4 Sep 2016 – John Fraser 10 LRRL

659 runners made it to this year’s John Fraser 10 hosted by Wigston Phoenix Running Club, which is the final race in the series of the Leicestershire road running league. The Stilton striders had a great turnout with 23 striders running the 10 miler race in Countesthorpe.

Race Results







ROB BEERS: 69:41















JENNY KENT: 108:13


14 Sep 2016 – County 10,000m Championship 

On a warm muggy evening I travelled to Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium for my first ever track race. Leicestershire Rutland and Northamptonshire 10,000 m championship. 
So 25 laps of the track and with only 28 entries I wanted to make sure I paced my own race correctly so I tried to look at it like a road race and with my garmin I just focused on the miles ticking by and I think I got my pacing spot on. First 3 miles was 18.38 and my second 3 miles was 18.39 so with the bit extra to make 10k my final time was 38 mins 33 seconds , ave 6 min 13 a mile my fastest 10k for a few years and although I dont think Mo has too much to worry about my time I was very pleased with that, I would like to do more but there is not many about. Maybe next year. [Darren]

28 Aug 2016 – Badgers Atherstone 10k

Three Stilton Striders made the short trip to this year’s Badgers 10K in the small town of Atherstone. Stilton Striders’ Jason Barton won the race last year, and first back for the Stilton Striders was Jason Barton in a very good 3rd place in a time of 36:10, a few minutes later Luke Eggleston crossed the line in 39:37 in 13th place. Stuart Shaw was still running strongly when he crossed the finish line in 42:23 in 31st place.  [Luke]

World Mental Health Day run Monday 10th October

In support of World Mental Health Day during the week of 8th-14th October 2016 England Athletics, supported by Mind the mental health charity, are encouraging people to #runandtalk to improve their mental wellbeing through running and break down the stigma associated with mental health by getting people talking about it.

How does it work?

1) Join the event on Facebook 

2) Tag other people to tell them about it and encourage them to run

3) Run one mile or further during the 8th-14th October (where possible on Monday 10th October which is World Mental Health Day) either with friends, family or colleagues at a time and location of your choice or by joining one of the organised runs at an England Athletics club or RunTogether group listed at www.englandathletics.org/runandtalkorganisedruns (please note runs will be listed from Friday 23rd September).

4) If you want to, wear a ‘reason card’ to show why, who or what you’re running for (for example anxiety, my Mum etc), available to download and print from www.englandathletics.org/reasoncard. This is optional.

5) If you want to, upload a photograph to social media and the event page using a ‘#runandtalk board’ (add the name of the club/group, organisation or family you are running with if you want) at the end of your run to show people you’ve taken part. Available to download and print from http://www.englandathletics.org/runandtalkboard. This is optional.

6) Talk about it on social media using #runandtalk.

What counts as a run?

One mile or further, you choose the distance and location that suits you. You don’t have to run the whole way, walking and jogging is allowed!

Organised runs

Organised runs are planned by England Athletics affiliated clubs and RunTogether Groups. They are led by a UKA qualified leader or coach and finish with a social element so you can go for a drink or something similar afterwards. Anyone of any running ability can join a run even if you’ve never run before and are not a member of that club or group.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Some runs will have one of our volunteer Mental Health Ambassadors present (marked on the list of runs). All our friendly ambassadors have lived experience of mental health problems themselves or through close family or friends and are passionate about improving mental wellbeing through running.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part. Organised runs will however have a minimum age so check the information for the run you wish to join. 

Do I have to have a mental health problem to take part?

No, anyone can take part. 1 in 4 of us experience mental health problems each year and running can help everyone’s mental wellbeing. We can all play a part in breaking down the stigma attached to mental health

Mental Health Help and Support Services

If you are experiencing mental health problems or need urgent support, there are lots of places you can go to for help. They are listed here:


Headtorch runs schedule

For those having withdrawal symptoms from our summer outrun season coming to an end, there is hope….  Headtorch runs are nearly here!  For those new to this, the runs follow a similar format to summer outruns – just in the dark (so headtorches, sensible clothing and footwear for whatever the weather throws at us are needed).  As we know these don’t suit everyone, they are only ever in addition to our usual road run in Melton.  This year’s schedule is below:

