29 Aug 2016 – Old Dalby Hill Race

A great local race that has suffered with heavy rain for the last couple of years, this year’s Old Dalby Hill Race was greeted by sunshine, blue skies and a horde of Striders – all there to take on the 4.5 mile (500 ft ascent) race.  As the name suggests, this involves a long climb up the main hill, a few bonus lumps and bumps on the loop through Grimston and then the quick descent through the woods back to Old Dalby.  If you’ve joined our Old Dalby and Grimston outruns this summer, you’ll know the paths.

Jason Barton was first Strider back, in 2nd place overall (29:17).  Luke Eggleston (32:21), Alan Thompson (33:20), Mike Bryan (33:47 and second local male), Paul Geeson (35:25), Clive Kent (35:45), Michael Atton (36:17), Katie Hateley (36:48 and first local lady), Dan Valencia (36:59), Rich Gray (37:07), John Houghton (37:44), Ben Pickard (37:44), Christie Jones (39:16), Sarah Procter (41:46), Tony Allen (47:19 with Merlin), Kaye Mead (49:36), Lou Houghton (50:03).  With Jenny Kent, Matt Chalmers and Laura Pickard impromptu marshals and other Striders supporting we had around a quarter of the total field, a great day out.