Melton Sports are generously offering a 20% discount off non-sale items during January if you flash your parkrun barcode.