  • 5th October – Stathern, Red Lion
  • 19th October – Hambleton Peninsula (followed by Grainstore)
  • 9th November – Scalford, Kings Arms
  • 30th November – Melton Sports Village
  • 21st December – Hose, Rose and Crown
  • 11th January – Curry Run, Cafe Mash, Burton on the Wolds
  • 1st February – Old Dalby, Belvoir Brewery
  • 22nd February – Somerby, Stilton Cheese Inn
  • 15th March – Ab Kettleby, Sugar Loaf

29 Aug 2016 – Old Dalby Hill Race

A great local race that has suffered with heavy rain for the last couple of years, this year’s Old Dalby Hill Race was greeted by sunshine, blue skies and a horde of Striders – all there to take on the 4.5 mile (500 ft ascent) race.  As the name suggests, this involves a long climb up the main hill, a few bonus lumps and bumps on the loop through Grimston and then the quick descent through the woods back to Old Dalby.  If you’ve joined our Old Dalby and Grimston outruns this summer, you’ll know the paths.

Jason Barton was first Strider back, in 2nd place overall (29:17).  Luke Eggleston (32:21), Alan Thompson (33:20), Mike Bryan (33:47 and second local male), Paul Geeson (35:25), Clive Kent (35:45), Michael Atton (36:17), Katie Hateley (36:48 and first local lady), Dan Valencia (36:59), Rich Gray (37:07), John Houghton (37:44), Ben Pickard (37:44), Christie Jones (39:16), Sarah Procter (41:46), Tony Allen (47:19 with Merlin), Kaye Mead (49:36), Lou Houghton (50:03).  With Jenny Kent, Matt Chalmers and Laura Pickard impromptu marshals and other Striders supporting we had around a quarter of the total field, a great day out.

21 Aug 2016 – Rugby Rover 30k

Great turnout from Stilton Striders on this highly recommended 18.6 mile multi-terrain race now in its 14th year. Although sometimes billed as a fell race there is far too much road to be treated as so, it`s maybe nearest to either Seagrave or Woodhouse Mayday in feel so do check it out if not going to Ireland or Racing the train this time next year.Sadly numbers for the race are down again this year, we must have been the most heaviest represented club, too many Derbyshire clubs simply not there supporting this event (A mere £15 on the day plus tech T-shirt or £13 in advance). We start at 9:30am with Stuart Shaw well out ahead for the Striders team, most of us started quite near the back for the opening mile or so along the canal. From the flat start those of us who have done it before know it very suddenly turns into a very steep uphill fell, last year Luke who is running with me ended up walking this, not this year, made it look positively easy! This first major uphill is great for getting the lungs working whilst wondering if your legs ever will again, I feel pretty groggy this morning but more of that later.

We reach the water station at about 8k, I recall last year roping in `Mr Positive split` Luke at about this distance, to be fair I think this year if he gave me 8k head start he`d have caught me on current form! Another big uphill and Luke is flying although he still decides it’s better to run with me than shoot off, we then head for the 10 mile point over many fields towards the radio mast at Alderwasley. Then we head towards the rather fine pub at Alderwasley and perhaps my favourite part of the route, unfortunately my legs aren’t feeling it today, a little lacking in sleep and worst of all stomach problems are starting to happen. I eventually nudge young Luke on who goes on to have a really good and comfortable race as I start to suffer going through Ambergate woods and slow noticeably. Coming out the other side I even am forced to walk due to how my stomach feels, new medication I’m on seemed to be the longer standing problem but at the time it was hell. All I want to do now is get over the finish line and the long three miles back seems a lot further, it wasn’t impressive by any means as 9 mins slower than last year but even then it certainly is and always will be a tough old course.

I thought I had it bad until I learned the fate of Dan Valencia who didn’t read the signs in the last half mile and ended up doing 20.6 miles and came back rather annoyed! Stuart Shaw was back first Strider, despite setting off too fast, it is a hard one to judge if you haven’t done this before where all the bumps are and tiring bits.

Was a tad warm today although the rain in days previous had left it softer (muddier!) underfoot than usual, despite the problems we all had a great day. [Rob]

Stuart Shaw (2:31:38, 22nd), Luke Eggleston (2:38:55, 35th), Rob Beers (2:47:39, 52nd), Paul Geeson (2:48:53, 54th), Simon Bottrill (3:04:24, 81st) John Houghton (3:08:08, 93rd), Matt White (3:11:01, 109th) Dan Valencia (3:26:35, 121st)